Elementary – Periodic Table

Why is it, that there are so many ways to live together?

But we reduce everything to Hydrogen and Uranium.

On a bus drive home from the technical highschool (german: “TG” or “Technisches Gymanisum”), I thought about atoms, planets, people and attraction, laws of physics and such things.

I came to the conclusion, that actual in a way all things have a similar possibility or presence in the micro, macro and general cosmos.

I thought, that what happens with atoms (and other smaller particles within or around them), also happens or can happen with planets, stars and such big things out there. And this conclusion brought me to people, society and life.

So it made sense, that like there are different elements, like Hydrogen, Oxygen and Uranium and all this others and also undiscovered (or here not presented / shown) ones, people can or can’t live together. Or animals and other beings. Although it is of course a little more complex, there are these basic things still part of it.

Some people also walked around with a Geiger-Muller counter / contamination meter and held it against people’s heart or belly some years ago. And sometimes it actually made noise, showing that there was some kind of radiation. You could argue that it was just a joke, what might have been the case, but the actual message was still true. A lot of people are like nuclear plants or as if they have one inside them, leaking, melting, breaking apart.

And then there is this concept or idea, that a relationship has to be plus and minus or 1 and 0 or like Hydrogen.

According to the periodic table, the first and smallest element, out of one proton and one electron. At least from what I have learned. And that there even is heavy Hydrogen, when it has a neutron next to the core / proton, since according to the charging it is neutral. Otherwise Hydrogen would become Helium missing an electron. Don’t you think?

But if you ask me and my elementary school math teacher, you shall never forget the first board / stick of a fence, when you calculate the amount of them you need to fence off some piece of land.

In other words, the first element in the periodic table has a value of 0 in the given terms of counting.

So it might have no physical form, at least not in our common thinking and way of physics, but would still be a complete element, although it might not be an atom. At least when you see an atom as a particle, as something solid and visible. I mean, of course there are visible elements all around us, I know, but even back then, when they were doing research on atoms and elements, they usually had “air” or blank space between particles.

Sometimes they just put two things together, but no matter how they shaped it, moved it or explained it, there always was or would have been empty space or something left. At least from what I see or would have said.

So it somehow made no sense to me, although in numbers it somehow did, of course.

But like a black hole, is also just a broken star and a white hole a black hole, after it reached the special point of return, you might question whether there could actually be an element with the periodic number 0.

Or if we want to be very abstract, with a negative number. But let’s not go too far for now. 😀

What I tried to tell is, that maybe depending on the way you see a relationship, the Hydrogen might be okay and even happy the way it is. But it could also just be a lonely proton floating around.

Okay, in a way I now probably confused Hydrogen with Helium, given the charge, but yea… I think you might have started to understand what I tried to tell, didn’t you?

And like one and also other physics teachers said about their own subject (physics), that it is like sex.

Back then I didn’t understand what they meant, but I guess, now it might make sense.

Because it doesn’t make any.

But to get a little too far, what could someone read when they see the following:

F = m * a

It could maybe mean something like: “F*ck my ass” or something about stars and that…

Well, now that we discovered that there are a lot of problems in physics, chemistry and biology, we might understand, why some things are as f***ed up as they are.

And I think that in the way solar systems are described, atoms are and also other things, a lot of it comes back to human interaction or how it could and should be.

So why can’t a few friends be like Neon? Okay not as in “I am completely covered with neon lights” or whatever, but I hope you got the message.

What is Neon without the n? – Neo

But actually it would be “EO” like “eyo” or “ey yo was geht?” (Ey yo, what’s up?)

Rather then: “Guten Tag. Meine Name is Hans Mergentaler. Ich bin ihr neuer Partner. Ich hoffe es ist alles zu Ihrem Wohlgefallen und in Ordnung. Andernfalls werde ich höchstpersonlich dafür sorgen. Dafür steh ich mit meinem Namen!” (Good day. My name is Hans Mergentaler. I am your new partner. I hope everything is to Your pleasure and straight. Otherwise I will personally make sure of it. That’s what I stand for with my name!)

Or what ever these Neo’s say these days.

Well, I was usually more like the 0 or sometimes like a proton, neutron or electron.

Often felt like a neutron shot out by some kind of force, as a cause of a radiation process.

Destroying every other atom, everything coming in my way, it seemed.

But well, then I guess I didn’t change into a proton, nor an electron and neither stayed a neutron.

So I disappeard, although I was still there.

I turned into or towards this actual first element, the one with the zero.

And that might be just thinking, just dreaming or nonsense at all, but it was better than all so called experts could give me. It was hope, it was love, it was the god particle.