Holo….. next week?

Holodeck, an invention of the past.

Weeks, an invention of men.

Next week, an assumption?

Well according to german news, probably next week on Wednesday the “Hard Lockdown” will start.

And since my mother is cleaning cemetaries, she knows that the undertakers are ready for thousands to die.

No joke, they really told her that. And I mean, we live in town with around eleven thousand people and the villages around are also not all that big. So yea… what do I … HOLY SH**.

And you know what?

Our chancellor even said that she is sorry.

Well, right towards the 30s we go (or something like that).

Did I say something?

Well, I have also seen the build a small building next to the village.

There was actually or still is a water collection thingy (for rain water or something).

One day this year I walked around there and then I saw that the fence was gone and there was something to be built or already was partially. I looked at the “Baugenehmigung” (building permit) and read something about animals and storage.

Oh boy… Because I thought, well, we already have enough hunting going on and even had already one of more slaughterhouses in the village. So why do they now need a new storage room?

I also heard this year, that the deer population was too high according to some and also have seen a few young deer next to the road.

Coincidence? Maybe. Is it normal? Oh hell no.

People: But when there are too many of them, we have to kill them.

My reaction:

Stay safe, friends and don’t forget to check your local news and developments once in a while.

And don’t forget, I am just going through the worst case scenarios, since our lives depend on it.

Oh and did I mention, that the people in the town administration were talking about that their time was running away?

And that the janitor (responsible for some public buildings around the town) said to them, that it would soon be different anyway. Maybe meaning, why they were having so much pointless stress?

Well I can’t tell who is on which side, since it was usually about individuals.

I can only tell, that even the undertakers said to my mom, that we maybe should believe like children.

By the way we have multiple ones and some are also usually in other towns or have multiple locations.

And a lot of people seem to have respect towards some of them and even feared to say something against them, but my mother works with them.

Very, very weird and interesting times.

Well, but we have seen or played The Last Of Us, so you know what I am talking about.


I just separated Vongo and zero, according to Google translation, “Vongo” means something like “Break” in Bengali and well “Zero” is 0 or null.


Do your research and don’t die out there.

And in case you are scared, don’t risk what you can’t withstand or know enough about.

I would really wish that this is just a sick dream or whatever, which it truely is, but I have so many better ones and many more yet to come, so I don’t want to wait until some people maybe or maybe not freak out, while others already did and do or did whatever lead to this chaos.

By the way, I wonder where they will take all the thousands of dead bodies?

But since in recent years there had been more urn burials, you know what they will do.

Heat up… (oh God why … 😆😣😖☹️😔 )

Your mind says: “They can’t do this.”

Your mind says: “They won’t do this.”

Your mind says: “We are free.”

Your heart knows: “Let me be.”

Now I got an ad for a new show on Amazon: The Wilds

About people stranded on an island after a plane crash and a young woman was telling, that her teenage year were the real horror and that they know that they could all die, but all she was thinking of was love. And whether we all not just want to be loved or that we won’t get love.

Your mind thinks: “It’s impossible.”

Your heart feels: “There is love.”

Your heart feels: “There should be love…”

Your heart wishes: “Let there be love!”

I love you people and would miss you all!

Eventhough we never met, I guess. ❤

Edit: I almost freaked out, when the post wasn’t visible. Then I luckily realised that the time was AM instead of PM. Man… I was really on edge for a few seconds.