If education would be a TV series

The sad part is, that someone died at the end.

Someone got killed because of a few wounds.

And the worst part is, that it is what somewhere happens every day.

But take a look for yourself.

So while it might not be about New Jersey here – or maybe it is? – you can clearly see how aware they when it comes to the impact of our species and the irony of us being scared by wild animals, while we are … you know.

And then the police arrives because someone called for help because of a “wild woman” and they ask why the guy responsible for nature, animals and stuff is here. As if it was a crime to park his car there.

And then they made some kind of military hunt for this poor woman. I mean, the police, some weird special forces, an anthropologist, the FBI and forest ranger. And all wanted the woman. While at least the last three where (more or less) working together and wanted help her and catch her alive.

Here you see how different two people’s perspectives could be. The scientist more integrated into society seeing the inventions and “achievements” and then the (somewhat) free thinker, who understands or asks about the dark side of it all. While after all, the two of them at least asked questions of relevance, while others just want to have all of them gone, so they can continue their “important” business of catching a free living woman.

But only those who want the truth will find it or be able to see it because they search in their own ways.

Then you get a short scene to remind you that we indeed can move in pretty animal like ways when necessary and even look “cool”. 😀

But then you reach the basement and the heating and you remember that it indeed was a long and dark way.

And there hides the truth, coming at you because you couldn’t stop searching for it.

But instead of killing him or hurting him, she just watched him and saw that he wasn’t a danger. Maybe she even thought that he might be a good partner, since her previous one died and she has a child.

He didn’t mean to harm or hurt her, otherwise he would have been dead by now, down in this dark place on his own.

But she just looked at him and he just looked at her. Both unsure what would happen next. Unsure whether they can trust each other. And he was fascinated of her, a beautiful wild woman, unlike those he used to know.

And while Mulder was so fascinated, while of course risking his life, the others were so deep in their business that they didn’t really understand what he tried to tell them.

“She could have [killed] me, but she didn’t because she sensed that I am not a threat…”

But because most people are so deep in their mindsets, they don’t even know anymore what this means.

That in nature you can even be friends with a lion or a tiger, when you both aren’t a threat to each other and might even help each other out.

But as all wild and free women find their end or how it ends, when the wrong people are on the case, there only remains blood and sorrow in the eyes of those who wanted to understand and actually help her. And triumph in the minds of those who successfully protected their throne and place on earth as the superior animal, pretending to be better.

This scene also could have been from a rape, sex-traffic or so called “honor killing” case. Just to get you on the right track. Sadly too realistic, although they wouldn’t have covered her body with leaves. Maybe it could also be seen as message to show dying, fallen leaves in relation to a female body, a woman of nature. Dead and only covered by leaves, killed by its own creation.

And who pays the price as always?

Damn right…

Always the kids.

And I mean, they knew that she might have had children or a child and was searching for food.

So why did no one search for the child? Especially with all these people who were searching for the mother?

I mean, would it be wrong to help a child of the wilderness?

Man, my head hurts, but just because I probably was in the cold for too long and haven’t eaten the right stuff.

Maybe I should try some of these arms the wild woman was trying to eat, it seemed. Then I might be more like the rest of the people and not sit here and think about how messed up the world is.

As long as you have a mind and a heart and feel for others, you might even tame the wildest of beings because they allowed you to. But some machine beasts aren’t tameable or are they? How can you tame a machine that only wants more? Can you tame it by making it learn to want less or nothing at all because you gave it more it ever asked for?

Like some kind of Trojan horse?

But it can’t be a Trojan horse because that would also just be a machine.

You know what machines probably can’t feel? – Love.

And what about some of our fellow humans?