Wisest words

The wisest words can’t be read, can’t be heard, can’t be spoken.

They only exist within you or pass you by.

They aren’t words like letters, their language is not of human nature.

But it might be just that the wisest words wouldn’t be understood, even if they would be spoken out loud in whatever way that be.

Wise words have a flaw. They have to be unwise enough, so everyone can understand them.

Are they then still wise, if everyone could understand them?

Is it wisdom if only you understand something, but no one else?

Is wisdom to not understand something, but also make it understandable for everyone else?

Or is it that some people just tend to be seen as wise and represented this way, since no one else was excepted? Or no one else saw themselves as possible for have wisdom?

Do you have to be wise yourself to recognise someone else as wise?

And if so, who says that you are wise or that the wisdom you thought someone had, was actually them and not an immitation?

I know that there actually have been wise people or people who are or were considered wise. But I think there is a problem with it. If people even think about wise people or wisdom, then they often think that someone has to be very old or know a lot to be wise. And well… that mainly men were wise (yea…. about that).

There is also a thought that wise people are always kind, always formal, respectful, don’t hesitate or such things. But is it true? And why would it matter?

I personally understood wisdom as something which doesn’t need knowledge of certain things, age or much at all. It is more the will to understand things or simply seeing and understanding them. It is more a natural thing and might be related to common sense. But that is a rare thing these days, it seems.

I just read that some scientists combined rat hearts and tiny robots or are developing batteries based on or around human blood. Is it wise or intelligent to do that? No. Are scientists doing this? Yes. Do people trust them, yes. Why? Ask me something simpler. No, actually because they get told that they know what they are doing.

What people see:

What I see:

Man in the middle:

“Why is there an ape talking with this woman? Why can’t I go home and watch football?”

And then some smart ape came up with social crediting for his football games.

That ape must have been a computer, genius.

And how was it possible for it to work and happen?

Can you guess it?

Yes, charts and rising bars, you figured it out.

Advisor: Sir, there is confusion spreading among the peasants! You should explain it a little bit more precisely.


You are the advisor, that’s why I chose you! Do something, otherwise I won’t give you more of these damn bananas.

Advisor: But sir, I don’t eat bananas and if even I have to get them myself.


Damn right you do.


I guess it is time. Time for change.

The sad thing is, that we actually need movies, animes and such things to inform people about it.

The even more frustrating part is, that a lot of people still don’t get it, while others are terrified.

To keep calm and steady is really all you can do.