I may be an idiot, but…

… some trains brake fast!

Better it is…

Better it is!

Maybe some words and things are a little off or odd, but it makes you think, hopefully.

If not, then you might be not aware of what he tries to say.


And that many were just following along, as all the time before.

Like with money for example, it doesn’t give you anything, it is worthless and yet most people want it.

Why? – Education… – sort of.

But what we need now is trees, lots of trees and foods and such things.

At best trees which are not only making fresh air, but also give fruits like apples, pears and so on.

What we don’t need is factory food or such things and also no slaughter.

Before I was born, my mother had a dream, that somewhere in the Black Forest (South-West Germany) a man was waiting for her.

And then things happened and I was born and the whole tragedy (sort of) started.

She tried to escape from him a few times, but people didn’t understand and she was psychologically trapped with him, while he was sending her to work, was focused on money and mainly that (so basically nothing), broke all the trees and me and my mother and so on. Of course he also had trauma himself, but he should have just gone away with my mother or at least stand on her side. Instead he went against her and me most of the time. Until there was not much hope left that he would ever understand.

And I just wanted to die because I was not born to think a lot about things which are pointless, worthless and pure control and slavery tools. I was born to be happy, to help people, to help with plants, to cheer people up.

But I couldn’t resist, couldn’t keep up and here we are, I am punshing in the air.

I am screaming, while no one can hear the screams because I can barely raise my voice.

So if I speak, I either speak almost too quiet or I shout in anger, sometimes losing my temper.

But here are just words and when I go outside I am powerless, I feel worthless, unable to speak, terrified, broken, shocked and wish I would not have gone outside. At least not where cities stand, where people are, where they go on their mostly pointless jobs every week for nothing in return.

Only the trees keep me safe, only them I trust to hold me…

And I wish I would have not given up, but I felt powerless because everyone was pushing towards my end and those around me as well and I couldn’t do a thing because no one understood, it seemed.

You really have to watch, read or see things with your own eyes, it seems, when you are already trapped in this mind-slavery net thing. It is a learned tragedy which causes all these problems or at least most of them.

Would we just stand together and say: “Okay, what do you got? I have a house, some seeds, some potatoes, onion and a probably soon dying cherry tree (in case my father secretly cuts around on it again).”

Because what else do you have to stand for or talk about, once you realise that you just need something to eat, to drink and maybe to warm you, when it is cold. And that we actually had all these things, could have all these things with ease and this in a long time, probably even hundred or hundreds of years ago.

If we are precise, actually centuries ago, but hey, people were more interested in marriage, in making women weak, fool and break them. Or in making people believe that they are worth the worthless money they got paid or whatever.

I mean, Rome was “the best” we could get, it seemed. Because they had all what we had, even Internet, when you believe the Asterix stories and games. 😀 Although, they would have probably used pidgeons and suchs.

I mean, they had fricking heating for their floor under their houses, baths, canalisations, water flow, toilets, you name it… well and prostitues. 😦

And what do we have now? OH HELLO! Good you woke up.

What they were good at was scaring people with their computeristic way of life and maybe convincing people by force. It can be very scary if a lot of pretorians or what they were called walk through your village, burning it down, killing those who tried to do something against them and weren’t fast enough to get a weapon or something.

And what did those who survived ever really get in the end? Nothing. Exactly.

Why? Because a lot of people in the cities had luxuries lives of nothingness, meaning they were busy doing nothing and getting paid for it, while hard working slaves or laboring people were making food for them, carried stones and so on. Well, and died in front of their eyes for fun and entertainment.

Oh, you didn’t know that the scene with the glass in Inception and the blood was real?

Well, good morning!

(I personally don’t know whether it was real, but it was said to be real, you know, these days…)

Meanwhile people: La la la *destroying the planet* la la la

Well, at least some might wake or woke up finally.

I AM AN IDIOT, okay? But what are those who make people work for them, while this earth will maybe die soon? – Intelligent, well educated and well paid citizens.

No more questions…

And hey, in school I had a teacher who told us that the economy is basically a hand or eye watching us. Because that is the only point of it. But what did people say? Probably that she has a problem.

And you know what I thought, when we had to watch an educational movie about the concept of our market and state and they said: “We have a social state.” – Wait a min… social means that most people get held as worker slaves, stay dumb and get controlled? I think I have heard that…

And the world goes: OOF

And do you know what in recent Medival games was said?

“You can do anything you want, as long as you pay taxes.”

Taxes: Give me your soul.