SPEAK – The truth changes everything

This is again in german (the movie), but I am sure you will find the english version somewhere, if you don’t already have it or watched it. I again watched it with my mother and although she might not have understood everything in the way I did, we both enjoyed it. Enjoying is maybe the wrong word, but it helped me immensely and supports my cause and probably yours.

In this movie the base story is around trauma, pain and such things, but if you see it my way, almost each second and piece of the whole thing, is filled with a cry for help, justice and a long wished and needed change.

It gave some tears again and also hope and more courage to keep doing what I am doing here.

You will see, that in the story itself, it is explained how to watch it and understand it. And given all what I told you or you already know from your own experiences or thoughts, the whole magic and impact of the whole thing gets visible. These kinds of movies aren’t just for entertainment, they entertainment effect is just a bonus. It is a lecture, in a lecture, explaining lectures. Or in other words, the more you are willing to see, the more you will understand and be able to do. And after all, the title says: “SPEAK – The truth changes everything.” Raising voice can change the world and if it just is for a few people at first, just yourself or maybe years later. And it is important to understand, that the movie shows, that to SPEAK, doesn’t mean that you have to actually speak with sounds. Sometimes it might be necessary and at some point it is probably needed, but that there are lots of ways to speak. To show your feelings, to show what you see, think or what seems (very) wrong in the world. And most important, that there might be others who will speak in other forms and ways for and maybe because of you. When they understand what you try or tried to tell and show them your way, so othes can also understand it, who might have actually no idea that some things are some way.

And when you are able to fully “speak” with everything you got, then you will not only feel better about yourself and be able to help others who can’t speak or are too confused or scared to even consider it. Oh, and of course you won’t always have to give a hundred, but you can always stand up again or crawl if you need to, or even just rest a while, if you can’t. When your eyes can speak, your mouth can speak, your hands can speak and your whole body in various forms, then you are a true speaker. Anyone can become one and just speaking in one way, is actually enough, just draw a few things and someone finds it and understands it, can change a thing. Even when you might have long forgotten about it. Maybe even things which might seem wrong or were just meant as a joke or something, or even a drawing of a penis on a wall. Although that could of course be interpreted in a confusing way. Maybe someone steps by and sees it and thinks: “Yes, actually society is lead by penises. Some people think with them instead of their mind and heart.” So you might even feel bad for drawing it or think it was just because of a primitive joke, but the eye of the observer can read and see in it what you might not even intended nor thought of or could have imagined.

Sometimes a small tragedy for the world, is a shattered world for someone, only to find the shattered world all around them, turning the “small tragedy” into a world changing masterwork.

When a heart really starts to speak, no words can ever stand against it and stop it.

People always think they know something or want something or have something.

And then there we are, hidden, silent, hurt, lost, confused, forgotten – it seems.

Those who saw and see the world for what it is, a wasteland, when we don’t stop it.

One heart is enough, one true heart is stronger than all mindless brainiacs, who only follow the way others told them to take.

And we got so many hearts.

I hope we will get more, get many back.

I really wish I could snip with my fingers and all this mad misery would be gone.

We will see, but I am sure that our voices, how and what we “speak” matters.

I really don’t want to see another war, not first hand and also not from far away.

I really don’t want to see lives dying, fast or slow.

I don’t want to feel this cold, this pain and darkness anymore.

I can be stronger than it, but not always and not forever, I guess.

What about you?

How are you, honestly, without your trials to hide or just keep quiet and holding things back?

If you have to draw a bloddy mess, then there is a bloddy mess.

And if you draw something else, then something else.

It doesn’t have to be a tree.

And if you better write or sing or dance, then do that.

And if you create a game or make a music video, why not?

There is a difference between people who seem to make these to be important or famous and those who honestly try to show something. Some people think a music video is for entertainment and so they might only make a few moves and show something “cool”, others maybe show seemingly weird things or maybe even things unnoticed at first. Even things which could seem as paradox in the context of the lyrics. It is then when it should make “click” and you see what they might have actually tried to tell you. Sometimes all of it is a master piece, full of messages, some maybe even unknown to the people themselves, at first.

And this is completely okay, this is why other people are here and we can tell or show each other things and make us understand each other and others more this way and hopefully help each others or ourselves.

As long as you don’t pay attention to anything like money or some form of value or worth mesureing system, you can see the true beauty, message and impact of things (or their fakeness, in some cases, when people just try to be cool or rich or whatever, but don’t actually have something to say).