/Little/ Nightmares – as well

I prefer 9G, since it is around quantum physics, but 6… I mean 5G it is then.

People: Wait you have 9G, where can I get this?

Just don’t use an external device, since the transfer between two completely different things can often take a lot of effort, time and energy. So there might even be a 12G or 13G, but I personally had enough after 9, since I didn’t want to lose all 10 fingers.

People: You what?

Did I say finger?

People: Yes?

So, maybe it was something else, like nerves in my brain or this unstoppable itching of an eye or your whole face, when you know that there <unrecognized data> and then everything just <unrecognized data>

People: Why are there a few things which weren’t recognized?

You mean <unrecognized data> and <unrecognized data> as well?

People: Yes…

My question was, why is the whiteboard empty and why are people sitting there and listen. Or are there even people? Maybe he is just talking with himself.

People: But now you are mean.

No, I mean the main message of the whole video was basically… I mean, just look at it, it says nothing new, nothing relevant. He knows it even himself by the look on his face. Probably thinking: “When can I finally go home…” or maybe “When can I go to the Niagara falls again.”

This reminded me a lot of my self. And now you might question whether I am talking about the sister dying and sobbing, the other sister or the video below. And it might be a very good question, but I can only say, that I just sit here. I just sit here and I know that the message was received some time ago.

People: What message?

I can only say this, it wasn’t a <unrecognized data>. … Ah come on, now this again. Well, so sitting it is.

People: He used an “a”, so it can’t be a word which starts with “a, e, i, o, u”. No wait, that were just the… wait. Wait, what is happening.

And I thought I was weird because I like to walk around at night Among Trees.

It is always good to know that although you can write whatever you want, there are people who can write even better.

Can I drop my pen now? I really don’t like to play the villain of the…

X: You are the villain as long as I say you are!

Yes, master! bows down, knowing that it was just a holographic image of a video game character

Yes, I do as I am told.

People: Crazy, I am telling you, he is crazy.

Also people: Why am I speaking to myself all of a sudden?