Stargate: Universe

I am just trying to finish digitalizing the first of the two Stargate Universe seasons and put them on the server. Sadly they are all (except for one broken? episode) in german, since I originally intended to watch it in the language I first or mainly watched it. Also for my mother, since she doesn’t really understand english and we watched all of it together some years ago, when I was still in school. While I actually had watched most of it at least one or two times before that when I was younger watching TV or later when I finally had internet access and I could stream most of it. Back when it was still okay, I guess.

Since I have to check whether everything worked with the transfer of the video data, I watch a few scenes here and there.

Interestingly enough it happened to be that I just watched a scene where they were talking about how advanced and old this ancient space ship technology is. Then they somehow changed the topic to showers, since they very all pretty sweaty after all the trouble and pressure, when they first arrived. Then one of them explained that he found out that the showers instead of using water had some kind of fog or steam coming out. And when the others asked how he knew about it, he meant that he maybe tried it (or something).

Since I am in this 1930 / 2020 mashup kind of scenario, I heard “showers”, “no water”, “fog or steam” and then my brain showed me these images again, I really don’t like:

I think I should go take a walk now and get some fresh forest vibes.

Otherwise my head might burn because of all the pressure I put it into lately.

Stay safe!!! ❤

But with that I mean, care for yourself and those you love!

And that it is good that no real human has another human telling them what to do or not do. Only to suggest or give possibilites. This way even when some of us won’t make it (whatever that might be or feel like), others can still make it and maybe brings us back. I trust that you know enough and feel enough.

I alone was never able to make it and also am not important, just the “Strohmann” (straw man / dummy) you could say. Although that is always a relative thing, you know.

Either we live together or we at least tried to.

I trusting you, because without you, without all of us here, this world wouldn’t be. And without us, this earth would maybe be a better place, but why can’t it also become a good place again, eventhough we might still be here? Or at least some of us or maybe come back or something. I really can’t tell how all of it works for sure, I just wish and hope that your dreams, those you really wanted about living and freedom and friends (or whatever), will come true.

Like in one episode of X-Files when Mulder found a woman who was able to offer him these “cliche” three wishes. Other people wished to be invisible, like literally and then got hit by a truck or something and such bullshit. But when he was able to wish, he had two interesting wishes. I sadly forgot the third one, I think, if the last one was not possible through two. Anyway, he wished that earth would be “peaceful”. While in german (since this is the language … ok) he probably said something like “still” or “ruhig” (e.g. quiet).

When she granted the wish, all of a sudden he was alone with her and everyone else was gone. At least that was what was shown and assumed. Because the office buildings were all empty, no humans were working there, no busy talking, running in circles and all. And since the wish was a little unclear and he was scared (I guess), to be all alone now, he erased the wish (probably the third wish then). So all came back as it was, busy, loud and work oriented. But for her, since he then understood that she was trapped in this situation to fullfill wished for (usually) stupid men, he offered the last wish to be hers. And when I remember correct, she wished to be able to sit in a caffee all day, probably drinking caffee, while watching the people and something like that.

When you think about this epsideo (or this part and summary of it), you understand multiple problems.

Since Mulder was considered a very intelligent, justice and good-hearted man. He could have been a very high rank agent in the FBI or maybe even higher or more. Instead he started to care for these so called X-Files. Files which were cold cases or paranormal stuff or things which were kept secret etc.

And not long after, Scully, the red haired woman who was a doctor / scientist, was sent to support and control him. But throughout their work, they learned more and more about what was actually going on behind the scenes, so that at some points even Scully was more open minded than Mulder and even had to push him to continue, when he lost hope or focus. They both felt very alone in this world, as a lot of other characters in the whole show. So when he wanted peace (or something) it seemed as if he was the only one who wanted that or who would have stayed, except for the other woman with the wishes, in that episode.

So he was terrified, since it seemed that he would always be alone and we are not made to be alone. Humans are made to be helping each other, to have fun together, maybe heal together or each other, have different abilities to solve different problems together, but still share a lot of things. And yet it seemed, as if he and the ferry ghost (whatever) woman where the only ones who understood that or wanted something like it.

So actually his first wish would in a way be the right choice, but because he didn’t find anyone else and it seemed so alone, he thought it was wrong or impossible and pointless.

And with giving the last wish to the woman herself, he actually showed, that this usually is not the case. Otherwise she would have already been free or at least had a wish granted. So he was probably the first to even considered that or offered that. Probably because his dreams or wishes seemed pointless anyway. And because he didn’t want to mess everything even more up as he already was himself. Or so it seemed.

The wish of hers with the caffee, was actually not what she really would have wanted. So it seemed very weird of her to wish such a thing. But when you then look back into a book and how it ended, you maybe understand what happened there. (Besides possible messages which could have been seen or heard as well, but I can’t fully put together, since it is not a clear image.)

Off topic – some people: Why is everyone all of a sudden so interested in renewable energy and WWII? How does that go together?

Authorities: Our plan worked… wait… wait no… Someone has to stop this.

Apparently the (or a) Darth Vader actor died a few weeks ago.

People remember:

Actually people right now:

What a halloween this year.

Sadly I forgot my can… never mind.