Strong Women

As I have heard here and there, a lot of confusion is around history.

Besides freedom or the myth of it, women had usually a harder time.

A few years ago it was still kind of weird to talk about such topics.

It was confusing how games were sometimes more historically correct than real history got taught.

At least in a lot of cases.

I still remember what one of my history teachers was telling me about the french revolution and other revolutionary acts. She was pointing out that it were women who marched to Versaille with canons and guns or what they had. But sadly the men were taking over again and made everything a shit show. Well not her words, but it was clear that this happened. So it usually was like this.

The typical man is simply not made to think or understand much, so it is complicated to explain that I as a man (or whatever I am) speak against men, at least those who follow the typical patterns.

I don’t believe that children get born this way, maybe they have some tendencies based on their parents history, genes or whatever, but nothing which couldn’t be changed or handled. Usually a trigger or wrong behavior feeds these things and often this happens due the way older people teach younger ones or what they think they have to do or can’t do. So as always, it is not against any gender.

A very important activist was also a young woman, Sophie Scholl.

Together with the group called “Weiße Rose” (White Rose).

She was studying philosophy and her brother medicine (with others), around 41/42.

Do you know what happened to her?

She got executed with a guillotine as far as I know, like people during the french revolution.

I hope you understand the mockery in this act and tyrannic presentation of power.

It cost her life and was a horrible death, but they knew that someone had to do something.

Or like Dietrich Bonhoeffer who tried his way and ended up hanging in a camp.

So fighting for freedom and love is really a suicide mission.

But we should finally stop telling children fairy tales about how free, great and wonderful our world is, when it actually got only darker for the most part. Besides the few good people and little hopes here and there.

It is good that the resources to learn, find yourself, support and free others, are already out there.

And everyone can do it.

A suicide mission is only a suicide, when you had another way, but preffered death as a solution.

Before you rip these words apart, a suicide mission in the name of love, means to try to make people want to live, change their minds and open their hearts, but could mean that they will kill you or you will end up dead since it takes all your energy, if noone starts fighting on your side.

In other words, when we would reach the goal, there wouldn’t be death. At least then we could actually find ways to make it stop which most of the time simply would mean to listen to your heart, other hearts and feel good that there are people who can do a certain thing better than you right now or maybe in general, but that you also have something for them. Sometimes one person offering hugs in public, is half a revolution (in my eyes). Would there be two, it might be already a revolution in the making and with three, the revolution can’t be stopped anymore.

Now you might think, that this is nonsense, but it is only nonsense, when you think in terms of numbers and “physical” / visible barriers. If these three might have touch just one of those who were sent to kill them, they might talk about it, share it and then it spreads. Like with the White Rose, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and all the others of which many might be forgotten or unheard of.

Every voice counts, especially the silent ones.

And you can’t blame a woman for being powerless or exhausted, when she has to carry more than you can even realize. So it is up to you and me and others to make us all remember, feel and understand.

I hate it when I write, since I often felt or got told I am wrong, but as long as it helps you in a way, we have something good going on around here.

And the more I go through games I or others played, series I watched and all, I see a revolution, I see resistance and questions as well as answers, others don’t want to hear about or suggestions we could at least try.

At some point I maybe have to walk down a street, with a storm behind my back and then knock on someones door or many doors. And when they won’t open, I will make them open. One way or another.

Right now we live in some kind of fairy tales or other forms distraction, since we find life within them, while actual life was corrupted, broken and overrun by something or someone who wants to have more and at best everything for themselves. But most of us (should) know, that sharing things, being unique and having different abilities, ideas and ways is what makes us strong, friends, able to survive and be a big family through freedom, justice and love.

What is the difference between a metal musician, a construction worker, a truck driver, a prostitute, a politician, an author and a queen? – They have different clothes on.

No, that is not the answer, but maybe it made the actual answer more clear.

Otherwise we would have to put labels and numbers on babies or people and decide who and what they are before they even know what is going on. And that is no freedom, that is making living beings, humans into puppets, slaves and robots or objects.

If a prostitute or former one, would not be accepted or allowed to write children books, make music, speak for some people, be cheered and welcomed, then what do you do with victims of rape and torture?

Nothing other is this, at least in most cases. At least for the heart and their well-being, when they should have been lucky and weren’t treated like shit.

The same goes for all workers and/or victims in different ways.

Usually people forget that a hurt heart is also something which shouldn’t be.

So why is it okay or ignored that so many or most people walk around with one?

Meaning, that this should not have happened in the first place and now that it (still) is this way, we should actually do everything to change it. But most people probably don’t even remember that they have a heart or others have one. Why? Because they got convinced that some things just are the way they are.

As if it is normal to fuck around all day, to marry “hundred” times and only do it for other reasons than actual love. Breaking hearts or trying to fix them with breaking more of them. Only to blame the children for the mistakes. What a world we live in…

And everyone has something to tell, what they might have held back a long time or even forgot about.

It is time to let these things out, at least in some way, somewhere, I can’t tell you where, how and when.

My knowledge is limited and my power as well and when I try to make it bigger, it seems to make everything fall apart even quicker or give you a kick or hurt even more. Sometimes it might have been necessary, to wake you or someone up, like someone who lost consciousness lying on the floor sometimes needs cold water, a little shaking or maybe a slap. To wake them up, not lose them, not to hurt them. And there might be better ways because there are, but if you have to do something and don’t want to lose someone, better try to safe them in a way which might not be the best, instead of losing them, while searching for the best way.

If you of course know how and what, then great, but if not, better not wait until it’s too late.

There is a false conception that you have to learn things from others.

By nature this is actually a natural thing which just happens here and there, more or less on its own.

So why do people think they have to teach people or that you might think you have to learn something from others in a certain way? This way of learning involves a lot of negative things like: stress, depression, perfectionism, comparison, turning humans into machines, judgement, heart-break, pain, hopelessness, negative thinking, self-doubt.

I don’t know all, but when I see what I would have wanted, I see a completely different world.

As some actual school teachers already found out, through listening and interacting with their students or own children, it should actually be, that a teacher is more like someone who knows and can do things, but also understands others.

So instead of what we have now (in most cases), school would not exist anymore, at least not in this form.

You might still have some kind of thing which could work as something called this way, although it could also just be “learning platform” or whatever. Children could come and go or also visit through video calls or maybe just watch some things. And there would be no expectation, pressure or certain way of need to do something.

A teacher could theoretically just sit there and play games or also go for a walk through a forest and then, when some of the children have a question, they answer it or when they also don’t know, try to find answers together with them. Instead of just talking, grading and pushing data out like a robot. When time would be not relevant anymore, although years might still pass by, simply because the earth moves around the sun, well, then learning would actually be a cool, but optional thing.

Some like me, would maybe learn and learn and also share what they found and try to understand it together with others. And others would maybe just create wonderful things or run around the fields. And then the teachers might do the same sometimes.

It would be a world in which you would wake up, like in childhood times (at least for some of us), especially in holiday time. You just dream a little, maybe have something you want to do or try and then do it based on how you feel. Sometimes I played games outside, sometimes I learned about history, physics or cultures and then I programmed or played video games, only to think about stories. So you see, that it would never get boring, there could always be something done and new things happen.

And children usually want to do these things, if they could do.

Instead, especially these days again, they get forced to go to school, get a job, work until they die or are too broken to know anymore why they are even doing something or live. Some people like me and also a few around where I live, they are worried about the youth, children, young people or people in general.

Even during my school time it was normal that a few people already had alcohol, took drugs and even had sex. Don’t get this wrong, okay, but I hope you understand what I mean.

In higher classes it even was normal that some people hand round some pills or other (hopefully) mild drugs and that some people even were involved in drug dealer or some gangs even.

Talking about (a few towns in) Germany.

And as far as I know it only got worse instead of better, because the children and young people understand that everything is about to go down and their lives are nothing worth in this world. So they try to distract and destroy themselves. I did that in other ways, but yea…

Even some teachers do that as well and who can blame them… all trapped in this death mill.

Female teachers usually still were speaking up about things, sometimes even got hope through my presence or some other children who were at some point still willing to actually change things for the better.

Even encouraged us to colorize and draw things in school, instead of asking us to just listen or write and say what they want to hear, like some others.

There are already ideas, a lot of ideas out there or even practical trials and changes in some cases here and there. This is not the problem. The problem is, that you have to think about why the things actually are the way they were or still are and seem to be or get again.

Women are still seen as dangerous, since they are the true forces of nature.

Because I haven’t seen an actual man giving birth to a child.

And so they are dangerous because they have nature, life and universal powers within them.

Which of course doesn’t mean that their purpose is to get children, just in case we have a confusion here or misunderstanding. They can get children, but they don’t have to. And to lower a personality down to an ability which often hurts them a lot, might not even have been their choice, is not just a crime.

I have to think again about the words in the show Anne with an “E”, where it was in german something like: “Women can do everything a man can do, and more!”

And this is true in my eyes, since I haven’t seen a lot of men doing what is asked of women everyday, but a lot of women doing what men think they are best at.

So usually the women were stronger and better in doing things.

This should have actually been something cool and fascinating, at least for me it was.

But a lot of men or women were not amused (to say the very least).

This also goes for those who might be between them.

In the end, the body or categorization of people based on how they look like or what their body might be able to do on first sight, is only limiting and “downgrading” people to reproduction. I know this might sound pretty cold and without any feeling, but it just isn’t “funny” anymore. As long as people would be there for each other, actually help and make dreams come true together, I and probably others would have no problem with a world mainly ruled by women. Of course not when they would then just do the same or worse than men or (or maybe some women) have done in the past. This is why there better should be no one standing above someone else.

I see a future in which people would actually have some kind of laws protecting each other or maybe even no need for them anymore, since people would just willingly help and support each other and maybe remind someone who really is doing something wrong (like pushing people around or breaking things others might have created with a lot of joy and time) that that’s shit. But in a mostly peaceful way, which of course doesn’t mean that they couldn’t push them on the ground or bring them into a cell or something for a short time, depending on the ways. But prison cells are actually outdated, so you know, we would find good ways.

It would be a world in which people would actually know about things themselves, could do anything, but also knowing a risk and such things. And that when someone still thinks that they need more or something else or just want to make others feel bad, the community would come together and help, instead of looking away. Often just standing next to someone can safe someone or make them realize their mistake. Not to forget ways which might not even be known to you or might be called tales and fake. I have seen enough to know that there is way more than some might expect. Ironically (in a sad diabolic way), those who want to have everything and know everything for themselves, are usually destroying the possibiliy to get it. Because those who have it, can’t give it to them, even if they try to and they themselves could have find it themselves as well, would they not have used force and violence to get it. It is paradox to expect to gain knowledge, when you have none, but want to make others give it to you by hurting them. Interestingly enough is it still a common practice, although some say, that the middle ages are long over and stories of the past.

Violence can make some knowledge come out, but not give love and life.

So the ones who use these things or manipulation and fear in a trial to either get or fully destroy them, will never get those. Like a so called chidish act, they try to destroy what they can’t have.

“If I can’t have it, then no one shall have it!” – or whatever they might think.

Probably thinking they are very smart or powerful with they little plastic crowns and gray cars.

Should I die, I would only get what I wanted.

Should I survive, I would probably already have what I wanted.

Life. Either for everyone but me or everyone and me as well.

Making others die, is only things told animals do and even they have some principles.

Why were so called witches burned or killed otherwise in the past (or maybe to this day)?

Because they dared to live and go other ways, often more natural ways, from what I have heard.