Another walk through the night

I guess I could call that ASMR or whatever. 😀

But sadly the camera has not the quality of my eyes and the microphone not the quality of my ears.

Otherwise that would be an amazing scenery and experience.

This way you only get a few bright pixels here and there and an overall dark pixel maze or how I should call it.

Maybe the sound will be enough and okay. ^^

Video description

Once again walking through the forest and snow at night.
Well, it is mainly audio since the camera is not really able to film at night nor has it good quality, at least when moved. But my eyes are better anyway. ^^
Oh and at one point I actually fell down, while I tried to walk down the small hill next to the “water house”. Without the phone it probably wouldn’t have happened. But well, I thought it might have been necessary to record it.

Usually I don’t have my phone with me because why should I, but otherwise you wouldn’t be able to here these wonderful breathing and walking noises and maybe a few other sounds. 😀

But hey, if you can’t come to the snow, forest and me, it finds a way to you anyway! 🤗💜☃️