Crapy walk around my village

The Map

Yes, paint, I know… xD I don’t care.

I marked the route with arrows for direction and numbers to show the separate main parts.

And well, I took the image from duckduckgo maps, just in case you wanted to know.

The red circle is the start and end point and my home.

Yea… privacy… yea… who cares..

The Factory – 1

My mother’s red car on the left next to my house
swing to the other side
The factory heating (left) and the old electricity (or whatever) tower (right)
A part of the new owners “container castle”

Oh and in case you might ask why the colors are so weird, well, it expresses the feeling I have looking at these. So basically something between radiation and poison. And of to the next part.

The Fields – 2

The bigger building near the main road is the local “hotel” or guesthouse. It seems to be famous, but whatever. ^^ And the area with the small walls is the old cemetary.

People in the village preparing for silvester (fireworks), while it is snowing outside.

Small tree area surrounded by fields

A bird passing by. There are actually quite a lot of birds flying around, especially in our garden, since my mother also often places some food for them (seeds and such things, but mainly already packed things from the super market).

And you might ask, why I post this here and why I post so many pictures not on instagram or anything.

I don’t use any of it and actually using wordpress was just a choice I made because I already had an account and an old website running. So yea… I have a computer, am into programming and games, but don’t like social media or a lot of technologies. I am just a dreamer who tried to escape… okay.

The Forest – 3

Walking through the forest while it is snowing.

The path / forest road which this one leads to is one of the main forest paths, often used by joggers, wanderers or for basic walking. That’s why I usually walk there at night because then 99% of the time no one else is around, except for this one guy I met two times in the evening with his head light. 😀 But I think at night there really is no one. The only time when there might be someone is, when the hunters are out or maybe other (forest) workers when there was a heavy storm, to check the streets. But there are exceptions, so far I didn’t walk into someone in the middle of the night, at least inside the forest. Near it is another thing…

And the following is me, recording a crapy video again. Yay…

The Forest – 4

A lot of snow for one poor tree

These snow particles and the time difference between the images really makes them look like shooting stars or lasers or something. xD

Too bad that most of these trees are used for wood production or at least were grown for this. Since they mainly grow high trunks and cut the lower branches. At least usually. I am not sure about the specific parts of the forest, since sometimes small parts are owned by private people, like my grand parents had one (but a few villages from where I live).

It is interesting how there are even signs in front of parts of the forest, telling that people should not drive in with cars since it is nature. But then machines (e.g. tractors) to cut or transport trees are allowed. Perfect logic! .D Maybe just in some areas, as I said, since some parts might be owned by the town, some by private people etc.

parting of the ways

Way Home – 5

A sign telling that only forest related workers or farmers are allowed to pass, next to an old border stone (as far as I know). This is the entry of the forest I usually walk into. But this time I walked out of it through it.

The main road in the distant with a car passing by. In the foreground yet another field.

The sign again (left) and a bench I sometimes was sleeping or sitting on (middle)

That’s the road I was sometimes lying down on the ground watching the stars or just standing and breathing in the fresh air, letting the scenery inspire me (or just relax). In the background you can see another smaller forest area next to the local football / soccer field with a small house they sometimes use to meet, drink and whatever.

Inside this forest part with the football field on the left and a few village lights in the distance (middle).

I also wanted to make a few photos of the main road and the crossroad, but they ended up pitch black, while some of these were already pretty dark, even with light and editing (some colors are unintentionally messy because of it).

The Factory (again) – 6

I also recording walking passed it, but it ended up with wrong rotation again and the other video was already a mess to fix. But it was basically just me walking down the road (with the containers and round tower etc.) from the start. Just from the opposite direction and at night.

Well, that was a hell of a crapy trip with images even a bot would reject, but thanks for scrolling down anyway, although you probably think something like: “Why the heck does he think that anyone wants to see this?” (I don’t know, I just did it, okay? 😀 )

Oh and Silvester was also… luckily I survived the dinner with my father. Mainly through just not talking and then sneaking away, like usually. Luckily he didn’t want anything from me today, other than the typical new year greetings. How I won’t miss any of this… the people in the village basically meet on the street each year (at least usually) after the fireworks went off at midnight and then shakes hands and great new year. It is just always like this and a must it seems. I usually tried to avoid it. The last time I didn’t I got new year blessing and ended up almost dead in hospital, my house almost got smashed by two trees falling into it, my mother got sick. Thanks new year traditions for not letting me down…

But okay, it was from someone who previously threw away (or maybe stole) things out of my house, so what did I expect…

Does anyone care, like really care? No, because they don’t understand that I don’t get asked for what I really want and if so, it gets ignored.

For example at dinner, my father asked me, whether I already knew the story with the fox in his garage. Then I said yes, since my mother already told me two times and then he just told it again. To his defense, at least it was with a little more detail, but he still just ignored me, as usual. I mean whether I listen or not, it doesn’t matter…

I mean, for most people it seems as if he is just a kind and pattern driven old man. But one of my older cousins sometimes visited us, when I was still a child and was a little bit like a bigger sister for me. She also already went through a lot with her own father and her family (together with my mother) being part of a religious cult / sect thing. One time when she was alone with my father, he must have raged out about something or I don’t know, but according to one of her older brother’s she was shocked and probably having a panic attack or something, while calling him on phone.

Heh… at least he is just angry sometimes and shrows you through a room at worst. Hadn’t done that since my childhood, but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen again. Or beating me until I scream or cry.

Today we had some fish with salad, and croquettes, some cucumber and tomates.

I mainly survive through not talking and simply accepting the situation, while hiding in my computer or music or dreams.

New year, I bet you won’t change a single thing on that. But maybe, in case I should survive it.