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Analyzing a car accident in depth

For educational purposes only

[WARNING: Could contain critical and violent content. Use and watch at your own responsibility and risk!]

https://jsysthealmanac.files.wordpress.com/2021/02/x-files_s1_24_s_i.mp4 [~500MB]

Taken from: X-FILES S1 E24

All rights belong to the creators and parties involved. I have no rights on this material and wanted to use it for educational purposes only.

The most important part is within the first minute.
The least important part is at the end.

Think twice before you agree to the second statement.

The video was 30 minutes long, but it was automatically cut down to these few seconds.

This is what happened to the video on YouTube.

Are you not spooked yet?

Disney Enterprises Incorp. owns this now and I got a complain about copyright violation almost immediately.

Irrelevant information:

I wonder why. Technically it is correct, but practical, it is interesting that such an old series gets watched after almost 30 years later. Sure there are new episodes in recent times, but this one is from 1994. I mean for real, who cares for copyright from the 90s?

Everyone: “YOU CRIMINAL!”

No more questions.

Upload filter for the win…

AI rules.

smiles towards Google and all other Tech giants.

CIA and black project organisations smile back

I see we have an understanding here.