Free at last!

So now you know what I did in the forest. 😏

Authorities: But we observed you the whole time. We know exactly what you did and didn’t do.

Me: Yeah, that’s what I wanted you to think.

Authorities: confused

Also Authorities: shocked

Meanwhile in some public buildings:

Ops, wrong footage.

I meant:

How it feels for me:

to be alive.

The same as a playlist:

Fun fact: Two IP addresses related with Google are and They are used for DNS purposes and such things. When you now know that the Enigma (the encrypting machine of the Nazis in WWII) was (told by some teachers and historians) cracked due to stupidity of some nazis you might know what I mean. Because one of them at least always started their letters / messages with the famous “Heil Hitler” (Hail Hitler). And you know the alphabet, am I right? Apparently D-Day was a great achievement of freedom and liberation.

Did I say something?