You play with fire

Under the sun there is always some fire.

Sometimes destroys, flying stones, burning wire.

The higher the tower, the lower the water.

More fire, more fire, more fire to hire.

And it burns, the sun burns and everything dies.

More fire, admire, the faster the better.

The water as oil, the water will boil.

And some call it future, some the end.

But all they did was to borrow,

Did play with fire which wasn’t theirs.

Created fear in multiple layers.

Created fire to heal, fire to fly, to kill, to inhale.

Even fire water to drink,

while their minds would shrink.

Unholy water, boiled in fires unearthly.

Man I tell you, you are playing with fire.

All the time you were playing, but no one stopped you.

Why is it you burn? Why is it you build?

Don’t you have destroyed already enough?

You play with fire, while always you hire.

To make them burn with your foolish desire.

Not only water you stole, not only fire on coal.

You made the whole world drown under your crown.

And even called yourself the crown of creation.

So you could build, praise and rule your nation.

But I only give crowns to those who won’t want them.

Because only they, they deserve to be crowned.

While in your illusive world they might all feel drowned.

Under your spell, your words and colorful bliss.

If there is one thing I wouldn’t miss –

you playing with fire.

Since no one seems to stop the fires, we have to be better than those who came before us.

Being thankful for what we got and get, without the need for more than we will ever need.

Without this deadly virus, you might call it greed.

Personally I always knew that I am a no one or nothing.

But I can’t be nothing and I can’t be no one.

And so I am at least the least of everything – the smallest particle there is.