It’s just “a book” or story…

Especially the faces in the last one scared me. But hey… it is the past, so these days it is way better…

No actually, it looks pretty similar, except for the graphics and a few textures here and there.

They new update was really worth it.

But looking back, it didn’t really change all that much. At least the people are still happy and have no clue.

Good work script writers, good work.

I guess that trauma and certain trained patterns might actually be in some way heritable or at least cause follow-up issues. (you don’t say…)

The things is, if instead of a “you have to do something” world, we would have a “great that you are here” world (or something like that). We might have a complete different world today. Sadly it is pretty similar to hundred years ago, except for a few minor details. And I say “minor” because it really is minor, compared to the overall still existing problems. Not to forget that a lot of them are wanted or even necessary to let everything keep running as it is. For example that people have to work for others and not with them in a free way. Some people tried it and some people do it in different ways, but the overall thing is still the same or even got worse in some cases (depending on how you see it).

When children grow up with traumatized parents or parents who weren’t able to really develop themselves because they were forced to work or do things they either didn’t want or maybe weren’t all that good for them, what happens to the children? They already grow up with broken patterns and weird concepts, but for them this might seem normal, especially when it is common. So they might think it is how it is or whatever, while a few or maybe a lot of other children and young people actually see that things are not okay the way they are.

Ignorance, suppressed feelings and passive-aggressive behavior are common in society.

It is because of fear, pressure and painful experiences in most cases or out of (resulting) egoistic or narcissistic behavior of parents or other people.

There is a saying: “Die Kinder büßen für die Sünden der Eltern.” (The children suffer / atone for the sins of the parents.)

In other words: What the parents didn’t work out themselves or made better, the children will either have or then have to face.

So the more something gets ignored and suppressed – be it a world war (by the way from all involved parties, since they all did something wrong, not only during the wars, but also afterwards), or just things like education – the consequences and resulting troubles, struggles and possibility for it to happen again (at some point) remain and get stronger.

So the children of the people after wars are usually more, at least when they have been involved in an active way or are more shy or closed up, I guess. This is of course not a rule and actually the opposite happened in some cases, since everyone can still decide things for themselves, if they really want to. It is more a trend or tendency.

When for example a woman got raped or maybe otherwise traumatized (falling bombs or people with guns are usually enough to traumatize a human), it remains, when there is no time and care for it. When they then get children or take care of children, this held back, suppressed trauma and feelings are still there in some form. They can result in anger or harsh rules or behavior towards children, often without any reasonable explanation. Maybe even gets justified that children had to be punished strict, so they won’t get into the same situation (or whatever). The result would then be that the maybe not traumatized children who didn’t experience a war, weren’t raped or in other forms / ways abused and humiliated get it through this way. (Just talking about psychological effects and follow-up problems related to major trauma caused by violent and obviously negative / evil acts or events.) The chances are high that this pattern will then “survive” and be put onto the children of the former children and so on. At some point the origin of the pattern or behavior is forgotten or not really recognized anymore, since in the near past or present weren’t any obvious reasons for it. Therefor you call someone crazy or mentally ill, when they should show visible effects / reactions and since most other people keep them inside (like their parents, teachers, grand parents, neighbors, etc.) the rest is ignored. Like in, as long as things move on or continue, everything else must be fine or okay, just these few people have problems we can’t help with, but it can’t be that serious. (Or something like that.)

The other part would then of course be a wanted traumatism of peoples, to not only control them, but also manipulate them. Or manipulate them and therefor traumatize them as a (maybe accepted) “side-effect”. As long as they most of them work properly, everything must be fine. Yes…

For example is it still “fascinating” how people are still worshiping and working for a dead thing like money, instead of doing things with or for others because they want to or just because they can.

I for my part was helping friends or others without wanting anything in return. Some people of course still gave me money and sometimes I took it, when they insisted, but it actually hurt me. I helped them because I wanted to help and could help or at least tried my best and maybe then show or told them where they could go or find something, when I wasn’t able to do something. Either because I didn’t feel able / confident to do something or really had no clue at that time or at all. But that is okay and should be completely fine. I actually felt more comfortable with getting a glass of honey or a bag of eggs, instead of money or even without anything in return. Making people happy and help them (when I could) was my only goal and “payment” and would I then also have enough to eat for myself and water, I wouldn’t need much more.

The problem with money is, that it might have been useful at some point as a way to trade goods and things, but at its core it is just an imaginary value. So working for money, is like working for hot or cold air and a bit of dust. While doing something you actually want or can or maybe just exist and be able to feel good about it, would actually have value and probably help you and others way more. Since we still have money and some people really like to shift it back and forth, while ruining other people’s lives, destroy nature and start wars based around it, for the moment we might still have to work with it. But instead of “resetting” it or whatever some people are talking about or planning, we should finally get rid of it (again). I mean, for example in times of war people also “paid” with different things, goods for example, while others of course give special services and such things. So mainly they exchanged for example cigarettes for food or such things, since cigarettes were pretty rare (as far as I know). If instead of the need to get something in return (in a physical way), people would maybe get a new friend or “family” and then maybe be able to share what they can and maybe help with things, money would be an obsolete thing. The problem why it maybe seems to be necessary or is thought to be, lies in the society and structure of it. Mainly when you ask older people or maybe more naive or innocent people. They for example could in some cases still think that you only get money or what you want, when you work hard for it. But there is a problem with it, especially these days (again).

While of course from doing literally nothing you can obviously not expect much – which doesn’t a positive change can’t happen anyway – there is a difference between hard labor and working on your dreams.

Because people who don’t want to work hard and maybe never had to, simply go into the trading business or such areas and get thousands of dollars per day (in some cases) or per month. They don’t really do much, at least nothing good (for the most part) and literally play with people’s lives. Yet they get more money then the usual worker who thinks or wants to earn honest money. Therefor money is (and I mean it never was, but yea…) not useful as a regulation in terms of justice and such things. I also often hear people talk about the currency or economy which have to be strengthened or whatever fairy tale they tell people, to justify and explain harder labor and stricter rules etc.

I for my part believe, that people like me, who usually can work with limited resources, have a lot of patience, can understand others and also see actual solutions or possibilities others either willingly ignore or don’t (want to) understand, would be better off without the world as it (still or again) is now (in most cases).

What would you do, if money wouldn’t be a thing? If you wouldn’t have to worry about food and water and some place to sleep? What would you do, if you would have nothing to worry about, except for what to do with the day?

If your answer would be something like: “Making fun of other people and destroying things.” then you really should rethink your self-esteem because this only represents how you are. When young people do something like this as a result of anger against them or because of what they can’t handle, that is something else. I am really talking about it without any barriers, pressure and dependencies (and such things). Because I personally would have a list with countless things I would do. Sailing, swimming, planting and “rebuilding” rain forests (or help them to recover), make people happy and motivate them to be creative and basically feel good about being alive. Enjoy nature, the actual thing not what people often present you or talk about. And so on. Instead of destroying things, giving a forest its life and power back is something motivating and not frustrating or boring in the long run. I mean if someone in order to work through painful experiences, trauma and feelings has to literally break a wall or something, that is understandable. But then this usually doesn’t really happen out of fun or whatever. If the same one then does that for decades, I would say this is not understandable or depending on the case, something which makes sense. I hope you understand that this is of course seen from perspectives beyond individuals and single cases. It is about problems which we all have to deal or live with in some way. Either because others cause them or have them or we (partially) have them ourselves.

When you allow yourself to think about what you would actually want, instead of what seems to be “realistic”, then we could have a chance to actually get there. Often at the core we have pretty similar basic needs and feelings, would they be not suppressed, ignored and forgotten for various reasons.

If we don’t work on it now, maybe in a few decades or even sooner, we won’t have to anymore. Depending on how you see it or what you see.

People in the other 200 unmentioned regions, countries or areas of planet earth be like: “Hey, what about us and our history, culture, problems and lives?!”

Me: No worries, we will roast you later.

People: gulp

Because I know that elsewhere, things could be very different from the things here or shown. And I am glad that we have so many different ideas, people and ways to see or do things. While of course a lot of things were not that good in the end. I guess you know what I mean. For me there is a lot of good in diversity, while of course some things should be different. Like women often having no voice or as soon as they have one, they get silenced again. It wasn’t always like this and also isn’t meant to be this way. I still don’t understand why for example women either get forced or force themselves to wear dark clothes or even completely cover themselves up, while their own religion or at least the book(s) they are based on, don’t even say something about it. And in the end it also doesn’t really help or do anything good and only spreads hate, fear and anger and mainly causes psychological problems. Not to forget all kinds of negative things which could also be done this way, people could disguise themselves and then have a bomb around their belly, maybe not even out of their own choice, but because some people who want money and power (at the end of a chain) forced them into it. I have nothing against women or people in general wearing different clothes, when they feel comfortable with it and like it. For example wearing a head scarf would be completely fine with me, in case someone wants that and feels more comfortable with it, instead of uncomfortable or pressured. But it should be a free choice and not a forced thing. Even that some people made or debated about laws either for or against it, is so much nonsense… it hurts…

Why would it be a problem for children if their math teacher would be a woman with linen or whatever around their hair / head? They could be of course curious, depending on what they are used to, but maybe it would even be interesting and cool for them, to have a more unique and different teacher, than always to see the more or less similar ones. This of course said in the context of it being a voluntarily. Instead I have often heard that the country I live in (Germany) or in general the EU (at least the western or bigger part of it) even came up with rules or dress codes and stuff. So people wearing something on their heads in some cases turned out to be more or less illegal. I mean what the heck? What comes next, having brown hair is not okay? (I hope you understand what I mean.) And this had nothing to do with helping people who might get forced to wear certain things. It was simply making it hard or impossible for them to work because of it or they had to take it of. This can be especially problematic when a woman maybe wouldn’t want to wear it, but maybe the parents or other religious people want her to and might even break up contact or worse (at worst even murder). While maybe someone else just likes to wear something on their head. Maybe even because they have not much hair as a result of a sickness or something and would maybe feel better with it.

Freedom, such a lovely word…

Rules, laws and religions, governments. Be it kings, dictators, popes or so called presidents.

Instead of giving justice and preventing crimes, they support and help them.

Because as far as I know did these things never stop people from doing bad things, if they wanted to and instead even helped to cover things up or promote them. Maybe even as something normal or good.

Only because naive or good people who don’t know or don’t want to give up or in, it might work a little bit.

The biggest criminals are those who say, that they are here to protect you or tell you that you have to help your country and such things. To be precise, people in the shadows who it pressure or support them. The real rulers of the world would be foolish to show themselves obvious on TV or such things.

They mainly use childish people to rule and give them what they want to maintain their power.

And as far as I know in the 60s there have been some riots and people speaking up. But did it change something? No… Why? Because it was mainly just necessary to show people that “something” happened, so they think that things got better or whatever they told them. And please, you now can’t blame the children.

By the way, capitalism as a thing doesn’t even make sense because it is based around an imaginary thing. If we would at least talk about something like resources or rare resources, like gold, platinum or such things (at least it is said that they are rare, how would I know), then it would at least make a little sense to talk about things like that.

With my mother we sometimes joked about all kinds weird concepts and how they are called in german, since they usually end with “ismus” or in english “ism”. In german it sounds as if these things are a must.

Like Sozialismus (socialism) -> sozial is Muss (social is a must). Because as soon as you talk about it or try to get rid of it or explain what it is, people get angry or try to get it back (or at least some people or someone).

It also was funny because it was similar to how roman people often were called in stories or maybe even famous names: Julius, Marcus, … (all ending with “us” or something like that).

It really shows, as the one man in the above video said, that they are “geisteskrank” (insane), although I am not sure what in the context this man actually meant or was talking about, since there were a lot of small video clips (more or less) out of context put together.