Kirchheim (T) – and the rest of the world

During my worst time of life, when I had given up on my life completely, I was doing an apprenticeship in a small IT company. Since in german there usually is this “Dual” thing (work + school), I also went to school. And although I already knew computer basics before I went to the technical highschool and also learnt more advanced things there, I had to go to this school. Basically learned less – again – the third time. Or to my brain, shutting down. Besides my depression and broken mind in general, because I knew that people were so dependent on technology, that they forgot for what they actually needed it. Because most of it was actually making their life more complicated in the long run, promising the opposite, yay. Or basically getting rid of them at all, while they were having fun using and developing it. But yea………….

Here I just wanted to write about once specific sight I had during one of my school visits, when I was at the bus / train station. I was waiting there, when I saw two vans on the cross-roads next to the station. Although of course vans are not uncommon here, it is still unusual to see two similar ones next to each other. As well as other cars. It sometimes sure happens out of coincidence, but not with this one.

I focused on the people sitting in there, at least those I could see, since I could only see the front seats.

To make clear what we are talking about, something like this or maybe something similar (could also have been another model etc., I focused on the people.

So there have been two of such and maybe also some other vehicles behind. But I really don’t remember exactly the cars and all details. What made me very skeptical was what I saw in the van.

At least one of them had something like on their head.

And the second weird thing was, that they had radios, like to speak.

One of the cars behind the first van also used a radio, so they were connected. And please I really focused on the people, in case the memory was not correct, but there were multiple cars, black and white, number is not sure, since it was maybe two or three years ago. I didn’t pay much attention to it, since I just saw it for a few seconds. And then they all moved into the same direction because the street lights changed green.

Sadly I can’t really remember the faces, if I even really was able to catch them, since it was within a few seconds. I also can’t remember the number / license plate, but it would probably have been rented cars anyway. Although they had no logo, so I am not sure, but maybe high paid, business rents are without logos (ads for the renting company). It is very interesting when you see vans or trucks without logos, just black or white colored. Because usually companies put their name on it and maybe ads and such things. But I have seen a few of these here and there. Sure, sometimes it just be someone who might have just bought it from factory or didn’t want to pay more for coloring it or something, but it is still a weird thing in Germany.

I mean even small companies or businesses like the IT company with a handful of people had rented cars with logos, but the company logos. I think with these removable stick thing.

Sure, I don’t really wonder about anything, since for me it would only be a wonder if people would for once support each other, have their own water and food and don’t give it all away to cruel and stupid governments or companies and such things. Because in nature, I have never seen that. I mean, what even is a company or factory?

You could maybe “see” a bush or tree as such a thing, given by nature because it produces fresh fruits, berries, nuts and such things, as well as many other plants. The plants do this for a living and it doesn’t hurt them when you take a few of their fruits, since they would fall down at some point anyway or be eaten by some animals maybe.

So the plants do things and you protect the plants, the nature.

But luckily some very “smart” people thought it is a good idea to destroy these things and eat metal instead and break humans and animals to work for them until everything is dead.

Or how Gronkh meant: “Humans want to see numbers rising up.” (or something like that.)

Well, I don’t want that and if so, then only in games, like actual games maybe, but not with other things, especially lives of all sorts dying, extinction and breaking.

We live in a dystopian world, in some people are still trying to fight against, but a lot of people simply don’t understand enough or also can’t know, since they have maybe had no chance to.

The goal should be to get rid of technology as much as possible.

But instead people create more and more of it, especially useless stuff.

Some technologies might be okay, but most are really just causing problems, instead of solving them.

And who wants or needs them? Stupid people or broke people.

Just a some decades ago, people were still making movies with film rolls and in some cases might do it again or still.

But I think, why not just see the things for yourself?

Easy answer: Because others want to make you feel good with films, while they feel good with the actual things, if they want. Or just with numbers, control and stupid things like: “Look, my company has more than you.” (basically saying: “Mine is bigger than yours.”, if you understand what it means.)

And that’s why governments are always shit, especially following them.

If those who trust each other would get together through a love and peaceful way, while also being able to fight to defend themselves, who would need a government?

To clarify, what is the problem?

In nature there might be so called alpha animals, at least in some cases.

Why is it a problem and why is it also not really good for all animals?

Because usually they want to be the first ones, know everything best (although they can’t) and also get the best for themselves. If you take some wolves for example, in some cases they have an alpha wolve and so on, but the weakest of the group often gets ignored or maybe gets food by one of the lower ones in rank or maybe some higher ones who still have some kind of a heart.

Why is it therefor better to search for “Omegas”, instead of Alpha and Beta? (To speak in terms of science or whatever…)

People, who neither want to be the best nor have everything for themselves, if they could just live in a peaceful way, could be seen as such. But you could also call it something else.

Often these people are seen as stupid, outsiders, freaks etc. but they are usually the opposite. At least those who are drawn to nature.

Some of them might be some kind of natural alpha or warriors or whatever, but it doesn’t matter.

Often it is, that the loudest one wins or the one who makes the most wind. The thing I am talking about has nothing to do with winning or losing. At least not for those who just want to survive and live.

I mean, again, water runs down a river and gets to a lake or the sea. Then over time it might go up in the sky again, through sun light or such things. Then it rains and the water comes down again, well or it snows or whatever, but it is still water.

And trees need this water and we as well.

What we don’t need is so much electricity. This is why this (at least in Germany or maybe elsewhere as well) E-car or whole green-electricity thing is mainly scam or a hoax in a way.

Why is that? Well, because a problem grows, a solution stops a problem from growing and removes it.

In other words, would we actually want to help earth, we should reduce our technological needs to a minimum.

Humans (and some curious apes):

Now that we are talking about it, I actually wrote about this radio + car incident at least one or two times already. … oh damn…

Oh and about the previous post: I hope you understood, that software updates won’t safe you.

In case you watched the movie: “The Net” from the 90s I think, you know what I mean.


If you still don’t get why I wanted my whole life since childhood, then maybe now? NO?

Pretty scary how it is almost 30 years and people are still using “the net” and didn’t get rid of it.

Or at least those who really just use it to control others.

Oh how I wish the title of the last clip would have been right.

The good thing is, that some people actually know and understand more than you think, because they think.

It just needs an idiot like me …

And yes, I already wrote about this SEVERAL TIMES.

Maybe tomorrow I will go for a walk and see how it goes….