Fully aware

When I am fully aware of everything and myself, I feel as if I could just walk towards the highest tower there is and just go in there and ask for a meeting politely.

But since I would it would only make sense to wait, I would just take a seat and wait.

It is nothing more terrifying then someone who doesn’t move for hours.

At least when you look around you, it must be this way, since everyone seems to walk, talk or move along. So they must be afraid of someone who does nothing.

If you understand that it isn’t you who is crazy you might actually calm down and get your sense back.

The problem with this is, when you are the only one, so you basically have to convince yourself that you are in fact sane, aware and make sense (at least way more than the others).

But how do you do this when you are the only one around, so there is no one who can “approve” you are actually sane and what you think or say make sense?

Depending on the level of madness around you might have to take some things which shouldn’t change over time or at least not like “poooof and gone”.

So you kind of make a reality check based on your own terms, since you can only rely on yourself in this situation. At least when it is the worst case scenario, like last one standing or something.

You have to consider that some of the things you might have thought you could take for this could in fact be not as stable as you thought they were, at least after you start focusing on and investigating them. The worst situation would be, when you are in an area which by default changes rapidly, then it could be very hard to find these points.

To start we could take something big, for example a city. Since there are many, although we actually should get rid of them at some point or let nature do “its thing” with them. So when a city is there and has a name and in an interval of several days and weeks it doesn’t change, like the city is still there with the same name and so on, then this should probably real. But for this to work you have to actually sleep in the mean time or focus on other things, since otherwise you would only recheck on the same information over and over again and then it could be wrong since you are so focused on it to be true that it seems true to you. Sure with a city this shouldn’t usually happen, since they usually not just disappear and instead grow… but I am not in your shoes, so I can’t tell where you go or where you have been.

I just know that I have wild dreams sometimes in which things are almost like here, but then a few things are off and when I wake up it was obvious, but in the dream it wasn’t sometimes.

Another good thing is to take natural things like trees. They also usually not just disappear and even if someone cuts it down, you should see that there once was a tree. Too go full paranoia and consider you live in China or something, then this might not actually be the case from what I have heard. So it could actually be that the tree just vanishes without a trace, while it actually was there before, although then usually there should be a building instead or something.

The weather is actually a very bad thing to use when you are alone since it can sometimes be very off for various reasons.

Some people have developed a habit to color parts of themselves or place dots or something and check on them being there or not. Your body is actually a very good thing to rely on for reality checks since it shouldn’t change that much if you don’t want it to or do things with it. Given that you are of course on your own and won’t be changed / altered by others.

So when you for example only have four fingers on one hand because there was an accident or something maybe and you lost one, you can take that. Because it could be that you might sometimes think you still have all five fingers. This of course only works when you don’t develop the ability to regrow it, which then for you and your hand would be great, I guess, but could cause in this situation a very negative side effect.

A mountain might also be a good spot to check on and memory checks.

At some point, no matter what, you will have to interact with another life form, be it a cat, a human or something else. Because if not, then you won’t be able to handle it the whole time.

During the hardest moments which could last days, weeks or in some cases maybe even months, you have to write down a lot and read some of it again at some point. Depending on your view on things you might not want to write things down since it goes against your view and I can understand this. At times I even felt guilty for being alive and hated to use technology which was making things go broken and caused nature to die.

But this is actually, depending on your state of mind of course, a good indicator that you are actually not causing the bad things. So when you feel or get to thinking that something is wrong, you should follow this thought or feeling. But it depends on what it is. When you think there is something inside your body you probably shouldn’t feed the panic or impulse to cut, because you have to consider that it could be a false-positive. So if you can calm down despite all what you see, feel or hear and you are not in an emotional unstable state and it would still be there, you would probably feel it and also be able to do something about it in a more healthy and logical way than just stabbing yourself and accidentally killing yourself.

It might also be good to know that usually there wouldn’t be something inside you which shouldn’t be there. Our body is usually very good when it comes to defending itself against unwanted intruders. There are of course exceptions, but this would indicate that you might live in the wilderness, like the Amazonas or something. The animals or insects you usually find in the civilized world are not likely to want to be inside you anyway and might even hurt you when you come near them (e.g. ants, bees, hornets). Ticks, these usually little dark things which suck blood, are also just on the surface of your body and don’t harm you personally. It is said that some of them carry sickness from other animals or people maybe, but that isn’t always the case.

It is of course good when you have someone to talk to, but when you can’t trust anyone, sometimes not even yourself, it is very hard. A common mistake would be to think that you are what you write, draw or think. I mean, technically it might reflect a part of you and should be expressing you, but then only when you would be fully aware and yourself. This means, that when you are brainwashed, under the influence of some spores, drugs or other kind of speculative / experimental / unknown substances or other form of contamination, you have to consider that it is that what makes you think, feel, write and draw certain things.

To give an example: When you are aware of yourself and your surroundings in a way in which it would be stable (as stable as things can be for a being on a hostile or made to be hostile planet / environment), you can think about a story in which you might play a villain or just fly like a dragon or something, but you would know all the time that it is just a thought game, dream or an experience you wanted to have and maybe dwell in for a while. And when you wouldn’t want to have it, you would just stop it or when maybe something else occurs, like someone calls something or an event happens. You would always be sure about where you are in what context. Like when there is a video game character you control, then you also always know where it is and see where it is, since you see what “it sees”. Although technically it should just be an illusive experience since it is based on energy and colors placed and projected in a way that it seems real by a machine or someone who built / programmed it. Making it seam realistic for others, but the “trained” eye always knows the difference, while it of course could be interesting to consider the environment as somewhat real, knowing it is not.

Now back to the writing, drawing, doing things while being under the influence of things which aren’t good for you, while either knowing about it and also what and how it works or not. At some point it is possible that you might consider everything an illusion or deadly or manipulative. This extreme situation is highly energetic and could cause a rapid change in psychological behavior, trust and perspectives. The good thing about it is, it might only last a few days and maybe just a few hours in the highest state of unstable. Like as unstable as one can get from a mindset perspective (not the body, which could differ of course, I don’t know).

So when within these, let’s say 2-3 days you are in a place from which you can’t harm others accidentally and hopefully won’t harm yourself or if so not too much, so you survive, you can make it through. It is important to focus on something while being in this. It might be something silly, as long as it can give you some kind of external stability. It might be looking at some grass or some a metal tube or whatever. Sure from an outer perspective this would be considered completely weird, but then they most-likely don’t know what you are going through or might accidentally even cause it, maybe without their knowledge. I for example have had the outer perspective with some other people, because I was somewhat aware, but had given up on myself, so I was semi-aware you could say. I was aware of the negative things to a full extent, but couldn’t really trust or consider much positive things. So when I saw others who focused on their pen in school or maybe just looked outside the window or whatever, as I also sometimes did, I knew that they might went through something similar, but others might have just thought that they were weird or whatever.

I also have seen that others were also having the outer perspective on others and could relate through their own experiences, which then gives you an even wider perspective. But given that you wouldn’t know or understand all that at the unstable level, you can’t think about it that much nor know whether it actually is real or not.

You could be flooded with all kinds of thoughts, images, memories, random stuff, sometimes even things which make no sense, at least not at that point or in the context. You might also have physical interaction with objects or at least energy waves, since they are there anyway and you “interact” with them anyway all the time, at least most of us do, while usually not knowing about it or how it does and could affect us. This could mean that you could actually cause your phone, computer, TV or other devices to malfunction or maybe even people. Yes, you heard right, people, well or other life forms in general.

While it might actually be positive once you got through this (hopefully) short ultimate experience (a few hours when you really let it sink in or work through it), while being in it, it could be very dangerous, scary, horrible and like losing control. This is actually a false conclusion, since it should actually mean that you are gaining control back. I know, it is weird and seems completely unreal, but then yea… what do people really know anyway. To explain this, you have to know that this is actually not a natural thing, like normal, but a natural reaction towards unnatural things. Like fighting against it. And because you might got told millions of lies, especially those who seemed like truths or facts (while some might actually have been), you consider this experience as losing your control or going crazy, while it should be the opposite. At least at the end, once you worked through it. In my case it caused my laptop to not react to input anymore and even the screen to shutdown, leaving the thing in a state in which it did do nothing really, but it was still on and I had to shut it down manually. And the WiFi signal of my phone also got interfered to a point in which there was an open call with a cousin but we couldn’t hear each other while we were actually both talking. At least given my experience. And the phone also didn’t work properly.

Usually this doesn’t happen, but since these things are also just energy things in a way, an external magnetic field can change or even break them. Because scientifically this would explain the unusual behavior of the devices. My head was burning like hell and thoughts were rushing through like an endless tunnel. It felt like a transfer. And there might have happened multiple things at the same time. One thing, my mind got back control over itself outside the “influence sphere” of others or external manipulation. Then I might have also gotten a telepathic (or how you want to call it) connection with other people or life forms. This switch / change was so heavy and dramatic that it must have caused the release of energy outside my body as a result of my brain “rewiring” itself and building up a connection to nature or more natural alternatives of communication, you could say. 😀

But I trusted no one in this extreme phase, not even my own mother, which of course had other reasons you might think. Since she also had similar experiences she knows some of this herself, although she would have described it different and also had different experiences than I had. Somethings might have been more, some less compared to me or simply different. She had hallucinations for example, while I usually don’t have such things. And even if I probably could have, I knew the difference, so I could tell what was real and what wasn’t. At least in the way of “real” everyone around agreed upon at the point.

Sometimes just the difference between daylight and night could be something to focus on. But then you of course need to be somewhere where you can actually see it, because in some cities this might actually not be that obvious, depending on where you live. I was lucky that I live in a village or small town, so I can usually still see the stars and also when it is night it is dark. You really see the difference because it is extreme, unlike in some neon hell cities in which there is sometimes more light at night than day it seems.

For me darkness was actually a very good base or “ground” because whenever something was pitch black, like all lights out, no moon, no stars (because of clouds) then I I could imagine light of course, but it wouldn’t make the darkness go away. So I couldn’t alter it, only maybe get used to it over time and then see a little more maybe, which is a normal thing. Which why when you have been in the dark for long, basic light can actually make you blind or at least confuse your sight for a while.

Which reminds me of my childhood when I sometimes would go into the living room of my father’s house with lights on and the just look into the light a bit so I could see rainbow colors in front of my watery eyes. You probably shouldn’t try that or at least not for long, since it is not that good for you, I guess, but once in a while doesn’t kill you usually. Pretty silly actually when you think about what I just wrote above.

The concept of control over others works only when you put them under some form of pressure on constant task, so they won’t be able to think and do things on their own. It is a very stupid concept actually, but it works pretty well, as long as no one breaks out of it (for too long). Otherwise it could cause some kind of chain reaction.

I might need billions or trillions to build it up, but only one to break it all down.

Because when you take an orb or something, let’s say a round massive object, like a ball out of iron or steel or something, you think it is unbreakable. Okay, well you know it is breakable and not “immortal” or indestructible or something, when you are aware of your environment and yourself, but let us make a thought experiment.

When you consider that the people who want to control the ball live on the surface of this steel whatever ball, then they think that they are in control of it when they control the whole surface, since beneath the surface there would be just steel upon steel to the core. They might even reshape the surface or build more layers on top of it or something, as they like or wish, but what do they always forget? They forget that they are actually at the least stable position or place of the ball. So by controlling it they actually control madness, which then would mean that they control themselves, believing they control everything. Okay, maybe not exactly like that, since they think they are in control over everything, knowing that they can’t be or whatever, but you get it, I hope. Now what would happen if we take the core particle of the otherwise solid ball (considering it is a perfect ball and there is one particle in the exact center)? Since I am not a scientist (hehe… yea…) don’t take it for granted, but the whole thing would implode. In other words, the one who controls the tiniest particle at the center of a sphere / ball (whatever) is actually in control of everything (at least everything in the context of the thought experiment and the fictive steel ball whatever world). When we want to go even further we could say that the one who is able to control the center of a steel ball is actually in control of everything. It is just difficult to say what this “everything” is and how exactly it would work, since the one controlling it would have to be both part of the environment and also be outside of it (in a way).

But this would only be necessary if you think in terms like computer games or direct relation of things. For example that for a negative particle we need a positive particle, while in reality there are a lot more and they sometimes just float around randomly, since they have no friends and also no interest in making some or maybe don’t even know they want, since they might not want to create a steel particle right away and might wait for something else.

When you can control energy with a device, you can also control it through your mind. But the possibility and actual ability are two different things. And it also is necessary to make yourself aware of things at first. While in a natural way of things it would not make sense that you would want to control the core of a steel ball (or whatever), some people would actually want it just to be able to do it and maybe use it against others or to play around for whatever reason.

When we take a look at video games, especially some who were created by people and minds who either wanted to escape this gone mad reality or show alternative ways, teach, maybe help or just have fun in a more healthy or safe way, then you understand that it makes no sense to control the core of a steel ball, since it wouldn’t be fun and also very risky, like atomic explosion, meltdown or universal destruction kind of not fun and risk.

Another thing which is also more or less an energetic rule, but not fully understood. I just call it toxic balance and want to separate natural harmony from it completely for this part, although in reality there are of course always overlaps and interactions. A primitive view on toxic balance (okay the words might not really make sense or mean something else for you, but I hope you get what I meant later) is with snake poison. When I was a child it didn’t make sense that you would give someone who already was bitten by a snake even more snake poison, since for me it was just like: Snake poison + snake poison = 2 * snake poison. And that meant that they would be killing them even faster, which of course usually wasn’t the case (when they knew what they were doing). It was because the second dose of poison was similar to the first, but from a different one. This way they would fight each other (or something like that). I am not a scientist or anything, please ask someone who actually knows about it, when you really want to be sure. I mentioned it multiple times like other things as well, but that is my way of understanding, learning and analyzing things. Going through them multiple times with different perspectives and also other relations. Usually boring for others or nerve wrecking and sometimes I actually do things the same way multiple times… but that is because I don’t really feel good usually because of the things which are wrong outside of my current influence, at least from a personal point of view. So now the snake thing is boring, I get it. But when it comes to music, what does music have to do with toxic balance or harmony?

I personally would consider most people, at least in the civilized or so called “western” world (although China is also western depending on the context, but yea…) as being in a toxic balance. Maybe even believing they are in harmony or might actually transformed their toxic balance into some kind of harmony for themselves.

When you go into a city, it is a toxic environment, therefor you need another toxic thing to somehow stay stable which then would give you a toxic balance. So for example when your body (or soul) screams because you are doing something which is wrong for it, but you do it anyway, you have to silence this or ease it. For example when you listen to death metal or electronic music or such things. Some of it might be helpful to survive the environment, some might even make it worse or actually makes you feel safe in the environment over time, since it alters your input and output expectations. Which brings us back to: When you come from light into a dark room you need some time to see something and also the other way, since then the light is too bright and you might need to cover your eyes or wear sun glasses or something.

So when you or someone else might listen to aggressive music, it might not be that they are aggressive, but the environment they live in, so they listen to this in order to stay calm. Seems paradox, but since I did that myself and sometimes still do, it actually makes sense from both an energetic and psychological perspective. This of course depends on what someone knows and what state of mind they are in as well as their awareness. So for example someone who is almost or zero aware of their environment or anything, might even listen to happy music actually feeling happy, while everyone else might think: “What is wrong with them?” But it also could mean that they are too aware of things or are getting there, but don’t know that it might be a good thing or at least should be. So they could seem happy, while they are actually adjusting themselves to the environment for external purposes, but internally are completely different. (A lot of confusion, I know, but it makes sense when you know why it might be confusing – hopefully).

Once you consider the age, amount of time or amount of anything be related to the outcome of something or the value, quality or importance, you aren’t aware of your environment. As a child I understood that people were trained to think that their age, position or education meant much or something. And that this way older people usually wouldn’t believe or listen to children, especially when they would be talking about things which seemed unrealistic in the given mindset. A problem here is, that of course some children or people in general also often joke around and do things for fun (which would otherwise be totally okay, but doesn’t help those who want to stop the toxic environment from growing even further, since then their relevance seems to be gone). Like: “Yeah. Yeah. I know Lilly, there are people in the garden watching you with cameras.” And then they just don’t care any further until little Lilly actually gets kidnapped and then they are like: “Where did she go, what happened?!” I think you know what I mean. While then maybe Marry could just tell a joke or wants to test their parents to see whether they actually care for her. And then when they find out that she just tested them, they wouldn’t believe her next time, since they think that it makes sense then. It is complicated. Especially when there are both a lot of people who have nothing better to do than spreading jokes, since their brains probably burned or something and others who also do it because it might support their campaign. Then they could say: “Look, there are people who say such things and they are stupid, so we must be intelligent then, since we don’t say such thing.” (or whatever)

If you are aware of yourself and your surroundings you of course know and understand that a lot of the things might make no sense, but then on the other hand a lot more things are actually messed up a lot. It can really shock and shake you as described previously. So the most important thing is, that you don’t die. Either by yourself or from things which might be around you. It is not a long-term solution to rebuild your toxic balance because it will kill you at some point for sure. It might be that there could be tendencies because of the environment, when you can’t change it fast enough or at all given your condition or situation at the moment. But then you have to try to find an somewhat equivalent to your current mindset. It could also be that you then would actually give more out than taking in. So while before you might have listened to others, now you speak yourself or such things. Sometimes even the sound of a voice can make a whole difference. No matter what it might say, just the sound itself, how it speaks. Then even a horror story could calm you down maybe or help you, while it might scare others because they only focus on the information while not being fully aware of things. Like when they would be standing next to a mass grave and you say: “What if a two headed tiger would come and run towards us.” And they would be like: “Man that would scare the shit out of me, don’t say such things, what is wrong with you.”, while there would actually still be this mass grave and people with guns around. I usually felt like this and it is pretty terrible when you don’t know whether everyone else is just joking or they actually know or even want to do something about it. Especially when you then hear such sentences from people close to you, while you thought you might be able to trust them.

In a free and natural environment it wouldn’t be like this since it would usually be actually the other way around, since most people would be aware of things or even fully aware and only one who might have been bitten by some animal with poison could have weird thoughts, since they are intoxicated. But then the others would know and could also help and afterwards there would harmony again and the intoxicated one would know that things are good again and the others would be happy for them. While it usually seems this way in our current situation, it actually is mostly the opposite, which is why it is so terrifying and hard to understand and explain. This is why it is necessary that people who are aware of things share them nonetheless in some form with others or be there, so they might know they aren’t the only ones and actually a lot of things are wrong and the opposite of things is true. This is not about “my opinion is better than yours”, it is about “WHAT THE HELL is wrong with those who cause all of this?”

Because it is easy to blame the rest of the population for being incompetent and easy to manipulate when you manipulate them from early childhood on or in some cases even from the first day on. I was lucky since my mother was different and also thought more on her own, so I had at least good base to start with for the first few years. Now parents even give away their children soon after birth and I just think: “Why do you even get children?”

Probably they are like: Oh, I got a child, let’s give it to some people. Oh now it got older, give it to other people. Oh, now it is old enough to go to school. And there it goes, out into the world. Wait, what was its name? I forgot its name… damn, but never mind I got my TV, phone, music and they would never return anyway. Did I have children? Ah right… yes, I must have had some at some point, all women have children, right? Where am I? I think I hear voices… Miss Margret, it is time for your shower.

Well, or something like this. People who are aware wouldn’t get into such a situation, so you can see on the amount of people doing such things that there might actually be just a small amount of people who are really aware of their own self. And this is because others use them for their advantage (e.g. steel ball control).

The best scenario, which might not be likely, but possible, that at some point the people who caused this actually died out, like no one after them wants to continue with it or even knows about it. Then you could just “wake up” people and things would finally be good. Since there would actually be no one who would profit or gain something out of continuing this mess. Well, only if we all want to end up dead, then yes go on.

So like others who also helped me at some points, since this is what friends, like friendly beings do for each other, we have to help people in these cities. They usually really don’t know what they are getting themselves into because of what others told them in this spiral construction of control and power.

When you can decide things for yourself, like really for yourself and no one else has a word in it or even if they try to, you can really decide it from yourself on your own, you might be aware of things and hopefully are or get fully aware. Decision is not the equivalent of being aware. Because technically a computer program would then also be aware of everything when you let it decide between things, but practically it isn’t. At least not at the state where it “just” decides. This is why so many people make decisions all the time, but they are not aware of things. So sometimes deciding to not want to decide things anymore could actually seem off to them, weird or sick, while it could actually be the rolling stone for you to get aware because you started to understand that no matter what you decide or can decide in the given set of things, you won’t get what you want, since it doesn’t feel good, empty and pointless. The problem is that it then seems pointless to be alive or everything seems pointless as a whole, which is not true, but obviously crossed my mind many times as well for most of my life. When nothing makes sense, you are almost fully aware, but this is the breaking point. And when I say breaking point, I mean “OH GOD I AM DYING, I LOSE MY MIND, WHAT THE HELL, WHAT THE HELL!!!!! HWWWWWPLHWPLHRLWPHPhH HELP!” kind of breaking point, when you might literally run for your life or just back away somewhere in an endless seeming black hole or something.

And then from this point on, once you found something which makes sense, and then some more things and hopefully others or other things which show that you are not alone, you are getting aware until you hopefully are fully aware. The level of awareness might be different and it also doesn’t mean that you have to know or understand everything, it is just then when it actually could become useful. So when you might have read millions of books about computer science, but never really made something of it, it is then when you could use it. But I personally would go for nature, which would also become the goal when you are fully aware.

You could also call it having common sense or regaining it. At least I think this is what some refer to when they mean when you just know some things or can differentiate between logic and madness and manipulation. The good thing about common sense is, as long as one has it, all can regain or have it as well. So no matter how hard others try to eradicate it, they can’t fully succeed when one always gets outside of their mazes and illusions. It is so sad that it has to be this way, but the good thing is, that once all or most people would be out of the trap shit illusion madness whatever hypnosis, things will be awesome or at least should be. So your thoughts, experiences and views matter.

And to get back to the thing I mentioned a while ago about writing, drawing etc. while under influence of negative or toxic environments and such things, you shouldn’t be ashamed of yourself for doing that. What matters is, that you don’t feel good, but should be good. So it could be terrifying what you might create, like a “cringe” story, animation, game or whatever. But once you figured out that it might actually be that you are trying to break free this way and process something or see things in another way which somehow actually are there, it might help. For example when you see monsters, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are possessed or something, it could mean that you feel as if there are monsters or something monster like, so your brain projects it in form of hallucinations maybe or weird dreams and such things. I had the luck that I usually knew the difference despite all or don’t even have those, but yea… it is complicated and can differ a lot.

To close this. I just want to say, that I am actually worrying that it seems as if most people are not seeing weird things, feel terrified or maybe have dreams in which they die or don’t know anymore what is what and where and how. Not because I would want this, I want the opposite, but because the environment some people (or whatever) created actually should cause and could cause such things. So I must consider that most people are either lying, suppressing these thoughts and feelings or already started to develop genes or whatever to adapt to it, which then actually turn them into biological machines without feelings, emotions or much thought nor dreams, since with all these things active (when being fully aware), you can’t feel good there, you just can’t. You can only make yourself a little calmer, once you know that it isn’t you who has a problem, but it doesn’t make it much better when you are on your own. So while a few friends or family together might be able to give each other strength, support and make each other feel good no matter where they are, when you are on your own this is pretty hard (since yea.. you are alone).

You might find people elsewhere through songs, through things like this. And then you might at least feel a little better (or hopefully a lot), but it doesn’t take away the physical part. Like there would still be radioactive things, still be electromagnetic fields, technology in general which can make you feel as if you are getting torn apart (no joke) or like as if you are freezing, burning or in some kind of acid. But when you tell others who aren’t aware, they will think you are crazy, since you are obviously not burning, in acid or such things. What they don’t understand is, that some things might interact with your brain chemistry and that your brain doesn’t know how to tell you what it is exactly, so it uses all it has. Sometimes even causing a complete mood swing or such things, like all feelings at once, while there seems to be no visible cause to it since it is electromagnetic or bio-/chemical-/electro-interaction related.

The environment not the one inside the environment is usually the problem. A good example might be heat and spice, because as far as I know the same body sensors / cells which are responsible to measure the temperature of your food for example, are also responsible for spicy things. This way it might seem to you that some chili sauce is hot, while in fact it is actually cold. Which doesn’t meant that you couldn’t burn yourself with it or harm yourself when there is too much spice, but it isn’t heat. So I knew that and then just ate spicy things without having much problems at times, since I knew it wasn’t heat. I basically ignored the sensors then when I was 100% sure that the actual thing I ate was cold (or body/room temperature). As soon as it was something like a soup or a little heat involved the sensors (well the brain actually) would freak out and I couldn’t eat it, while then on the other hand the others might have had no problem with it. This was due to my blood circulation and overall temperature related to anxiety, fear and adrenaline or other things running through my ways. There are some other things broken with my sensor cells in general, but yea…

Thank you for reading through “Fully Aware”. Hopefully you are fully aware now. 😀

But if not, then at least you now have some information to become fully aware in the future. So either way you didn’t waste your time, even if you should find all of this confusing, boring or stupid at the moment. In case it should be terrifying you, you now know what to do, I hope. But it is of course not perfect. Just know that I am here with you and we are many more, so not just me who are aware. Some just might be more aware than others. Don’t give up out there and stay safe! We love you and you are important because everyone counts!

And a BIG hug and thank you again!