Smart Homes & “China”

People always want to know the truth or think they know it.

But then you just see one episode of these and question your whole existence, don’t you?

Again, this is from 30 years ago, but look what people do these days.

But look what we got now, I mean back then, I mean at some point.

Look, it almost looks like something we don’t want but already have.

Did you listen to the old man? The one with the information?

Or did you just walk around and say: “This year we will finally have a better year.”

Or: “Oh no! Now I can’t do my exam and then my whole career and future are messed up!” ???

I mean, if you can’t make people want you with what you can do and are, then how shall some papers, certificates and exam make them do?

Oh wait, I forgot, we live in a post apocalyptic society which survived a holocaust. No more questions.

And now tell me, that one can’t foresee the future…