War|los(s) – Out of the Blue

The thing is, I actually thought about “wahllos” (german) which is something like “randomly” or “indiscriminately”. But I thought it was written “warlos” or even spoken.

And so it came to “war loss”.

“Aus heiterem Himmel” means something like “Out of the blue”, but according to the words in a literal way “Out of the cheerful sky”.

And when you take the possible meanings for “indiscriminately” you get besides “wahllos” and “willkürlich” (also used to describe something random and unexpected), also “unterschiedslos”.

And “unterschiedslos” is something like “without any difference / diversion”, at least when you take the words “Unterschied” (difference) and the ending “(s)los” which means that it is “without” this thing, you get an interesting combination of words and meanings.

Out of english and german (and maybe other origins).

Words of sorrow and often unbearable pain.

But also words for freedom and joy, besides all what was and still is.

While like the music or title, it was more or less random and out of the blue.

Stay safe, stay frosty, stay fresh, stay true! ❤ 💜