“Mafia” – Who is one of them?

And who is controlled by them?

In case you have seen Black Mirror, especially this one episode with the social network, you might understand. Because it doesn’t matter what people say, if you know what they can do. Or maybe blindly do.

There was this episode in which one guy freaked out and kidnapped a new employee of such a company like WhatsApp, Google, Facebook and how they are all called (since it doesn’t really matter that much). And this is political and about our future, life and so on, so keep your “YOU SPOILERED ME!” for later or just forget about that.

This guy had used his phone while driving and then his wife (or girl friend – I don’t remember exactly) died in this accident. It was obviously his fault that the accident happened or wasn’t it? A very critical question.

From my perspective, it was obvisouly this mans fault, because you should never do that and at best don’t use social media at all. And on the other side people go into these companies and then develop new features and so on, which then shall make people even more “addicted” to it because you can really call it an addiction in some cases.

Even the creator of these apps (in the Black Mirror episode) said, that it just was intended to get people in touch from far away (and such basic things), but then it got out of hands and turned into a business. Or something like that. The interesting part was, that he was going to “detox” (get free from toxic things[?]) in the Death Valley, a hot desert. At least in the show, I have never been to such places myself.

I mean I even have seen shampoo which said: “Detox” or such things or “care”.

I obviously knew that it was a bunch of nonsense, but other people probably believe it. And I am shocked how many.

For me it was obvious that you got into nature, like forests and such things, breath in fresh air, relax, have some fun with people and so on. But I couldn’t really stick to that because of my own problems. Besides all the problems, I never really liked social media. I only used it because of other people, like school class or work and such things. But mostly I didn’t really use it nor want it, while others always tried to get me to use it, only to tell me why I even have it… wow.

If you understand that these things make our planet turn into a desert or at least help turning it into one, or a big garbage place, then please, stop using them.

We live in a time in which people can use your voice, photo, accounts and other things without much effort and make other people believe that it was you and of course also from the other side. You can let a computer program read text aloud as if you were speaking it and most people would probably fall for it, if not all. And then some people can make you do things, even if you might think that it might be crazy. Trust your got.

Oh, and it doesn’t matter which social media, just to make sure, that you don’t think: “Ha, I use Telegram, I am safe!” or any other messagers or social media platforms.

I mean at some point you can basically just get rid of someone and replace them with a computer program and no one would notice it because most people don’t visit each other anyway or just communicate over these things.

And by the way, there already was a wave of people leaving WhatsApp a few years ago, I also did that, since I never really used or wanted it anyway. But then guess what, work and class wanted me to use it again. Only to then read drunk messages or see no one really writing anything important. Except for a few people sometimes, which then also could have been done with a phone call or just the next day maybe or something else. So really, why do you even need them? Only to later get fooled by the Maf… some people.

Which brings me back to a few people from a german university, who were trying to decode the Tor network and such things. For those of you who don’t know, Tor is based around the concept to have multiple connected devices send messages with different levels of encryption through the internet. So the end point of such “tunnels” (several computers / servers in a more or less random connection) can’t know what the first one sent. At least that was the idea. Whether it really works or not and how, maybe make a research on your own.