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Translated with Google, from the following post:

A strike, and if it kills something in you, it revives a thousand things in you. Yesterday is a lesson, today is an experience, tomorrow is a step correction, and life lessons have a price 🤎 _____________________________________________


1- Do you know? When you get dizzy. Place your hand on something steady because the hand contains nerves that give the brain an indication that you are balanced.

2- Did you know? Putting the head on a cold place helps to improve the quality of sleep, so you find most of the people looking for the cold side in the pillow.

3- Did you know? Do not walk on your leg or lean on your hand, while it may break it without realizing it.

4- Do you know, the light of the air conditioner switch or some electric shutters can negatively affect your sleep without realizing it, causing you fatigue and headache upon waking up!

5- Did you know: prolonging the prostration strengthens the memory and prevents stroke, opening the eyes and looking at the position of the prostration strengthens the eye muscle.

6- Did you know? Disturbing someone while they are asleep can increase their risk of a mental breakdown!

7-Did you know? The pain you feel in your head when you eat something cold quickly is caused by blood gathering in your brain to maintain its temperature, so avoid that!

8 – Did you know. There are people who have a natural alarm clock! So that he can wake up at the time he wants without an alarm clock! These people have a double sense of responsibility!

9 Do you know? No matter how nervous you are, washing the face with cold water reduces stress and anxiety

10_Do you know? According to psychology, humility is one of the most important signs of self-confidence, while arrogance is one of the most important signs of feeling inferior.


Yes, most of it I knew and remembered again, if not all in a way.And a lot of people ignore it and I also did wrong.Sometimes I actually wished to stick my head into an ice cold bucket or jump into a cold water pool to cool my mind.There even is a russian saying, telling that you should keep your body warm, but the head cold.Thanks for sharing!

نعم ، لقد عرفت معظمها وتذكرتها مرة أخرى ، إن لم يكن كل شيء بطريقة ما.
والكثير من الناس يتجاهلون ذلك وأنا أيضا أخطأت.
في بعض الأحيان ، كنت أرغب في وضع رأسي في دلو من الجليد أو القفز في بركة ماء بارد لتهدئة ذهني.
حتى أن هناك مثلًا روسيًا يقول إنه يجب أن تحافظ على دفء جسمك ، لكن الرأس بارد.
شكرا للمشاركة!

The post disappeared after I wanted to post my comment (shown above). By the way, I never know whether the translation only works one way. Since I can somehow read what it says, but often think that it doesn’t work in the other direction. Coincidence?