A normal weekend

Well, I think this was a mistake he wasn’t proud of.

He was actually famous for his other theories about space and time and relativity and mind experiments and worm holes and all these interesting and cool things. But well, I guess atomic bomb is the new, old: “You are a man” thing.

But as it always was in history. Like in an old book of Jules Verne, a good author in my eyes, it was said that usually no one was interesting in new things except for the military.

So when it was for the atoms, the scientists were like: “WOOOAAH. We could make inhabitable land fruitful. We could discover new ways of energy. We could maybe travel through space. We could…

And then no one else was interested, so the military guy came in, said: “Lads, we need ya science stuff in the war section.” and they followed. Because what else should they do. Not to forget the theatrical: “Oh God no, the enemy is right in front of our gates, sir. We need those bombs NOW! Get into da chopper!”

Wait, now I mixed several things together into one thing. This can’t be good. Because everyone knows, the best meal, is just bread and water.

Nothing else. Or even better, hot air with a taste of melon.

And if anyone says: “Too bad, no one could help him with his mental health.”

Then I must sadly say: “Too bad for you, that you aren’t able to think.”

If then the response would be: “But I am thinking.”

I predicted the future.

How should I know the future? Well because I am the future, I and everyone like me. So I know the future well because I have seen it.

Anyone who says: “No one knows the future”, either has no clue for themselves or is very realistic. Which means, they don’t see for themselves.

The future I see is bright, full of new experiences and unseen worlds.

But, it has a price. And you know the price is love and because their is more hate than love, there will be pain. The pain I felt was nothing I wish anyone. But I know, some probably are more in pain. But the pain gave me reassurance, that I must be alive. Pain is a natural way to tell you, that something is wrong. It is natural. So if someone tells you, that you are crazy because you feel pain for no obvious reasons. Well, how should they know.

If you don’t know what they do when you aren’t watching, how should they know what your problem is, if any?

How does a merchant know what you need? They don’t, but they convince you, that they do or that what they have is the best for you.

My power leaves me for tonight. I hope anything useful came out of it in the post I made. Sorry for my spelling errors or confusing words and videos.

You know how it is.

But you don’t know, what I know.

Maybe one day. I hope one day it will be over for good and we will see each other face to face. Or however it is by then.

Embrace each other, maybe cry, maybe sing.

I have to stop for tonight. I feel very tired and my vision gets blurry.

Till next time. I hope that whatever I am doing here from your point of view, will help you in some way. Sadly it could also harm you, as always.

But the truth usually hurts, at least when all the time before there only were lies upon lies. Love only hurts because there is so little. Truth only harms because there is too little. Life is only pain because we are dying, at least when we are dying.

Truth to be told, the truth must be told.

But I know. No one will listen.

(You think: No one? And then who the heck am I? – Exactly…)

Either way, stay safe, don’t die and don’t feel bad in case you cry.

My thoughts are with you and my heart as well.

I am sorry for doing all of this, for saying weird things, for hurting your feelings (maybe). Or for putting things together, which no one thinks should be together. I didn’t mean to, I tried my best to die and take it into my grave.

But something refused to let me die, maybe it wasn’t me, maybe it was you.

Either way, I love you!

No one I know, would have taken the time, the mindset and will to go this far. Probably because they simply couldn’t anymore or never could. I am sorry for that, but I think, this is the only way, at least for me. Otherwise I will really go crazy. And you don’t want that, trust me.

Good morning, good night.

And no, I am not a hill billy or try to build up a cult. Just in case people are confusing things here. It is easy these days. As you know, I am neither a friend of “modern” science nor of religion. But it is pointless, people think what they want anyways. Believing it was their own conclusion.

And just in case you don’t know, in FARCRY 5 there are some people building up a cult based on the bible and whatever they thought was right.

And then you had to survive in this hell, they called heaven. So I know what I am doing, thanks for the reminder. But this is not my direction.

It is sad how everyone can talk shit, but as soon as I or people like me in general try to speak up, others are like: “You are talking shit.”

I call it: “The mirror effect.”

Okay, okay I am stopping for real now.

Head burns, body hurts, tired.

Good night my fellow human. ❤