History of my genes?

First of all, my genes or genes at all, I am not sure how responsible they really are for anything or if half or all of it related to them is not completely bullshit. But hey, let’s just assume they do matter, for this post. And no, not because I think they do, just to speak in a way some people talk about it. And to also express how boring their lives are and how they interestingly got some good points, others should maybe take to heart, although maybe not like they did or do.

Talking genes…

First of all, according to science, a baby is made out of an equal amount of parts, genes or whatever from both sides, man and woman. At least that is what is said and how it usually goes.

The reality is probably a little weirder and different, but hey…


A common thing or thinking was or in many cases still is, that there has to be male, a man as child to safe the family or secure the genes or whatever. Okay, yea, I mean, genes, families, securing, forcing, you know, very weird stuff in some cases. But let’s just focus on a more objective view for this one and also with me having not really much more or maybe even less knowledge about this than you. At least it is possible.

So, when actually in any case a child is made out of both genes, why is there a difference between male and female priority when it comes to children? The reason for this lies in the society or tradition and old thinking. Realistically, it would actually make more sense to prioritize the girl (talking about genes), than a boy. Why?

Well, because although (according to science) a child is usually made out of both genes in an equal way, it grows inside the mother. I mean, that is just how it is, in case we are not talking about labs and clones and weird experiments, you name it…

This means, that then actually the child will eventually have more of the mother than the father, but not necessarily, of course and just speaking about a somewhat logical or objective view on it.

If you for example take me, then I had at first almost nothing in common with my father, except for being primarily a man and maybe the hair color, but that also didn’t mean a lot.

Let us go into the history of my mother’s family.

Believe it or not, they once were rich people. Maybe not rich rich, but they had some wealth, owned houses, had servants and workers. And in case I don’t mixed something up, it was in old Russia. The family got there during the time of tzaritza Katharina (I hope that was spelled correct). There they had built up something. During the (so called) revolution, they had to leave everything behind and get the hell out of there, otherwise they would have been killed by criminals or other let lose people who just wanted to get some wealth, which they obviously couldn’t “get” or “have”, but they killed people for it anyway or robbed them and so on.

A famous group related to Machnow, even was on the wedding of one of my ancestors, so they had to disguise themselves as old people and also give them what they had.

At some point they got to Germany and my grandfather even was in this so called “Hitlerjugend” (Hitler-youth). He didn’t really understand what was going on, being a little boy. He even wanted to play piano and took a few lessons, but then the war was happening. Some relatives tried to hide their children and one of the boys even got called dead by one of the lower officials, although he knew it was someone else. But the name was the same and so they didn’t ask further. Some were even told to be part of the SS or such things. And one who survived told, that another of the was probably shot by the own people because he couldn’t keep up walking or whatever. And others died in the war as soldiers somewhere. Somehow a part of the family or surviving ones got to Russia again, which then was the USSR.

But it was not really a free choice, it was more of a “hey, you once were in russia, wanna come back?” kind of trap. And they ended up in exile as workers, somewhere in the woods, near a river to cut wood and stuff.

My mother was actually born there, in a small house which was said to be the “hospital”, but it was just some cabin or something. People had no privacy, were together with others in small houses and conditions were not really good. At some point my grandmothers nose was frozen to a point when it maybe could have been ice, if you understand, so they had to somehow cautiously warm it up again.

When they finally were able to get out of there, they went to Kazakhstan and lived there.

I am not sure whether it was there or in Latvia, but she got a little bullied from her class mates or maybe even teachers. Got said that her father was wearing a swastika and such things. At least one of her teachers was protecting her a little. She even got very interested in the soviet ideology and stuff, but didn’t wear a red star unlike the rest of her class and was accepted, but it wasn’t that good or wanted.

So let’s sum that up again. First they came from the Netherlands or some germany speaking country (which there were plenty 200 years ago, to Russia (or how it was called back then). There they built up a new life from scratch, only to be literally running for their lives over night. To then end up in a german speaking country again, only to end up in Nazi-Germany and then run to Russia (then USSR) again, only to be sent to some exile / labor camp thing. Then finally being actually a part of the USSR system, they slowly tried to work their way back to Germany, since after the war, it was better there again. And over Kazakhstan, Latvia and Estonia they finally got allowed to travel to Germany in 1976. Then they were in a refugee camp in the west, until they got work and since it was a big family they first had to give money to the family and all worked or at least tried to help. The got a house big enough and finally were somewhat safe again. My grandfather modernized the house, build a few things and repaired things, besides his poetry, music compositions and translations of books and such things. But his poetry was mainly for himself or for others who wanted him to write for them, his music was either rejected or only used for church and his translations weren’t even recognise as work, since he wasn’t even informed about the publication of the translation, although he had worked hard on it, nor did he see any money. While probably some grand child of the original author got all the money. The house was later sold and in relation to his efforts probably sold for the same if not less of what he had to pay for it without all the changes. He thought it would bring more and also was having way more comfort, but instead it was all for nothing and later even changed again, by the new owners, and someone found out.

And my mother complete broke back and forth through all her life. As child she already got “told” how things should be done by younger sisters and that didn’t change much. But hey, I mean again, if people see my father walking around, asking all kinds of nonsense questions and stuff, they assume we must be even more stupid or however I should call that.

My mother was trapped with him and got told to stay with him because no one wanted to listen or know.

I mean I even look more like my mother, except for the beard of course. 😀

My height has nothing to do with relatives because I think I am taller than most of them and for sure those of my father. Probably I got this tall to scare away small people, but you know how well that went. Yes, it only got worse this way, fun…

And I mean, even the family of my father was not all that poor. My grandfather and grandmother together had a some forest parts, some fields he built two houses and such things. And although I am not directly related to them, there even had be small nobles in the family. Basically a half-sibling thing. My grandfather was not noble, but his half-sister.

But also in the direct family from father side, were writers, thinkers and alike and I think there also was a half-brother (or something) who had some small business somewhere, but I never got to know him.

And now look at it, my mother worked for my father, cared for his parents, while her own parents died and her own mother (of 8 children) was sent to an old people’s home / house. She not only never really got her own will back or allowed hersell to have one, but also constantly got reminded of that she shouldn’t have one, whenever she tried. Family, religious cult, my father, yay.

And then I was there. Now explain my genes, please.

Because just speaking of genes, I am everywhere, since some relatives are also in Canada or Brasil now or wherever. And “I” (my genes) have been a refugee several times, fought in wars, which weren’t mine (theirs) and got punished for things I didn’t even do. And also from a nationality I am of course european in that sense, but there have been so many times in which the (known) family went from country to country and also some other things happened, that I also don’t care about things like: “Are you german?” Because I don’t really understand this question, honestly. I mean, sure, I know what it could mean or point at, but it doesn’t really mean anything, honestly.

And now I sit here, see how the whole world is getting manipulated yet again or still and I don’t know what I should say.

According to my genes, I must be either a fighter or a taker or both.

And in reality I was both in a way and broke and also very intelligent.

But the problem with it is, where to put that intelligence.

Because, my father put all of it into his ways and to protect himself. Basically sending his wife to work, blaming his son for his own misery and calling him evil for playing and helping his mother.

My father is very naive when you talk to him kindly and convincing. I mean he let people in my house and let them take things, valueable things and at least things which had some value for me. And whether they later actually threw them away (in case they were really that crazy, which was possible) or they (or someone else) sold them, I don’t know.

And my mother can also be convinced of things very easily, but usually just when she trusts someone or is under stress and has a lot of other things to process. While she was even making a USSR officer nervous and angry, when she was a teenager or maybe my age she grab two boys who wanted to beat up an old man and such things. She really got broke by all of what happened to her. Now being trapped in this work hole, just work and not work and work at work. Basically all is work. And then she also wants that I shall work or do what she did. Which made no sense to me, never did, although I understood why it happened and why she did it. Everyone left her alone, everyone who could have helped her or even pushed her into it.

From precision working, responsibility, kindness, justice and a whole lot of hell, where did I get?

I got to a point, where I understood, that I could only get into a position of power if I would be cruel or stupid enough. I understood that in order to be famous, I would have to think stupid enough, so I would know what people would want. Only to understand that they are willingly stupid or “smart” and then understand that there are mazes, lies and traps everywhere. And then it was clear for me as a teenager, that I won’t be able to live because I was too kind.

You would of course think, that I just could have thought about a few stupid things and then sold them and all, but with my mind and heart I couldn’t align that. This is like telling a child: “Hey kid, you have to kill this group of people, so you will later maybe be able to save millions of others”. Or something like that and I knew that I wouldn’t do that. Of course no one told me that, but I knew that it would have meant that in a way.

Because the suicide of someone is the other one’s murder. I mean, I am talking about suicide out of exhaustion and despair and not in a “Well, I have had my time, but I don’t want to meet the consequences” kind of way.

And if it would not be killing a group of others, than it would be myself.

Understanding that, broke everything inside me.

And you might think, but there are so many ways in which you can live.

Yes, sure, but all my friends were working for others or also considered that as normal and I also couldn’t think of something stupid enough, what people would want. Usually I thought of useful things or important things and was worried about stuff I didn’t even develop. Sometimes for good reasons.

I mean my boss basically upgraded the server operating system and then and old software for customers didn’t work anymore. So he rolled it back after they called him that nothing worked. And I then had to make it work and it did afterwards, while that actually was in my first weeks. I mean maybe one or two things at some point later didn’t work sometimes, but I am not sure whether it wasn’t for other reasons. That thing was really not that well, but we all knew that. He just didn’t want to give up on it, although it was old and not really secure anymore if even in the beginning. But I mean it was about a few people getting their lunch, nothing serious.

The problem is, that I am someone who just makes things possible and also made a lot of things possible. Either for myself or friends and at least thought about it or took time to help.

But since my parents were so obsessed with the idea of me getting a job and that I should later take care of them, I just gave in at some point as a teenager and since suicide didn’t work, I just decided to do what they want until it would kill me. Because I knew it would and it (almost) did.

So I mean, my heart and mind were screaming that this all made no sense and was shit. And my mind said, that I could easily get rich, but I didn’t want that and also didn’t want to be alone. And I couldn’t work under my capacity. Thinking about “easy” tasks actually is very difficult for my brain because it then is like using a sportscar motor for a bicycle (ignoring that it wouldn’t work technically or at least shouldn’t). And on the other hand doing it in a way as if I got chased by a bunch of people all the time, who want to kill me or would, in case I don’t do what they want, when it comes to my heart. So I can’t do this and I don’t want it and as a teenager I already broke over this, as a child I also broke over it, although maybe in a milder form.

And now I stand here again. I mean, it is almost as if it is a crime to not want anything because you have to want something, so you can then feel bad about not getting it or getting more of it. Depending on the position.

But all what matter to me was that I had enough to eat, when I wanted to or needed to and that I was able to just learn things when I wanted, help someone when I could, wanted or it was necessary and then also do nothing, when I wanted to do nothing etc.

In a group I was usually someone who was either standing next to it or walking behind it, not really relating to it.

And people tell me that I should “think” and also “bring myself in”. But when I do it or did it, it usually was either not understood, not really noticed or laughed about.

When for you it makes no sense, that someone could just have a house maybe or some shelter of some sort, maybe some plants, like trees, bushes and potatoes and alike, to have endless food supplies and then just build upon that or just chill with it. Then what do you want or where do you want to be?

I don’t need a car, I don’t want a car.

I don’t need money nor do I want it.

I only need food (obviously) and to be sure that it is still natural and can grow on its own.

And a home.

Water could be collected, filtered and used responsible or whatever.

But of course, the more I would have, the more I could do with that.

And this is the problem, the need to own something.

If everyone would have enough to eat and also eat things which might actually be better, instead of so called junk food, then yea… but what am I talking about, right?

I mean as a child I for example also ate some leaves from trees because I wanted to try that and taste them.

Grass wasn’t really tasty, but hey…

And you can also eat some flowers and other plants.

We actually had all what one needs to live. We had a house, different kinds of food of which none were meat related, fresh air as well thanks to the trees and yea…

The problem lies within the “additional things” of which is water and current.

Okay, in my father’s house I usually weren’t even allowed to use it except the light of course (and then later a computer because he had no idea how it worked and it was from someone else and made me not “ruin” the house or whatever). And we also only had a bunch of radios, which I sometimes used to listen to music and audio plays and foreign languages and stuff. But I also could have lived without it. When you reduce that down, then my mother actually worked for my father and his idiotic concept of wealth. Doing nothing, giving things away and hoping for the banks and government to keep their promises. Wonderful…

So if we go into my childhood, to the things I actually had and needed, not what I might have wanted because others had it or it was interesting, then I would have only needed some current for lights and fresh water.

If we would have had a little unoxidated (or how it is called) metal lying around, put some cables together, we could have used some of the potatoes for the salt stuff and made light.

Then the water problem, yea… well, yes. So why are things how they are? When it comes to these things.

When look in nature then it makes not much sense to have these weird concepts and dependencies.

I wouldn’t even need light, actually. Because I could just not need it at night. I even showed that I don’t need light to walk through the night. I can see without light and interestingly feel even safer this way and also see more. Because the flash light usually only gave light to some point, while then the eyes were concentrating on that and also had to adjust to the light, so the rest got automatically darker. Which then actually leaves you with mostly less sight than without it. Of course at some points light could be necessary, for example when someone would be injured or something or in case you are walking in dangerous terrain. But there are also other ways.

And I mean my father even walks around with his flashlight, on his property, while he even has lights on outside on his house. I am really not sure whether he really sees that bad or just does it because it “has” to be.

I personally walk there even without lights of the house and have no problem at night, even without moon or star light (clouds etc.). It is a matter of adjusting yourself and maybe also taking a little risk, while having trust in your senses.

With a flash light I not only felt more scared, I also felt handicapped, no joke. Sure you could also bind light around your head or belly or whatever, but that is not what I mean. It was a dependency. If the light, the flash light (or whatever) goes out, then what? These days I would also be able to walk through my house blind. Maybe still a little unsure, but it would be not much of a problem, since I can visualize everything. So I kinda see what should be there with light, while there is no light and I of course don’t see it really with my actual eyes. This of course only works, when the environment does not change a lot. Otherwise I could not use that, obviously. But so far my house stayed the same, except for my own minor changes, like with the computer and some cables.

Do I need current, like electricity to live? I mean, sure in my body there is some, I guess, but if I would have other people to be with (and feel free and at least partially understood) I could probably live without it or find ways to live with and without it. Meaning that I would have ways to have it, when I want or need it, but if not, then also be fine. So it would not be a constant need or dependeny.

I mean we are talking here about “just living” without any standards which are either impossible or only kinda “reserved” for some people. We are talking about water, aber energy for basic things and that you can clean yourself, drink and food to eat.

I mean the house of my grandfather even still was first built in a way in which the shit went down in a beton box under the house, to be empty via some hose or whatever. And my other grandfather even still just digged holes in the garden and placed a small wooden shelter thing on top of it (USSR times), to shit down in it and later when it was full digg a new one. And now people complain about WLAN, about internet bandwidth, about smartphones and “Oh, I can’t go on holidays this year”. WHAT THE HELL!

And I mean the water system works, I still get (somewhat) fresh water out of my water tap and usually the shit travels down the pipes to the sewage plant. It works, it just works. And yes, there are people working there, I have visited that place when I was in school, with teachers. So yes. But I mean, this is nothing impossible to somehow handle, with all the technology and knowledge we have. And we could also recude the need for it, with eating in a way which makes sense. For example to eat when you really need something to eat or want to eat and not just always eat to eat. When you do a lot and burn energy, you should obviously eat something before that and also maybe afterwards at some point. Don’t ask me when, I listen to my stomach for that. The fewer junk or unnecessary much you eat, the lesser you need to use the toilet. Doesn’t that make sense? For water that is another thing, and I should actually drink way more. Hey and please don’t ask me for health, you know why. At least I hope so. 😀

I usually listen to my body or myself (or whatever you want to call it). But that is not really something people typically understand or can relate to, it seems, sadly. I mean some people still eat at given times or even feel the need to eat a lot at all these times. And I am just usually someone who eats not much, at least when I really listen to myself and only do what I need to feel good. Then others think I should eat more or whatever, but last time that ended up with me being 120kg heavy. Yay… I “wonder” why. Okay, part of it was also frustration eating and me then eating a lot of junk, but I also wanted that to make me die from a heart attack.

Since I listened more to my stomach and body in general, the weight didn’t change that much and actually was always around the number which was said to be the norm or healthy for my height and such things.

Sometimes a few pounds more would also not hurt, but at least I don’t have to worry about my weight in any way. It never was really a problem for myself, but hey, for doctors it was more important, than that I was seeing things or basically had depression and suicidal thoughts. Woouuppii. Mainly because they also had no idea what to do about it. And honestly they also couldn’t have done anything and at least not in their way of doing or thinking.

But think about what you really need and want, would there be no electricity or only a small amount.

Would you really need all these things, if you could meet people in a “classic” way (like it was normal just two decades ago or so? Like meeting in person and without phones all the time or at all.

And again, I am not talking about “hey, let’s get rid of everything!”, for me it is more about: “Hey look buddy, there are people right now who still have no clean water, who don’t even have much electricity or even if so, feel good with it. And a lot of people who only get more problems because others have control over these things and want to keep it.”

I am talking about letting people live free of dependencies.

Would instead of feeling bad about the payment and overall working conditions or life, people would do things out of other reasons, then things could work much, much better and really be good for everyone.

We could have some kind of technology and also have some more natural things again.

But it doesn’t help if someone reads this and then makes a (violent) revolution or whatever and forces people to do things or promises to make this happen, while then just replacing the old system with a new one, probably worse or at least somewhat similar in the end. Like as it (more or less) always has been, in a way.

There is no point in it. Things I write here (crazy or not xD, since there also are really crazy things here) are only meant to make you or others think and maybe come up with own ideas and also make people come together in a peaceful way, instead of raging out and whatever. For me there was and partially still is a lot of anger and hate when I see what happens around the world all the time, people getting killed (active or passive), people getting forced to sell their lives and or bodies, animals dying, forests burning, water pollution and so on.

It comes through, when you see or read some of my posts.

And it was important for me personally to let that out, both the words and the feelings.

But it is not how I want to be or was and also not what I want to have or that others do things out of hate or anger. It kills things and creates problems and doesn’t solve them.

You can’t just walk out there, throw over a state and then realise: “Oh shit boys, what now? Everything burns, we don’t know how to get food and water and people want stuff.” (Or something like that). And then you just send some people to do the hard work and it goes on and on…

While it could be so simple, so peaceful, harmless and even fun.

I mean, if you could combine fun, some kind of small necessary acts (planting things maybe) and freedom. Then wow, then you would really have a wonderful world.

Usually the freedom definition is really a problem, but usually comes back to basic needs and what you can make out of nothing.

I could have a lot of fun on my own, playing with imaginary friends, real friends and didn’t need much. I liked nature and stuff, walking around, learned from others and also watching them or help them do things. And exploring things. It was what I called freedom. But when I got told that I can’t do that anymore, that it was childish or that I should get a job and do important things or get responsible, that was no freedom. Because the concept of responsibility was clear to me as a child. When I jump down the stairs and hurting my leg, I was responsible for that because I jumped, knowing that something could happen. (I actually did that once in elementary school, but the leg was okay, just sprain. I also knew that if I won’t eat, when I was hungry, that I would feel bad after some time, same goes for drinking. But you know, I actually enjoyed that (in a weird way), since I wanted to die and destroy myself because of all what was with and is around me.

Unlike my father who always searched for problems about his health to complain about or make my mother or me feel bad about, I usually kept them for myself and even convinced my mother that it wasn’t that bad (sometimes), while I of course would have wished it would have actually been worse.

By the way, did you know that kokain is produced with a mixture of urine, fuel, acids and other “tasty” substances?

Eh… yea… my mother just watched something about it a few hours ago.

People in Peru sell the plants, others buy and process them, some people get killed sometimes, when they don’t do their work anymore or do their own thing or whatever and others die in the transport to finally kill people here or in the U.S. who take that literal shit. Oh man.

And a reporter even talked with one of the hitmen of such a “business”. At the end this hitman asked the reporter something. Basically whether there is a way to get out of a situation like his, while being trapped in it. If he wants to go, he is dead, if he stays, he has to kill others. All because he once killed a girl by accident (it was said), things developed and he ended up as hitman for a drug business.

Meanwhile Germany: We have an economy we need to protect. We have a society we need to protect. We have to ensure the safety of our poeple.

Also Germany: You are only allowed to leave the house in an area of 15 km, in case you are not going further because of work (or maybe a serious other reason).

Serious business, I guess… ;(

And before you misunderstand something, these series actually taught something about love, sponatous actions and intuition as well as honesty and other stuff. I mean they also often made things which usually were not wanted or likely to be seen in real life. To show how things might actually should have been done or how wrong some things actually are. As you might have already seen in the two episodes of “Die Rettungsflieger”, in case you understand german or maybe understood it anyway.

And remember what I told you about movies and actors. An actor in a movie or series, says much about it or can say much through it. So maybe you have noticed that a few actors here and there were the same in different series I have shown or presented here.

And in these series they technically (inside the movie) have broken laws as well sometimes to help people or find out about a crime, while actually being the police for example. If you understand the level in which this is talking about, you might know what it means. They want to present actual justice and that actual justice happens, while showing that it actually is not possible without breaking the law or such things. But not like in: “Hey, let’s beat up someone for fun or go in a group of twenty to get a few people into prison.” It was more about international criminality, hacking into databases, catching people on sea who want to throw people over board and such things. And how the police sometimes also needed help of others or go ways through (for them) unknown territory (like internet), at least back then, when I was watching it in my childhood or teenage years, with my mother.

It actually was giving hints to make people investigate things on their own and also to be careful.

And again, police does not mean bad, but I already explained it here.

That TV series and other sources warned that german police got too few payment in some cases and also that there could be people with falty ideas and misuse their authority etc.

The police back then in my town, was not violent, not radical or anything.

Good people who still cared for others and really wanted to help, at least at first.

But I told that already. In the end it always comes back to the individuals.

There is not “the police”. There are people with names and maybe families who are either confused or lost and also some who just wanted to actually fight for justice, like actual justice, in which criminals get caught and others get help. This concept got lost along the way and also misunderstood by some. Because there are of course some police who are having problems with people who look foreign (whatever that means) and such things. I know. But things like this “Küstenwache” TV show was made by actors and people who had at least a little sense for hearts and what was going on. At least some of them. It is so weird…

And when you have watched these series for a while, like I did, with my mother, you also notice that usually the top positions were those who did the least and also often needed help from others. But also could have been very couragous at times, depending on the series and times, actor, script etc.

Usually the little people, the small hacker who got a job by the police or a strong woman who wanted to help other women through her job, made the difference and the important thing. And also that they were more open and used their heart and head and not only “Oh look, there is some evidence, here is someone who looks like a criminal, it was him/her!” – case closed. Or “We have no clue and also don’t want to find any.” – case closed. Or even worse “We can’t do anything.” – which is both good and bad, if you understand.

You can always make a difference. And sadly people, especially in Germany it seems, are just doing as they are told. Just don’t question anything or say something against an authority figure. Where would we be then… well obviously not in a situation in which children kill themselves, adults are zombies and even TV shows in Germany say that, while almost no one understand it. Yea well hell…

Good that some people either woke up again, like me or finally got through a little and didn’t give up.

Or is it all just fake? Hm… You have to see with your heart.

A very great actor and movie by the way.

People: But it is german, it is from 1944. You are a NAZI!


And by the way, the “Feuerzangenbowle” movie had a funny quote in the beginning, as I just noticed:

“Dieser Film ist ein Loblied auf die Schule, aber es ist möglich, dass die Schule es nicht merkt.”

“This film is a paean to the school, but it’s possible the school doesn’t realize it.”

The main actor laughed a lot and joked in public, but at home he was very sad.

And here one of the best games displaying the madness in Germany or the whole world (in a way).

Or this here.

Ja, sowas kann schon mal passieren, ich mein stieren eh… happening und so.

Was da nicht so alles passiert in Germanien aka westlichen Gefilden aka nordischen Stämmen aka (ehemaligen) Waldgebieten.

Was ist schon Sprache wenn man Augen hat.

Und ja, ich bin echt bissle verzweifelt wenn ich mir so die Weltlage angucke, aber hey…

So is das halt, wenn man mal wirklich wissen will was so abgeht.

Leider hab ich meine Augen zugemacht, weil ich es einfach nicht ertragen habe.

War dumm, ich weiß, war scheiße, ich weiß.

Aber sowas passiert schon mal. Besser so als Selbstmord, oder?

Naja wie dem auch sei, ich hab langsam genug von diesem Theater und das irgendwie alle meinen es muss so weitergehen oder hoffen das die anderen was machen. Wenn ich so raus guck, dann passiert da recht wenig, also wenig Gutes. Nur hier und da eben, klang heimlich. Die stillen Helden eben.

Da bin ich aber eben keiner. Ich bin da nur ein verwirrter Mensch, der irgendwie denkt, dass es Sinn macht einfach die Karten auf den Tisch zu legen (auch wenn manche irgendwie nicht mal da sein sollten, aber is ja auch egal).

Und wie bei den Lottozahlen, mal wieder alle Angaben ohne Gewehr. Also das hab ich früher echt erst so verstanden, und fand es lustig, auch wenn ich wusste, dass es Gewähr war. Aber wer weiß das schon, nech.

Manche Leute: Hey, du ruinierst unsere Pläne! Du hast alles sabotiert und wegen dir gehen wir jetzt alle drauf.

Meine Meinung: Ja und was macht das jetzt noch für einen Unterschied? Also wenn wir dann lebend aus der Sache rauskommen?

Manche Menschen: Das stimmt wohl. Irgendwie schon verrückt, wie er denkt, dass es eine Rolle spielt ob er hier ist oder nicht und was er macht. *nervöses Lachen*

Meine Meinung: Passt schon, ich finde selbst raus.


Man darf nicht mal mehr aufs Klo, was eine Schande.