dying hearts

Medusa and the stone boy

We all know the story about Medusa, the lady with snakes as hair and eyes which turned you into stone.

If not, maybe go read about it first.

But this is a little different version, maybe you have seen such already, here and there.

One day Medusa was all alone in here garden, her wonderful secret garden. Then she heard some noise, strong footsteps approaching. Ready to fight she put on her aggressive face, her hair was all snakes, hissing with sharp teeth.

Then a man with linen bound around his eyes walked out of the shadows, at the dark garden entry.

He was shouting something, be she didn’t care, was it just another man who tried to destroy her and probably her lovely garden as well. While the man tried to find her, swinging with his sword, she slowly walked behind him. With a swing of his sword he turned around, but missed her, just a snake didn’t make it. Angry she screamed, while he stumbled backwards and fell over some stones. Medusa stepped on the hand with the sword, while she removed the linen from the man’s eyes. And before he knew it, he was stone, like all the others around him.

As Medusa was throwing away the sword, right into the lake, she heard footsteps yet again. But not strong nor careful, almost child-like it seemed. Yet it was another possible intruder and she was still not over her cut off snake. When she reached the garden entry there was a small boy. He was all pale at first, when their eyes met.

But somehow he wasn’t turned into stone. Medusa was confused and the boy seemed a little shocked for a moment. Then he stutterted something: “Have… have… have you seen … my …” He stopped for a moment.

Then he walked a little confused towards her. Now she was almost shocked.

“My mother got real sick all of a sudden and father tried to find his pretentious brother, who told his wife, he would go and hunt down the snake lady, to proof his worth to the council. Father would have stopped him, but he was already gone by then and since he didn’t return, he went to search him.”

The boy looked at her with pleading eyes.

“Have you seen my father passing by? I tried to find him and tell him about mother… Maybe you can help her?”

Still a little pale the boy stood there in front of her. Medusa didn’t know what this was, was confused and looking at him with questioning eyes. Then she saw the knife in his pocket and her anger came through again. She screamed again and stared at the boy with hatred.

“Please, no, I just …”, is all what he could say, before he turned into stone as well.

Then she saw that there was water running down from his eyes, a few drops.

‘What is this magic?!’, she thought in total confusion, but soon the water was gone. Only one tear, half stone, half water, was left on his left eye.

It was then when she slowly realized what she had done. The boy just tried to find his father and wanted her to help his mother and she… She turned him into stone, although he didn’t do anything to her.

Angry at herself, hating what she had done, she ran around the boy, tried to hit her snakeful head. Then she noticed, her snakes were gone, when she hit herself instead. It did hurt. She stood in front of the little boy and didn’t know what to do. So she hit her head again and again, only making it hurt more. Then she started to cry.

She didn’t even know what it was, it just happened on its own somehow and she couldn’t stop it. Completely losing it, she embraced the little boy, weeped and cried. After a while the half stoned tear turned fully into water and then small hands embraced her legs and another crying sound merged with hers.

They stood there a while, until the boy said: “Can you weep for my father as well?”, when he saw his stony body on ground. Medusa, now without her stoning eyes and snakes as hair, went crying and sobbing towards this little boys father. Her hand on his shoulder, while her tears ran all over him, he came to live as well.

Still terrified he first tried to crawl away, but then he saw his son.

He tried to make his son step away from her, but the son stood there and said: “She isn’t evil, she is just sad, paps. She isn’t dangerous anymore.”

A while later they also brought back the father’s brother, after they found him.

Then the brothers wanted to go, but Medusa remember, that the mother was sick and the son was happy that she wanted to help. Together they went to look what they could do.

And with a few herbs from her garden, Medusa could help the poor boys mother.

Forever thankful, since she would have died otherwise.

From this day on Medusa was no more. Instead she was called Asu now, Medicus Asu.

I actually cried several times while writing this and also when I first thought about a part of this story this morning.