Finally Pictures

How this blog must seem like:

What I mean: stutter shock

I was in a school:

The cabinet:

After I removed the things I didn’t needed nor expected:

Things I found in the cabinets (but there are way more things):

Other perspectives:

(I know, high end market skills)

But I actually got a few up close shots (or how this is called) from a few items I selected. But all of them are available, in case someone wants them.

Otherwise they will just stay there forever, lonely and forgotten. And take space. 😀

But only if you really want them, of course. ^^

I didn’t want to upload all item photos, so I put them in a zip which you can download by clicking here.

And here a crappy picture I made in the forest nearby, after there was a storm going through my village:

I know I could use some effects, but I thought, nah just post it. 😀

Finally an uptodate photo of me:

Peoples reaction:

A better photo:


Then I turned into a Cyb-org:

What was hiding in my cabinet:

What I see when I look outside my window:

But I actually took this from the outside.

What is left of it:

So basically when I moved my head to the left.

And when I turned around I got:

And then I returned into to my office:

What is also in my office:

What I first saw:

What happened after I turned that thing on:

It actually was “apeman”.

How it turned out to be:

People: Why is there a yellow square?

Me: Old TV cables. Like for real or some current maybe even. So like the professional I am, I used crepe tape to fix the problem.

People: Isolation?

Me: I thought that thing was not on.

People: Good for you.

Then I had a few (7) accidental photos and merged them into one:

How I did it:

Where it lead me:

Where it actually was: Next to the mirror, on the left side.

People: This isn’t trustworthy.

Me: I know. I made it.

People: Jokes aside.

What I used to make the photos and what it looked like for me:

What I actually tried to show: The phone


One morning this year, I recorded something in the forest, near the location where the broken tree was:

How I felt inside:

People: *see red in the top left*

What they think:

And yes, I was sick this year:

What the red words say: Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung

What it meant:

certificate of incapacity for work

Or: certificate of disability

People: You can’t just post that critical information online.


Peoples reaction:

What the fox said:

When I heard them barking at night a few times.

I also remember that I recorded one of my forest trips (just audio) once, maybe I can find it later.

I hope for now this was enough. Have a great day (or night)! 😀

Love you all!

💙 💜 💛

People: This guy is insane.

Me: I know, right.