Intelligence ATM (withdraw now)

(Talking about whether someone is highly intelligent or not and other problems in society. In a modern setting.)

Oh and don’t forget, that the people creating this of course know what they are doing. 😀

People: Well, I usually don’t kn… oh…

And it was very funny and helpful. 🙂

This is why it is good to be able to trust yourself, otherwise you can be tricked and used by others and might even think it is okay, since that it seems to be the norm.

People like me usually fly under the radar and also have a high tendency to freak out and are terrified, at least inside our heads. It was about time to make it visible. And the good part about it is, that with friends you then still know that you are not alone. And that of course the worst case scenario is not always happening, but it can happen or could, if no one does a thing. So “Nothing is real”, is of course not correct, but it is more a trial to show the relation between cells, animals, bones and that we had some kind of a blackhole scenario going on for a long time. So the black background and the “Nothing” stand for this endless empty feeling you get at some point when you stay too long in this world. At least now, because of all what happened and what people still do.

Like white blood cells killing red ones.

Now a small lecture about things our body does or at least did at some point.

Audience: What is he trying to tell us?

Quiet please.

Audience: Man darf ja wohl mal noch eine Frage stellen… eh yes.


Okay, so the actual reason why I was showing this picture was the part between nose and mouth. When you look closer, you should see something like a valley or channel like thing. (Yes there is definitely a proper medical name for it, but we are stupid or simple around here, so as long as you see what I mean, good.)

Now why might this thing be there? Suggestions?

Well, the picture makes it pretty obvious, doesn’t it?

Student: Does this mean, that snot is supposed to go down there? ICKs!

No, that is just something related to beauty and was added via surgery.

Student: But I also have one of these and I am pretty sure I wasn’t in a surgery every since.

Very good conclusion… eh… Saurohn.

Student: It’s Sarah.


Student: My name is Sarah.

Oh eh yes, Hanna.

Student: shakes head

Anyway, this “thing” would given the observation and assumption, lead to the conclusion that it could have been natural at some point in human existence, that “snot” (or mucus as some say) travelled down towards the mouth and then ended up inside of it.

Studens: Yiiikes!

Yeah well, if that is disgusting, then I don’t know where you have been the last few hundred years or something.

Student: Well… yea… you are right.

And when I remember correctly, then I learned that the mucus is produced as a way to get rid of possible bacteria or other intruders which got caught by the hairs in the nose or something like that. And then when the intruders got in some kind of quarantine, you can analyze them, which then would explain the mouth part. Because you can not only taste the snot, but also maybe find ways to protect yourself better against such an attack. Or learn something from it. At least that would make sense, no?

Student: But that is disgusting.

I know, but at least cheaper than killing rats or people, don’t you think?

Student: Well, when you put it this way.

And I mean, of course we can then still use some knowledge we got from other things which happened in history, but mainly not much of importance I guess. At least usually the important things were either kept a secret, stayed hidden or got so altered, that not even the ones who faked it knew anymore what was still real and what wasn’t. Or something like that. Some people call it a form of madness or something.

Now let’s talk a little bit about fossil fuels or fuel in general.

When you understand what happens around fossil fuels the real concentration camp reveals itself.

Okay, so in school I heard that fuel is basically made out of plants or dead animals and such things under high pressure or something. When I remember correct. And back then it was said that oil would run out soon or something. But my teacher had a video which showed that there even had been old oil pumps which were seen to be pumping oil again, while they were said to be empty years before. And this video was also removed from everywhere, but I found it on YouTube somewhere and gave it to him.

So when you burn fuel, you basically burn cells or what had been life at some point.

And yes, my heating system also burns oil. I know… and I am not proud of it and would have wanted a complete different life and house and all, yes.


Yeah well, now look at you.

Students: What?


Okay, so what I try to tell is, that you could also make oil out of human bodies, if you want to. At least if you are crazy enough, I guess. Hey I mean some people produce wood gas and such things or nuclear energy with a lot of waste.

Okay, so yeah… When we would for example ride via bike (mechanical) or walk or such things, then we could maybe make a difference on that.

Students: But these days we got e-cars you old school dumb head. You still burn fossil fuel in your heating and your mother also still has an old car which needs fossils.

Good, then explain to me where the electricity comes from and how it all works.

Students: It is produced with renewable energy, for example solar, water or wind energy.

Very good, where have you got that?

Students: I have learned that from you. No, actually I learned that in actual school, with serious teachers and actual wisdom.

Very good, so then you can probably tell me how these energies or renewable ways work.

Students: Yes, through the movement of wind and water or particles which come from the sun.

Wow, that is fascinating, then you can sure tell me the technical details as well.

Students: Eh… I am actually not that interested in technology or engineering. That sounds way too complicated and is also very difficult and with a lot of numbers.

Yes, I know what you mean. Well, but can you then at least tell me what the machines and devices for the renewables need to work?

Students: I don’t know, Silizium, some metals and wires of course and maybe ….

These are a lot of assumptions. Do you actually know or not.

Students: Not really, sorry.

Well, too bad, I really would have wanted to know that. I mean I of course knew it at some point and know something, as always, but you know how it is. They never tell the full story, do they?

Anyway, these resources have to be produced as well, carried, maintained since some people build things without much thought or even thinking about profit and make them not (at best) working forever, but instead just a few years or maybe decades, when they are gentlemen.

Students: Gentlemen? I don’t like this word.

Me neither.

Well I hope that we shed some light on this e-car campaigns and how environmental friendly they actually are. And don’t forget kids, you are batteries as well, like your popatoes. So better not use them to make computers or anything, okay?

Students: Well, I feel a little dizzy now. But at least I know more, I guess. Or the same as last week? I am not sure. At least I see that someone knows something and that is better than nothing, right?

Eh… you sure you are all alright? Maybe we should make a short break.

Students: No, no, everything is fine. Continue.

Oh oh… not good.

And one little additional thing to say, besides command or divide and conquer, this it how humanity looks like from humanities perspective:

Students: The what perspective? I thought this was a horror movie.

Students: I get it, body parts. Finally something made sense. Wait… we are body parts?

Students: scream

Hey calm down, calm down, it is alright, it isn’t as if you are my arms and legs or something. I just tried to show you that like body parts we should stay together and also accept that a finger doesn’t look like a toe and a nose is not an ear, you know.

Students: inner screaming intensifies

Ah you are quiet again, good. So then some music for you as reward.

Students: x_x

Last surviving student: But Mr. Teacher, didn’t break the first law, that there shouldn’t be a teacher? Or that if so the students say what they want to know and not the teacher what they got told to say?

Well… You got me. But since I am also just a student like you, that is legal, I assume.

Sarah: Wait, but why did I listen to you all the time?

I guess you like me, or it must have been the… okay, yes… I stop. But I will probably do this until I am dead or this war is actually over. Which hopefully happens sooner than later.

Oh and another hint, a rose looks pretty, might smell pretty, but has thorns all over her, except the blossom. So you are meant to enjoy her presence, see her beauty, smell her maybe, but let her be. Since that is what the thorns are for, to show you that you should not take her away.

Students: But my roses don’t have thorns… oh shiiiiiiii………

People these days…. and it isn’t enough to remove the thorns, then you also cut them. I mean, that actually is representing how men (or humans) usually behave. The can’t accept this basic law: “Don’t TOUCH!”

For some people it probably is like this: “Do you want to get cut, touched, die or taken away from your friends?” (a few seconds later) “I take that (silence) as a yes.” cuts rose

People: shocked

Actually people:

And each day someone else finds something new. And everyone is kind of a student and a teacher.

That’s what an actual team is all about and how we should live together and explore things.

No one should have to die for the team, but if no one would be willing to sacrifice themselves or risk something, we can’t help each other. And isn’t it better to be beaten in an good old board game, than to stand in front of a loaded gun? Not knowing what might happen next?

I would just wish, that some coincidences (as some say) are just coincidences and nothing to worry about. But these days you can get very paranoid easily.

Oh… and yes, I know that I don’t deserve to live, my life told me that long enough. Thanks for telling me.

Audience: No one said anything.

Yes, that’s the problem.