Nutrimen – Rationalabilis

Since I don’t really speak latin or any language, I tried to say something like “Ingestion – rationally” (or logically).

And like anything, I can only write about it from what I have heard here and there, experienced, observed, maybe learned in school (when I wasn’t busy fighting depression and other psychological problems) and so on. So I am not trying to convince you of anything or am in a position to be able to say I know something for sure. At least when it comes to most things people are interested in or which might be useful for others.

I am a “simple” one, often confusing, many times misunderstood and not really able to understand some scientific logic. At least in the context of how we live (or die) together. But yea…

So since I mentioned here and there that I still eat meat, but have no problem with anyone who doesn’t eat it or wants to ever eat it, you know where I, as a human, stand. But it is more a psychological dilemma and less something I am proud of.

Now the actual topic, food or food consuption and how much logic is behind it. Or I should say, in which ways the kind of food we consume makes sense or not and why and what.

And no, I usually don’t pay attention to when you should mention this or that, support something or not, like I learned in school about arguments, summaries and conclusions. I am “simple”, remember?

When you get born, how do you get fuel / energy / food / resources to grow and develop? – Silence.

No, actually people would say, that the mother eats and drinks something, then this gets converted into useable resources which then can be used to produce, grow and support cells. Magic, I know.

I for example heard that it is important for children to have this vitamine, that thing and this special fat kind and so on. Some of it made sense in the context of school, a paper or whatever, but is it really necessary? Or if so, is it only to find in the named examples? Where do these examples come from?

Basically the question of life again, I know. But what I actually tried to ask for, is the “basic” food or resource which is actually necessary. And how I suppose things develop or change. Which doesn’t mean that it has to be this way or is in any way scientific, since I am just a guy without any evidence it seems and some psychological problems here and there (sometimes).

For example, it is said that it is good to eat fish when you are younger or in general, since it has protein and some kind of fat which is better transformable and such things. And now is the question which will probably make you hit your face against your hand or something. How does the fish get it?

Interesting question.

What does the fish do? To not name a specific species, it eats.

And what does it eat?

If you say, smaller fishes, you are right, but when is a fish not a fish anymore? And when does life actually start to be sean as such? By definition? By your “intellect”?

To make it maybe a little better to understand.

What makes more sense: Eating potatoes or eating chicken which ate potatoes?

When this question confused you, good, when you understood what I was trying to say, perfect!

People: But how do I know that what I think is what you meant?

Well, that’s why we (usually) talk about things or show them, do them, express something and so on, to show each other that we are on the same side or at least try to understand something or did.

When you assume that a potatoe “potatoes” around all day and doesn’t really care about whether it lives, gets eaten or not, then you could say, eat the potatoe. But then you could also say, eat the chicken, since it might have a similar concept of life. And then, well then, when I look at some people out there, I could say the same about them.

Now we have a problem, since we would say, that eating is actually a bad thing.

But is it?

For example, if you take an apple. An apple is the fruit of a tree, at least usually.

When the apple falls down it is separated from the tree, although usually still near it.

The apple itself has seeds. And this is the interesting part.

When you don’t eat the apple or the outer part doesn’t rot, the seeds would never reach the ground. Therefor there couldn’t be new trees.

What does this tell us about food and whether something is there to eat or not? Or at least (maybe) shouldn’t be eaten, while you still could, of course.

As long as you don’t eat all apples together with the seeds and not cut down all apple trees or let them die (for whatever reason), the apples and apple trees will always be able to grow again. And the apple is even supposed to be eaten, especially by birds or other animals, so they might drag away the seeds. You never know.

In a way there is harmony in it. And potatoes can also grow into plenty more. My mother told me, that her grandmother cut off the part with the “eyes” and put it into the ground again, while they ate the rest, during a starvation time. And even out of these little potatoe pieces plenty grew and so they somehow survived.

These days we sadly have also lots of gene-manipulated plants which only give seeds once or even no seeds and also only grow once or twice. They also don’t really taste good nor are really healthy etc.

Why do they still exist or maybe even got pushed by some companies and people? You know why… because they are good people…

I also actually feel way more comfortable with eating potatoes or potatoe based food, like crisps, chips and different forms of cooked potatoes, like potatoe mash / puree or soup.

I even encourage my mother to make more potatoe things or at least buy more of these things, but she still buys a lot of meat. That’s how it always was in the family… At least she buys me some crips and such things. I actually feel better any healthier eating these in fat baked potatoes with salt and chili, than when I eat meat, most of the time. Although of course some of these crisps / chips are also not really healthy because of additional substances, like colors or whatever which were added and such things.

Since my childhood I liked to eat crisps / chips, while I sometimes of course ate sweets as well, but I didn’t really like it that much. Later on it also hurt a lot and I often had problems with my stomach when I ate something sweet, which still happens, so I usually try not to eat too much or anything sweet. Only when I really want to or maybe need something like chocolate. Otherwise something hurts, either my teeth, my stomach or something else inside my belly. Interestingly when I eat chips, this doesn’t happen.

It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about these:

Or these:

Or all these other forms of it.

Backed or warmed potatoes, a little salt maybe and probably a little fat, that’s it.

I should probably add, that when I make these sticks or such things, I use the oven.

This way you don’t need additional fat and it usually is still tasty, maybe even more.

The form (weight, rills, shape) really makes a difference sometimes, since some forms seem to bake better than others. But in the end it is only a matter of temperature, timing and how you like it.

And you can also eat it with other things like salad, I preffer field salad, but as you like it.

Oh, I just tried to show, that you can actually base a lot of your meals around potatoes, salads and other plants or their fruits, seeds etc.

I think the best way is to live in harmony with plants. And since a lot of animals and we as well, always need plants anyway (oxygen, food, company, they look cool, colorful, water, etc.) it only makes sense, when we would focus on getting rid of meat / flesh consumption. And also from gene manipulated food or gene-manipulation as a whole. Since it usually causes only more trouble than good or needs a lot of “failed” experiments and you should ask, were they worth it? (Animal experiements for example)

Someone who is willing to only eat what plants (mother nature) willingly offers, has a higher chance to survive and also develop an healthy and interesting life.

Well, when it comes to me personally, I could live without sharks. When it is correct what people say about them, that they even eat their siblings, until only one survives before they were even technically born.

I mean, if they really just eat other fish and noting else.

People: *shocked*

What? Do you need a shark in your bath tub or what?

Someone: No, you basically said, that you could live without a lot of humans and yourself.

Oh… that thing… yea…

I mean, we can think, at least sometimes it seems like it. We can make decisions and even if we couldn’t think, then we would still be able to somehow do things, live and create new things.

Not all human things are just evil, horrible or pointless. There are a lot of things which might even help nature, make plants happier, like a great piece of music, at least some music, maybe talking with them in a kind way or such things. Why? Well, it is the frequency, the harmony and also the way these things are meant.

Plants can give and are willing to give, since the usually have not much of a choice because they humans (or other things and beings) just take what they want anyway.

This is why it was interesting for me to hear from this native american (who’s TED talk might be somewhere in here or at least one of the Almanac YouTube playlists (probably the first, but I am not sure). He studied in the UK I think and got around the world a little, but he still feels most home where he came from. His people usually talk with the plants and live in harmony with nature (at least it seemed this way). They ask a plant or tell a plant why they need it or something from it. For example, when someone is sick and they need a specific plant to heal. And according to him, the plant didn’t help or at least not as good, when they didn’t do it. But that their medicine also couldn’t heal or help with everything. So they also got help from doctors which had other kinds of medicine or technology. And at least back then, he was telling that they had a positive relation to the (former) europeans, unlike most other tribes. But with all these forest fires, police brutality and whatelse is happening around there, I just hope he and his people are still alive and safe. :-/

Plants are usually more willing to help and even die for someone / something else and also some other lifeforms. Even some humans.

There are even memes and stories (often related to [more] introverted or kind people), in which they almost beg to be left behind. Why? Well, either because they are depressed in a way, feel like a burden anyway or something like that it might be. Which doesn’t mean it is always like this or like this at all, but yea…

And I am someone who already doesn’t really understand why we need to kill animals (or humans?) becaose of something called over-population? I mean, there are hunters who say they have to kill the animals, otherwise there would be too many and since there are no natural enemies (like wolves, bears etc.) in the area, they have to shoot them. And then eat them I guess. Does that make sense?

In the context of cars, fast cars, people who are scared of actual wild life and FAST CARS, it probably makes sense, I guess. But you should wonder.

If you argue like this, you could also say that all of humanity or all life at all is wrong and should not be. And then we are in a very, very dangerous argumentation, my friends.

Some people have to learn it the hard way (which doesn’t mean that they has or should be any violence involved, more like with things they might need or whatever), others already felt the pain and had a hard life (in various forms) or didn’t make it.

I could live from potatoes and maybe some other plants, beans maybe and apples and such things.

And I also try to do that. I even ordered some vegitarian kebab, so basically turkish bread, some salads, onion, sauce and corn or what they had in it. It seemed even better than the version with meat. At least for me.

Which doesn’t mean that you should now all eat vegetarian or vegan fastfood.

Not to forget, that the food which you can buy in a lot of ships is also not really helping the environment, planet, nature etc., no matter what is labeled on top of it or said about it.

The best things are usually where you live, grow in your garden. Okay, when you live in the city you should probably think about life in general, but you know what I mean.

And in the forest or fields also often grow some berries and other things.

Even my uncle who was just focused on work and such things, recently told me during a walk, that he remembered eating berries from bushes and that he saw all these colors. Even noticed that there are so many different shades and things in nature. I told him, I always knew that and saw these things. And my aunt was even telling me, that she didn’t reckognize her man anymore. Or at least compared as he was before.

He first needed a reminder (his heart) that he can’t go on like this forever.

And I, well, I am still partially on my “Can I just die?” thing, since around me things only seem to get worse instead of better. Last year I just got a reminder that there is hope, that I might actually be able to change a few things or help others who can do more than me. At least in way better ways and less depressed or “broken”.

Don’t get it wrong, I want to live, but I can’t live in the way I live right now. And I also can’t really get away from where I am, for several reasons. The main reason is energy.

Each time I have energy (feel good and as if I can do anything) to do something, it usually gets robbed soon after. Either my father finds another “problem” again or creates one. Or my mother had a bad day at work again. And then I also think that it won’t be worth any effort, since everything seems pointless then again.

Okay, too much off topic and the same thing again, I know.

But what do you expect from someone who is trapped in a seemingly never ending hell?

I expect nothing, but it seems to be everything I have to do. Because it feels this way, unbearable, impossible to handle.

So it is not helpful, when people tell me that I should show that I actually want to change something or how to do it. It is not helpful to tell me, that I should use my “energy” to do something useful instead of talking or writing. Because whenever I did, either my father did something there as well or I get convinced that something else might be better or whatever, until I hate everything again.

So writing or talking is actually the only thing I am usually capable of and not even that, it was a hard fight to get there again (in an actual somewhat useful way).

I have not much experience with anything, being the one who usually was hiding and trying to escape this misery of a world. I am just trying to remind those who hopefully have more experience or can do things, I am not able to (right now).

When I should die, it won’t matter.

But I would be happy if we could live in a world without all these destructive ways of life.

When I was little, I hoped to be dead until 18 or even before. Counting each birthday as another failed day I should have died. And now with my last birthday, being 22, I tried to change it. But then my father made me want to hate it again. I actually just wanted to let the day pass in a good way, maybe even be happy. But instead he insisted to give me a cake he buys all the time and probably buys again, each time he ate it. And to congratulate me…

Just thinking about it makes me hate my birthday again, as if I ever really was able to stop hating it.

Only when it seems that some people like my presence without the need to get something from me or give me something or whatever. Then I feel as if I might be wanted here. Which doesn’t mean that I want nothing and don’t want to give things. I just mean, that it shouldn’t be in a toxic way or end up in a necessatiy or ritual or whatever. I liked to help people, but usually I hate to be alive. Not because I want to, but because it seems that it has to be this way. Otherwise others will make me hate myself again.

Potatoes… They never did that.

So why do I still eat other animals?

Probably because of my family. I could actually live without it.

And here some great people again:

Yea… its german, but does it matter? Good people are everywhere. Often where you least expect it, since they often don’t show themselves or like to show themselves in public or advertise themselves etc.

They might be known by some and have some popularity in this case, but this doesn’t mean that a majority of people likes, knows or supports or even understands them.

Some people I met in school or elsewhere even thought they were just doing it for money or to be famous or whatever. They clearly didn’t know their stories, how they started, broke and hopeless and put their hearts into their work. And if it just was playing games, while talking about things and such things.

It is more than some people did for others, since this way many young people might have been saved from suicide or at least got some hope and even support. They make these events to also help others and also in general they try to support others here and there. Either with money people donate,or such things like this any other things they do. He (Gronkh, the one on the right) even said probably multiple times that the people asked him to get a donation option and also told them, that they should donate directly to some organisations or projects etc. instead of giving it to him, because of taxes and such things. People love them and they love these people.

But when I look outside and how Germany still works for the most part or atleast seems, it is almost as if they don’t exist. Hopefully this changes soon. I hate how cold Germany feels and how cold most of the world feels, even in the hottest summers or maybe especially then. Since winter usually was more of my time, when I didn’t feel as bad about being inside and mostly by myself.