What November tells me:

After I used lower case letters only: doh nutters

When I turn the first word upside down: qo4 nutters

German: Wo ist der Haken? (Where is the hook?)

Me adding a hook: go 4 nutters

German: But now there is space in-between

Me removing space again: go4 nutters

Suddenly someone cracked the enigma code: god nutters


What I see:

What they meant:

What I thought they wanted to say:

But mine was for right handers and the wheel is a little broken.

Random guy:

He just wanted to be…

Stranger: RL? Like for real?


Also gamer: My whole life I played games. And now I am …

Because the following happened:

How it felt like:

Then the author discovered the missing circle:

What I expected to happen:

What actually happened:

in a movie.