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A rich man, all dressed up and clean walks towards his office. One of many buildings he owns, not only in this city, but around the globe. Then he notices someone sitting next to the big front entry. Usually he doesn’t walk into the building this way, since he has his private entry down in the garage via elevator. Today was an unusual day, since the press was waiting for him in the entry hall, to give a statement about the future plans of this company. So he locked at the probably homeless person, with dirty clothes and said: “Search yourself another location to cadge and annoy people. Piss off!”

When the person locked up at him, it was an elderly woman, life had played bad on her. He had to look twice to even notice that it was probably a woman. “Should I call the security or will you finally move your ass?!”, he shouted again. “Is it money you want?”, he pulled out his purse and showed the homeless woman a few bank notes, while waving them, probably to catch a dog or something. She didn’t answer, just stared at him. “Look, I don’t got all day, I have more important things to do. I tried the peaceful way, so if you don’t leave now, I have to let you be removed violen…”. The the woman stood up and interrupted his glorious speech.

“I am neither homeless nor poor and I can do what I want.”, is what she said.

The businessman knowing that she must be out of her mind or something, replied: “Hey look, I own this building, I have a lot of money and a home, unlike you. Maybe I should call someone to bring you somewhere where you can get help.”

The woman didn’t seem to have any interest in his offerings and instead raise her voice a little: “Home is wherever I go because this earth is my home and you sir, built a lot of buildings on my property. And not only that, you took away my food, stole my water and now want to give me some piece of paper with random numbers as an excuse? I am only dressed this way to show you, who you are, poor homeless man. No, a thief is what you are. Unbelievable what some homeless people come up with these days… ‘I own buildings’… unbelieveable…”. She shook her had a few times, making a few not understandable sounds and walked away.

‘Finally this crazy old lady is gone.’, the businessman thought. But when he was just about to enter the building, he noticed the camera man.