As the last post ended: Surviving the Holocaust

When you understand that it was less about the past and actually material for current times, you might actually see that it is about time to either stand up or at least try to do not nothing (usual business). I mean sometimes just looking away (for a good cause) might be more of a revolution than simply saying “It is impossible to do something in my position.” Because you might not actually have to leave your position or give it away (at the moment). Since you could actually use it in a good way, by letting people speak who might be otherwise be censored or called crazy or simply ignored. Sometimes an act of looking away, when someone otherwise would have had to tell authorities (or others) about an incident, can even safe a life. Although of course getting out of uniforms and these weird concepts of society should be the main goal, as always.

I mean what do you think is better?

A police officer who looks away when some teenagers place some info material or an police officer who looks away when some people get beaten up?

Would still be a police officer and at some point, some people were actually good people and actually believing in their job for justice. At least I thought so. Or you could call it “ein Auge zudrücken” (closing one eye) or closing both.

Sadly usually this happened in cases of injustice and not in the name of humanity or kindness. Some TV shows, like “Großstadtrevier” ([Big] City Precinct?) which is a german show about police in Hamburg, tried to tell about such ways. The main character in the show who was playing in it for decades just recently died of cancer, as far as I know. Actually last year I think. Coincidence? Maybe.

When you know this series and they tried to tell about society problems (like a lot of other shows), while also partially supporting it, since they had to (or didn’t know any better), you know that there can be found a lot in things you didn’t even think had any value. Since they were maybe often said or presented as garbage. This main character was a police officer who a rebelious teenager before and also had a little criminal energy. 😀

He sometimes saw old friends who might have done smaller stuff, nothing big and instead of taking them in custody, knowing their situation, he talked with them or maybe tried to find solutions so they could live their life. This character in the end even got the had of the police station and also went elsewhere until the health of the actor wasn’t allowing it anymore, so he was only showing up sometimes until he died.

In this show they pointed out a lot of things and tried to show how police work should actually be done or might happen in some cases. So it was a trial to show what should be, instead of what is. At least in some cases. And we are talking about Germany. There are also other shows like SOKO: Leipzig for example (a crime show). There are actually a lot of these “SOKO” shows for different cities, even one playing in Austria.

In one of these shows (the one in Austria) they recently (maybe a few years ago?) had shown an episode with a therapist who murdered someone who had a lot of infuence, money and poewr (when I remember correct). And she was disguesed as a super hero and jumped down a wall several meters high, rolling off and ran away. At first they didn’t know who the attacker was, obviously. And interestingly the Pathologist (police doctor for death analyse and such things) went to therapy to her, not knowing that it was her. They even ended up having sex and were almost about to get into an actual relationship. The doctor was telling her that he had these weird dreams in which he had to safe the world or something and floating in space like a super hero. To him and everyone else she seemed very calm and innocent at first. But when due to something some of them found out, they knew she must have had something to do with the murder, they called her for a questioning or brought her there. Then she showed them her other face and they were shocked. Especially the doctor, since he seemed to love her and didn’t understand how she could have done such a thing and also changed so radically. Later they called her crazy and locked her away. I might have already written about it. And when I saw that, I knew, well, shit is about to happen and that should I say one wrong word, I will be called crazy as well.

So you see it is partially propaganda and partially resistance against propaganda and then also a bit of creative story telling and society related bounderies. It is very difficult to write such scripts, don’t you think? Especially when you then also have to write it in a way only a child can understand, while presenting it to elderly people. Since these channels were or are usually watched by elderly people, for reasons…

Like child TV shows are only meant for children. You know…

Well at least my father new that drawn animated movies were for children, so I was allowed to watch Anime, because it was for children. Luckily he hadn’t heard that there was a 18+ section and that there were hidden messages in it about how the world is dominated by gray men who steal our life time and will to live. And such normal things you tell children. You know, just to tell them: “Hey kid, I know you want to live a life, but you sadly woke up in a concentration camp. Now I try to help you to survive and hopefully dig a way out. And if not, we are all screwed and our lives depend on your success.” While I was watching these as a child and was sweating, knowing that … well, I was a citizen of Helheim or something and that no one would believe me. At least they would have a heard time to understand.

At least I had my TV shows and videos, like X-Files, Stargate and some people on YouTube and here and there. Also some people at school who spoke up, when I couldn’t. A young woman for example who later got into depression. She was in one break talking with some of us and basically stating that all of this is just a cause related thing. That we were only in this class and talking or working together because we had to. Or something like that. Basically meaning, that no one really cared for each other or was not really doing something. Another guy also said whether evil will always succeed and mentioned Da Vinci and the relation between human and God, while he was very smart and from what I found out about him also writing critical things in school time and probably had a hard time. Probably to this day, since he smiled a lot. If you understand. Sometimes I even fell in love with him in a way, I knew that he was a good guy.

But I wasn’t at the time and also couldn’t speak because I was terrified like my whole life. And whenever I wasn’t I felt guilty afterwards. When I gave in, I thought I was meant to die.

Maybe I will, maybe I will die anway. But I guess when everything (I was thinking of for my own near future and ways to show resistance) goes as planned, I can celebrate Christmas or Xmas (as some call it) or Yuke fest (in the older “translations” when there were sacrifices for the … wait what?) near a train station naer where I live.

People: look up my location and know exactly where I will be

(actually not that easy since there are multiple possible train stations)

But I will decide spontaniously or maybe even change the plan last minute, if necessary or I think something else might be better.

Humans have to see things first hand, I guess, while I was able to see beyond that.

And yes, I am just a human like any other, in a way, with my personal problems, but should this stop me from telling some people what they might be getting into or how they could maybe do something against something and basically that they should think for themselves and also consider possibilities beyond what others told them is possible or “true”.

When everyone can tell a story, why not tell your truth?

And a kraken grabbed your head and threw it against a wall.

Hopefully you are okay (as okay one can be with all this information “overflow”).

Don’t give up or wake up in case you did, like I did.

Always these damn time travellers.

They are almost a pandemic, don’t you think?

One day you are a wild men, next day you are a christian, then you are a witch, then an outlaw, then you are a jew only to end up called crazy, only to be a jew again. Wait, no, now I mixed some time lines I think.

It is the year 1930, isn’t it?

*looks on the calendar*

*subtactrs 9.0 from the visible number*

Seems about the right time.