A german TV show for children I watched when I was little.

And man, this show was so wonderful, calming and educational about peace in mind, joy, friends, family problems and related health problems. A classic show. There are some remakes, but I don’t know about them, for me the original, drawn and animated one was the way. It seemed to have been made with a lot of love.


Here the playlist (50 short videos). I think that there are parts missing, but at least something.

I just randomly watched a few of them and in one of them Heidi said, that she doesn’t want Clara (the girl in the wheelchair from the town) to cry all the time like she does. And Heidi was just a few years old. 😓😟

Maybe that’s why I felt so safe back then, despite everything happening around me.

All these shows, which made me feel good about loving nature and dreaming.

I really have gone far, far away from my heart.

Why did I go so far away… I know, a lot of painful things, thinking that I wouldn’t be able to make people have love for each other… hating myself for breaking and being not like others… Then breaking again when I knew I would never be like others and therefor not be able to stop their destructive ways. And then trying to die while torturing myself with what they called normal, fun or whatever.

Heidi should safe us! 😥

And back then I actually was probably a lot like her.

It hurts to see this, knowing that it probably also hurt me remembering it, when I was older and saw what was going on mainly. People destroying this wonderful earth, while some others always tried to safe it.

What do you do with all your heads and numbers and weird money and all that garbage technology, when you end up dead from starvation, war, madness or loneliness?

Why could we not just say: “Till here and no further!”

A lot of people are reading their books, watching videos and all, while a few crazy people run the world, manipulating us into believing that we need them, so they can make us need them, for whatever reason.

I would just love to be Peter or Heidi or whatever and jumping around the fields with grandpa…

Although my grandfather in who’s house I live, didn’t teach me a lot and we also haven’t animals, he was liking food. And his salads were great. Simple, but great.

It doesn’t matter now that much whether you need cows for milk (or food) or not. I would say, no, as long as you have water and some other food. We really could live with things just based on plants.

I would love that, but it will be a hard time for me to get there, I guess. Even if I would be able to really make this happen at least for me and my mother, since she now also is looking into things without meat and we eat more plant based things again. We can get there, I don’t want to die… (or completely freak out).

I love these plants and some animals and feel sorry for what had happened to them and all we lost. 😦 😣 :/