Already a demon?

So if this guy is worse than a demon, you know he will help you.

Games ca/l/l//use violence. Computer games.

You know why? Because most people live in one.

And those who don’t want to, are hated or feared.

But towards each other, they are different.

And how to you reach a heart within a gear of metal?

You dismantle the gear.

I just write weird stuff again, I guess. But thank you that you are here, whoever you are!

A purple heart can also mean that it doesn’t have enough air to breath, so from red it turns slowly blue.

It could also mean that someone risked his life to save someone else.

It can mean love.

It can mean respect.

Whatever it means to you – I thank you! 💜

And as my mother’s father said: “I also tell this myself.” when he spoke to people.