Depression is holy

Okay, so before you scream at me that I make fun of depression.

I really don’t have fun, even when I should laugh or something.

I am literally dying here and depression is a companion of mine since my childhood.

Okay, so now what do I mean with “is holy”?

So when we mix german and english again a little, since it is the same language anyway, in a way, it might make sense.

I also found out that according to some translators, oppression and suppression are the same or something. Yeah well…

When you get to the root of these words, you get “pression”. In other words, pressure or in german “Drunk”.

Since my father is all about his bible and the end of times, he often said that he was waiting for the so called “Entdrückung”. For those of you who can see the relation, yes that is what I mean. Well according to him or his bible or whatever some people told him, that would be something like bodies moving into the sky or whatever. I don’t know for sure, at least something weird for sure.

So recently I thought about this word again and then it finally made sense. Because even Jesus said that some people are walking graves or whitewashed graves. Basically calling names on people who weren’t telling the truth. But you could also see it in a way of shaming people who wear make-up, at least when it was as a form over covering something up and to look good (or whatever). Okay maybe I interpret too much into some of this, but hey…

So the word “Entdrückung” it is. When you now know that the beginning of this “Ent-” is pretty similar to the english “De-” (at least in this context, I guess), you get “Drückung” (basically telling that something is pressued) and then with the “Ent” the opposite of it or probably more correct, the description of a way away from it.

So what depression stands for would then actually be a way to break free from pressure.

Everyone: We already know that.

Oh… eh… well, then why are so many people avoiding this, hiding it or even getting lost in it?

Well, because the process of “depression” should not be went through completely alone and wouldn’t be necessary if people wouldn’t get pressured at first hand, but you know what I mean.

So instead of trying to “cure” depression, which makes no sense in this context, you should stay with someone who is going to this process of going away or recognizing pressure. Usually depression kicks in as a failsafe kind of “mechanism” to signal you that you should stop and before you continue to load yourself with additional information, pressure or other things, to first handle the old stockpile or backlog of things.

Since a lot of people have or had traumatic events in their life or their life is in general pretty traumatic (like mine), this shouldn’t be ignored. Because otherwise it could cause death or severe damage in your brain.

My brain: You don’t say…

Well, the thing is, that usually, when you went through the depression and finally got your feelings, memories and self back, you should then (at best) only have some post-traumatic things to deal with or maybe have to handle the memories. Like with sharing them with others and they do the same, so you don’t feel alone with it and safer.

Usually the human should only get sad about tragic events and through tears and sorrow process the happened thing, although of course it depends on what it was. I mean the loss of a life is nothing you are just “sad” about for a day and then you continue, I know and that is also not what it is about.

Depression comes in place when you stockpile trauma, painful things and in general can’t be yourself and feel free. So you have to keep it all inside, and put more in there and more, which then pressures you and then leads to a lot of problems.

Usually depression is seen as either a temporary thing or some kind of desease, in which someone feels very sad and bad. But there is a lot, a lot more to it and it was also misunderstood. Like with women or other people (like me) laughing and smiling, while they were deeply in pain and alone with all their emotions feelings or whatever happened with and around them. And at first you would of course try to cry about it in sorrow and sadness, what I did in my childhood (sometimes), but in later years couldn’t do anymore. Then you get colder and also numb in a way. And when this stays like this for a while, this could turn into laughing or smiling.

I mean, I am no doctor or anything, so should something be completely wrong, like calling aa chicken an elephant or something, then please, this is just me trying to make sense of something and maybe give someone an idea or hint. Don’t take things on my blog for complete and such things. But I hope you can think for yourself and look at things critical (but not too critical, if you know what I mean).

Why could laughing be a result of depression?

Well, I would say that it could have to do with the brain trying to work through every possibility on its own to find a solution for a problem it can’t solve, in a way.

Because of course will you and your brain later or at some point work through the depression process and let it happen, since it will help you rather than kill you, when you understand it. But it can be and get very dangerous depending on the amount of pressure you collected throughout the years or decades maybe. And also could give you super powers or access to things others don’t even know about or maybe don’t understand.

Why is that?

Well, as I said, the brain will try to find a solution for your depression. And like a machine it tries this and that. So first you might cry more often, since that is a basic stress relief thing. But after some time it might try to connect parts of your brain which usually weren’t related. Either to comprehense the pressure or build ways around it (e.g. traumatic memory sections). This could then cause you to get abilities you might not have had before or others don’t understand and you yourself maybe also not. After some time it might happen that you get to a point where you be considered to have lost your mind. But that is only a theoretical thing and doesn’t have to be the case because you don’t really “lose” your mind.

So the source of all “evil” is trauma or a trauma related reaction. Okay, maybe not “all evil”, but there are a lot of relations between these things. Especially when it is something like a chain-reaction. Your father got beaten as a kid, his father got beaten as a kid, you get beaten as a kid and so on. So the chances are high that you might even already have a “natural” development for beating someone up. Meaning that you might be more easily triggered by things or attracted because of this “chain” of your parents or other people around you.

The good thing about this is, that you don’t have to end up like them and they (in case they still live) can also can get free from it again.

Society is usually not helping with that or some things which are in some cases still considered normal and necessary (or whatever some people say or think). Would for example everyone be able to talk, write, pain (or whatever way of expression is possible for them, then we could actually cure most deseases or at least prevent them or even reverse them in most cases. So for example the aging problem would be also not a thing anymore, when people wouldn’t because of a blocked depression procession they try to kill themselves (either fast or slow) or others do it for them.

For me it is very important to see a different between having depression, blocking depression and feeling bad, calling it depression, while it actually is the realisation of pressure. (in case this explanations confuse you, like usually, I assume, you are not alone, I am there with you, but my hands type this and my mind thinks things, so yea…).

So to sum it up again:

  • depression is the process between pressure (trauma, tragic events, pain, too much unhandled or ignored information) and salvation
  • salvation is something you get born with (usually)
  • salvation simply means that you feel good about yourself and with others and aware of your feelings and that you can do what you want (in a way)
  • going through a depression process is necessary to be free
  • depression should not be dealt with completely alone because you usually need someone to support you
  • depression can’t be treated since it is the healing process
  • feeling pressured is often mistaken for being depressed
  • too much pressure can cause depression (since it is necessary)
  • blocking the depression process for too long can cause severe damage (or changes in your brain)
  • most people have some kind of unprocessed memories and pressure (work, school, parents, home, bullying, etc.)
  • the depression process can cause death, when you are alone, which usually happens
  • depression is nothing you can easily handle and also shouldn’t be ignored or prevented
  • someone who went through depression themselves (more or less) can later help others
  • often (like in my case) just the ability to reach out to someone is enough and that someone will stay at your side no matter what
  • the depression process can at various stages lead to extreme emotions, feelings and reactions (depending on the amount of things you have to work through)
  • a depression process can (probably) be mild and just needs a lot of love and time and tears or get extreme and even violent
  • extreme forms of depression could need extreme solutions (but before you think I am talking about locking people away and then ignore them) I am talking about extreme solutions.
  • an extreme form could be to fight with someone or if necessary hold them close and risk getting hurt
  • confronation is very difficult in some cases and well, it could be useful to be good with martial arts and stuff, but without harming the other one (when possible) (e.g. IP MAN)
  • going through depression can make you feel like a monster, demon, devil or other evil thing (sadly, because of all these stories, otherwise people would have just understood that someone needs someone to stay with them and help them process whatever happened to them).
  • you can get stuck in the depression process, especially when you think it is wrong or needs to be treated, while it actually tried to help you.
  • love is the necessary factor in the depression process, since depressed people usually had not enough or real love or didn’t feel safe and loved (at some point)
  • Empathy and necessary strength to defend yourself might be necessary to help someone going through depression
  • calm and peaceful environments, like forests can help immense
  • water is a good way to refresh (but there usually is a fear of water, keep that in mind)
  • people with different kinds of trauma can help each other to understand themselves better

Okay, now that we wrote that down and hopefully at least half of that made some kind of sense, thank you for going through this again.

Stay safe and sound and don’t give up!

We are doing this together! 💜 💙 💛