Natures arms reaching out

Once the animals were fighting each other.

Once the humans fought.

Once they fought each other, tried to scare and hurt and kill one another.

The rule of the street or nature as many thought and lived by.

Once? Once? Not more like “Since” Or “Yet”?

Until they relized, they weren’t all that different after all.

And still each one in their kind and way.

A big family, devided by greed, hunger, need.

Need for what?

Wasn’t it community? Wasn’t it protection? Unity?

Wasn’t it happiness? Wasn’t it love?

What were they fighting for? Those who fought…

Where they even fighting or just running away?

Sometimes I wish I could embrace a wolve princess and be embraced by her. To feel safe and not alone. What does it matter whether she is a wolve, a human or both? Does it matter?

Sometimes a wolve is more like a human should be, sometimes a human more like wolve is seen.

And yet, the both might be able to be friends or could stay enemies forever.

Isn’t a dog just some kind of wolve, after living with humans for centuries?

Can’t a dog and wolve this be together?

Is a cat not a cat, just because of the way it is or lives?

Who decides what is what and who is who?

Is it them, is it me, is it you?

I don’t know for sure, from time to time.

But could be be happy together, could we still love each other, would it matter that much? As long as we would feel safe together and make us safe together, wouldn’t hurt and fear each other, we could find out or just enjoy what we got, should we finally reach it. The end of these (somewhat) pointless war(s).

Do you really want the dark ages again?

Does anyone, anything?

Are natures arms reaching out to end you or to lift you up?

Isn’t it, that you can’t really know for sure sometimes, until you let it happen?

Would it have a reason to end you? Would it have a reason to lift you up?

How can you know, if you always avoid it?

So far it only tried to warn me, tried to help me or ask for my help.

Even or especially when it seemed as if it wants to scare or hurt me.

Wouldn’t you try to scare away your enemy, rather than actually kill them, knowing they might do the same to you, if you would do it? Or that you wouldn’t want to die, so why should you take another life?

According to this, nature would have already enough reason to end me, although I might haven’t been an actual problem. Yet, I showed my back and walked away too many times, when others needed me the most. It was because I was too broken and scared of everything, even myself, after I didn’t know anymore what I was or who or how.

So if nature, the actual nature, would be a horrible thing, which I never really believed, but still was scared of from time to time, why did it let me live?

I didn’t really do much for it, even ate it, either willingly in form of animals, in case the flesh I might still eat sometimes, is actually flesh. Or because I didn’t speak up at all cost, when I should have. I was scared, hurt, broken.

Sometimes also beyond everything, not sure what still was real and what isn’t. What true, what not.

Nature has a lot of reasons to end us all, since we tried to end it or ignore it and take advantage of it. Even shamed it, for being so dangerous.

What a foolish thing to say or think.

I felt safe between trees and bushes, felt safe around animals and plants.

I loved their presence and do it again. And nature accepted all what I did wrong, because she knew I would always try to come back. At least she hoped that I would use the life she gave me. Of course personifying nature as female or a woman, although it wouldn’t matter what or who nature and all is.

As long as I would feel safe again and free.

As long as the others would feel it again and see.

I didn’t do everything, but everything crossed my mind.

Either to understand or to decide or simply to learn, show and explain it to my kind.

Like many animals just have a scary mask or some ways to scare or hide, like ink, stink or big dark eyes.

They wouldn’t want to hurt you, if you would let them be.

And if by accident they do a thing, maybe they just do it because you scare them a lot. I mean, imagine a five meter big robot walking through the streets, knocking at your door or taking of your roof.

Wouldn’t you be scared or try to fight it or run away?

Assuming it would just be a friendly, curious robot, at least it didn’t willingly harm or scare you, just wondered what you are or what you do. But how should you know? Right?

Give it a chance and instead of shooting a deer, maybe feed it and maybe disarm your gun, even if it could mean, you might die.

Because if you would then actually die anyway, what did it help you with after all?

Did it protect you, did you actually feel safe with it?

If even, I only thought weapons to be useful to scare, in a context of a story.

When nothing else seemed to help.

But a solution… they were never a solution.

Nature gave us so many fruits, berries and all kinds of beans, wheat, and so much more. Why do we think we need more or something else?

Isn’t it all just a matter of time, to try something and adjust yourself to it?

Didn’t people in hunger times or homeless people to this day even eat already moldy things or things we throw away too often?

Nature won’t be defeated, at least not in a way in which it will be gone as a whole forever. Not from what I believe or know.

But should be risk it? Should we risk losing it, when losing it would mean to give up on ourselves as well? What would we be, other than crazy machines, would we replace our bodies with technology, so we wouldn’t have to take care of feelings, sickness and care at all?

Then we would be better of dead, wouldn’t we?

Since all these feelings nature offers, all this good we get, the plants to heal, the things to do, we would not have it all. So why living, what for?

And since nature let us go this far, there is a very high pain limit and love for us. Would nature not hope for us to not make the same mistakes again, we would all be dead by now my friend. Why? Well, because nature gives us a choice, but when we go too far, will stop us.

It was intended as a free thing, to make us able to learn what we don’t want or don’t need. So why do we search for answer where won’t be any?

Why do we run away for ourselves or what gave us life and helped us, more than anyone would be able to it seems. Literally hitting it with feet and talking about modern ways, new things and progress or science, when all it is, is madness.

Can’t you see the beauty of plants and animals? Can’t you understand that even a bear eats berries and not just fish or other animals. And that not every bear wants to kill you, just because the bear is big and scary. Who has the scary gun? Is it the actual bear or some of you, who act like one, blaming the actual bear for what you have done and might do to this day?

When a bear runs around (at least in my country) everyone is scared and it happened once, when I was little. Then they killed him…

When wolves shall run around, people hate them, are scared and want to shoot them at worst.

But when people hurt their children. Beat up innocent people or animals for fun. Well, that’s normal… isn’t it? It isn’t, but no one is scared… or are they? Why are there more scared of one wolve or one bear, than a legion of themselves, walking down the streets, as if there never was a tree or bird or bumblebee…