Genetic Knowledge

It is common that people think they have to send children to school to learn.

But what if this knowledge they try to teach, would be already in them?

If you would try to reproduce yourself, wouldn’t it be logical to do this from the point of your current state?

This would mean, that at the point of pregnancy the child would have the ability of mother and father (given the normal way of how it works) at their current state.

Now of course this doesn’t mean that they would be having all their physical problems at that point, but the genetic sequence. Given that the DNA is pretty compressed and complex, it might be possible that there could be a few physical problems included, who knows.

This would explain why I already knew or understood a lot of things as a baby because my parents were around 40 when they got me. Additionally to that my father was thinking a lot and my mother was analyzing things and also had experienced a lot in her life, especially a lot of negative things.

It makes only sense when the child then already knows or understands a lot, while of course needed a trigger or resources which are fitting the abilities.

From my personal perspective it doesn’t matter what gender it is, because the genes are mixed anyway in an equal manner. At least this is how I learned it.

And there is the point – “how I learned it”.

It actually doesn’t make sense to teach children what their parents already learned, unless they didn’t learn it.

This means, that if the parents didn’t learn it, the children might not know about it as well.

Since most of the children unlearn most of the things they once learned in school or simply forget them, it is clear that their children would also have to start from “zero”. Only then the concept of school as it is makes sense. But when you take a child like me, who already escaped the baby bed and such things and learned how to manipulate people and such things in elementary school times, it makes more sense. Because my father was a master manipulator (faking emotions or appearing stupid, while being intelligent in areas he needed to stay in control) and also how to be with others and feel good about them because of my mother.

It is like creating a self-destroying machine, to be a child like this.

In school you might learn something about genetics and that there are primary genes or such things.

But I personally think that it might be possible to “prioritize” certain genes yourself.

This would mean that an otherwise “considered” weak gene could turn into a strong gene.

Because I personally don’t believe that there is such a thing as “superior” genes.

If you now say, that I have a weird opinion which goes against science, then this is of course okay and true, I guess. I also don’t know whether it is true or not, I just also didn’t find much sense in a lot of scientific things so far because a lot of it only supported what already was there or couldn’t be checked by “normal” people.

Therefor it was like believing it instead of actually knowing it.

Which doesn’t mean that people should now make experiments with others (which already happened way too often and long and to this day), but instead maybe just discover these things on their own in a healthy way.

For example by developing things to make some tests for yourself, like blood test or whatever and then maybe find out whether you have a lot different genes compared to your parents or maybe also whether some of them might change depending on the things you do in your life.

Because life forms usually tend to learn and adapt or adjust themselves to the environment and the things they usually do or have in common. It wouldn’t make sense that you would have the same genes as your parents when you would be the age they had when you were on the way. Otherwise you would be a program or machine, unable to change itself and therefor your whole life would be pointless (only speaking about genes). Because then no matter what you do, your life would already be shaped like the life of your parents.

There is evidence and a lot of discoveries around this, for example that adopted children might look like the new parents, although genetically speaking they have no direct relation to them or their genes.

Such primary things like blood type or maybe specific tendencies might stay from their actual parents, but some things can change.

So if you get a lot of generations to learn how to learn, like “we all went to school”, it might even end up being genetic and so the next children might already be more likely to fit into the system. At least that would be, if children or people wouldn’t have a free will or ability to think.

This means that those who think more freely are often considered abnormal, aggressive or maybe in general can’t work with this system because it isn’t natural.

This is why some children or people might actually “have it in the genes” to do certain things, as some people say. If you would have learned certain skills and are fitting into some environment, it would not really make sense to then give the same genes to the child. Here we of course also have to differentiate between naturally born children and lab children (okay that sounds a little insensitive, but you know what I mean, children which were made in or through the help of a lab).

In a natural way it is said that “the strongest” survives because the other sperms didn’t reach the cell or weren’t fast enough. It might be true when it comes to this part, but not when it comes to the actual baby.

Strong doesn’t mean “strong” with muscles or such things, it is more a general word here. But I would also say that there is a little coincidence in all of this or maybe other forces.

In our society some people “perfected” the breeding of laboring rats or did they?

When the sun would change color and appearance each day, it would not really make sense to develop a certain sight and reliability on it. So you wouldn’t base the color “yellow” or “red” or a mixture of those (since it is never really this or that. But because usually it is this way for us and therefor we can rely on it, it is somewhat genetic to trust and know about it. Sure a child would still ask about it and not know everything, but it would have an understanding of it.

I for my part had fast moving eyes as a baby or child like one of my grandfathers, so I got glasses to focus my eyes. But as a child I didn’t want glasses and threw them away sometimes, but at some point I had to accept them, although I hated them. I also didn’t really need them usually, only to read things far away in school, for example. How should the eyes adjust themselves if they get “help”? Wouldn’t it make sense that they then adjust themselves towards the glasses? Then you would get dependent on them, instead of trying to get to see without them. If I wouldn’t have gone to school or at least not in the way I went, I wouldn’t have need them.

I even found out as a child that with water in the eyes (clear / clean water from the tap) I could see better and sometimes even as good as with glasses. But did anyone care? Obviously not because the doctor said I need the glasses and school was school…

This is why it was pretty terrible for me to accept knowledge or teachings of any kind, be it (so called) science, religion or some other things. The interest in understanding and knowing about everything was always high, which on the other hand didn’t mean that it really gave me something.

For example did I understand that for several decades the schools were teaching pretty similar things while even the actual information was officially outdated. So not only was it not up-to-date and boring, it also was frustrating. While then again, what was “outdated”?

The most important things are how to survive.

And I think because we are in such a weird world and society, this is actually what we usually lack.

Why should you learn on how to survive, when there is no need for survival instincts and knowledge? – Would probably be your thoughts.

But most people probably adjusted themselves too well to their comfort and somewhat luxury, that they forgot how things were some time ago and at worst could be again at some point.

This is why I as a child got myself to study and try out survival related things. Sure it was not that much and all that great, but better than nothing.

When you see that most people build their life around the idea of others, while you yourself know that it will never get them what they need or want, how can you not develop suicidal tendencies?

This is actually in my genes because from both sides I have had thinkers and people who understood things, which made them depressive and also broken. Paradox actually because usually what they understood or knew would have made everyone feel better, but it didn’t because they were pretty alone with that and also couldn’t really find others who understood things on the same level as them.

If for example most people would be like me (I know, sounds as if I am narcissistic, which sometimes might be true, and think I am the coolest or whatever), then I would have no reason to want to die. But if people would be just like me, it would of course be pretty depressive as well and I would freak out. I of course don’t want everyone to be exactly like me or whatever, I hope you get it.

Some people might have learned some things last year or remembered, like I did.

I mean you have to imagine how it felt, when I remembered everything I knew as a child and also that I made myself forget everything and break myself. This was like see an explosion in rewind, knowing that when I would press the play button again, the explosion would happen again and at worst I would rewind again and then see it again. Like a never ending loop, until I would be dead or whatever, or too broken to “rewind”.

My current problem is, that I can only see a change, if the older people, the parents or others who are maybe a few decades old, that they remember and maybe also confront themselves and learn what matters.

Because after so many generations they might have forgotten the basics of life and that it makes no sense to do most of the things we do today or are planning for the future.

The more humans (or other species) learn how to make things “easy”, the less they can do in the end.

For me personally it would be always good to know the extreme way (things which hopefully and usually don’t happen, but could), the hard way (to understand how things work) and then maybe be able to use an easy way, when things have to be fast, without forgetting the hard way or other ways.

This way there would be a healthy learning and possibly a healthy gene-pool (or how it is called) because children would then be more all rounders (again?) and wouldn’t be dependent on others (especially technology) so much. Just imagine if for whatever reason technology would not work anymore just in the next minute. Not only would you not be able to finish reading this post or share it (which is unlikely, since no one wants to read crazy people’s thoughts), but what would you do with the rest of your life? You (at least a lot of people) couldn’t work anymore, couldn’t drive around anymore, couldn’t watch movies all day, couldn’t play video games and also wouldn’t be able to maintain the healthcare system we have, so a lot of people would probably die for various reasons.

Could this be prevented? – Yes, of course.

Is it that most people do something about it? – No, of course not.

Do we instead continue towards the end of all life and humanity? – Yes, because it is easy.

Why would it make more sense to not do that? – Because then we would actually live (again).

Is this a good idea, if you would be someone who is only in power because of this system? – No, clearly not.

Is it natural to develop something which kills everything (more or less) slowly and keeps everyone dumb? – Nope.

So why do we continue like this? – Heck, this is what makes me want to die…

Because for me just sitting around doing nothing is fine, at least it used to be, when technology was still not too far developed. But now I just can’t because I know this way everyone will die or kill themselves in some form or die because of it.

If you take cats for example, wild cats might sometimes be very aggressive or shy, but can defend themselves and survive (but there aren’t much wild cats, are there?). House cats usually just know where to get food and how to relax and they usually aren’t that intelligent either or only when it comes to getting what they want, but not really being nature loving. Some of them are even breed a certain way which would make them sick in nature. Which should make you think about your own existence a little.

But the best cats were those who were partially wild because they developed some kind of interaction with other species (e.g. human), didn’t completely lose their natural instincts and also were able to get the good of both sides. A safe shelter when they wanted and freedom when they wanted or needed.

The more you do nothing, the less you are able to do.

The possibility that you will try something you were afraid of as a child will shrink the longer you live because you are “comfortable” with it.

A healthy barrier would be to not jump into a pool or cave full of (usually) deadly animals, so you distant yourself from that and no one should blame you for that because it only makes sense.

So much for my problem with other people which developed the older I got because of understanding them and also partially because of traumatic events.

I never really liked it to be with much people at the same time, but as a child I at least were able to ignore others or cope with it and escape into my own world when I didn’t want to be part of their world. But the older I got, the less possible it was and I also knew that I wouldn’t be able to do that forever. So I tried to make the best out of my childhood and youth (the best for me in a way) and then say “good bye” because I wouldn’t survive either way. Which is pretty paradox because I knew what was necessary for actual survival or at least was able to understand it. When someone wants to kill themselves because they understand that most other people are slowly killing themselves and everyone else with them, is it strong or weak of this one?

Genetically speaking I was actually strong and intelligent as a child, but now I am partially neither of that and only in some moments I am, depending on the situation and maybe some random factors or triggers.

But I actually successfully degraded and devolve myself only to “evolve” again… pretty sick.

I don’t know what kind of children I would have, if I would even be able to get some or someone would even want to have children with me (which is a pretty critical thing for me and everyone involved). Because depending on the situation of the earth and everything I also wouldn’t want children. I mean, why would I want children now that even I have a problem with everything here. My children would possibly freak out even earlier and then end up completely insane in this world, besides that they would have to go to school like me and probably die because there wouldn’t be enough oxygen. Although I actually can live without much oxygen because I tried to suffocate myself as a child a lot and also in 2019 and in the beginning of last year and I wasn’t successful, but you can’t say I didn’t try. But I of course knew that most of the oxygen we breath in, at first is also coming out again, so it takes some time to actually have no oxygen left.

And I can say that “freezing” in reality isn’t a comfortable death, at least when you are hyper-sensitive because it burns like hell after some time. (Who saw that coming.) I mean, I knew it must be that way, but then I could be sure. Well, this is not how you should try things or do things, but this happens when you aren’t challenged and then challenged yourself with the hardest thing to do because you already knew that the actually important things were too easy. In other words, making yourself want to die.

Because the easy thing was to understand what would be necessary to survive as a species, to ensure the survival of other species or even bring them back to life (maybe not all of them) and how we could live a life without getting bored nor harming each other. That was too easy for me as a child and also understanding that no one (most people) wouldn’t care was too easy to understand. So there isn’t much left to learn and do, instead of distracting oneself.

With achieving the goal of actually being able to kill myself, but then refusing, knowing that I would only suffer more, I actually triggered something inside me. It was this one thing I couldn’t really understand – love.

I had no love for myself, although I had for others who suffered as well.

The question would be now, if I would have a child, what kind of genes and abilities would it have?

Of course this would depend on the mother and also on how the world would look then or how things work in general, but just half of the genes would be already enough to create something dangerous or wonderful.

But it is weird to write about it this way. As most of the things I think about, do or experience(d).

If there would be one thing important, then wisdom and common sense.

And when you are able to make people use or understand and have these things, I might not have to suffer, alongside millions of other young (or older) people who might curse their birth or just don’t want to live anymore or just want to distract themselves from everything, like I did.

But we only distract ourselves from these things because they seem inevitable or pointless to change.

As if always just the most ignorant and cruel people will be in control.

Why is it that we still have a lot of negative behaviors, ideologies, expectations and believes, while there still is and could be again, a wonderful earth with nature like paradise?

The problem in our misery is, that we are divided.

You can’t speak about everything with most people and therefor fear to speak about anything (of relevance) at all. Leaving most people just talking about unimportant things or distracting themselves, to avoid thinking, since that would lead to depression and realization that everything is going to be pretty shit soon.

While on the other hand only this way we could solve the problem.

But those who are in charge of all this technology or knowledge or power are sitting there and use it (mainly) to make people support or follow certain groups, companies or governments etc.

It might have changed a little in some cases, but the overall development is still pretty negative, don’t you think?

And because it could have gotten better, it had to go worse. Otherwise we could have had something like actual fun and freedom, and who wants that?

If you would have an earth full of life, why would you worry? You could go on a new adventure each day, be it hiking, sailing or just dreaming or through a game with your friends maybe. But instead we make everything hard, for no reason, to make our lives even harder. And you can’t blame the children, they are only following the system or try to break out of it, which some do and did here and there.

The worst part is, when you break out of it in a negative way and can’t find a good one.

For me a good way is when not only you survive, but hopefully everyone else or at least those who don’t want to make everyone else suffer. But in order to achieve that, you have to understand those who can’t see that way and might only see that everything is messed up, in a trial to survive or make sense of it.

If you can’t hold a psychopath or sociopath in your arms and still love them, then you don’t know who you are.

Because for me it wouldn’t be relevant to know whether someone is this or that, if they would want a hug, why not give them? And if they wouldn’t want to be alone, why not spend time with them?

In the end a word like “psychopath” or a list of things or numbers might not be all that relevant. Because if they would be, then this would mean, that you would want someone to be and behave a certain way and do as expected. But wouldn’t that make you the same? And I am not talking about things some people have done or do, killing people for fun or making them die (making someone kill themselves for example) isn’t okay (understatement of last year). But by avoiding someone who might have done such things, you only send out the signal, that you do the same.

Because usually people don’t like to see in others, what they are themselves.

So when people send others into a death row and then kill them because they might have killed or harmed a lot of people, does this make them any better?

If you would look at it from a number perspective in which the kills would be gold nuggets and by killing someone you would get their “gold nuggets” added to yours, so their kills, then the one who kills a serial killer is automatically a serial killer as well. And when a government does that, supported by the peoples, it would mean that they all killed these people plus the one who actually killed them.

And now tell me, how that would effect their genes and the genes of the children they might have…

A society of serial killers…

Or you could say: “Back to the roots.”

But these kind of roots aren’t roots I would call my own.

You might not be able to undo what was, but you could learn from it.

And only that would then actually have a positive effect on genes and others and might change theirs or their behavior as well.

Before anyone wants to take out the soviet flags and replay the past century, no, we don’t open the gates of prisons now and let all people out, without knowing how they might behave or in what condition they might be. But we should give them a chance, an actual chance, especially those who would otherwise end up in one of these death chambers which sadly still exist (as if earth wouldn’t already be turning slowly in one as well).

How can people speak about justice, peace and love, when they do such things or at least not do something against it (which is actually the same in terms of law, at least laws which would make sense to me).

When someone did something wrong, it of course should be punished, but there are way better ways of punishment than that. And each individual might have their own fears and problems.

You can’t build prisons forever and also can’t blame others forever for things you did wrong yourself or helped developing.

When you can embrace someone who might have caused the death of millions, willingly or knowing, doesn’t this mean that you also embrace those who’s lives they took or helped taking? You might think that you do the opposite because you think that helping a criminal or crazy one is pointless or only risking your own life. But then do you understand what is going on in this world?

If someone started killing or doing whatever and they know that they can’t get out of it, without ending up hated, locked away forever or such things, why would they then stop, even when they might want to at some point or understood that it isn’t good what they are doing? Maybe leaving them without a choice because they are afraid maybe? Of course there are also those who might not be afraid and just enjoy all that, but maybe one day they might sit in one dark corner and also see what they have done. And if then no one might be there to help them, it would be horrible for them. Some might call it justice and I agree that someone who did something bad, should experience something similar themselves (but not the same obviously and nothing like that, more in a psychological way, instead of a physical way). But living with death and maybe being able to turn into a good example (although that is pretty weird when it comes to murder) is better than ending their life. Because someone who suffers with the realization of why and how, might do anything (in their power) to make others not do the same or suffer in the same way.

Those who don’t want can of course decide against it, but killing them would then still be wrong. It only would send the wrong signal, telling people, that in theory also innocent people could get killed in the name of justice because someone might have tricked them and played a game to get rid of them or their own crimes. Wouldn’t be the first time that people place some evidence somewhere else and those investigating it were just finding it and adding things together, while not really paying attention to things. Either because they had no time, no interest or had to meet a certain “case rate” or whatever.

And it also sends the signal that people with some disorders or problems are unwanted. So if someone might see certain tendencies in themselves and have nowhere to go or no one to trust, they might end up living with them and maybe doing them.

If you can’t embrace someone who might have committed the worst crime, who tells me, that you can embrace someone who is innocent? I don’t need to know whether someone can break my neck, hide a needle with poison under their jacket or in a pocket or maybe a knife to cut my throat. If someone who does such things or could do them, would do them with me, they would kill themselves. And I don’t think that they would be that stupid, would they? While a basic burglar or addict on the streets might not know and do it anyway.

When my death wouldn’t matter to me, what do I have to lose by possibly helping someone?

For me it is more hurtful when someone throws painful words at me, than threatening me with death or torture. Because words hurt more.

You might say, that in case I would actually get torture or killed I would change that thought, but no matter how much pain it would be, it would only be more physical pain, but not more than I experienced. The worst pain was realizing that people are digging their own graves, believing they are building a paradise.

You can’t give me more pain than that, only physical pain, but not “mental” pain (or how I should call that).

If there wouldn’t be any reasons to kill or rob or torture others, why would someone want to do it?

Wouldn’t it then be pointless, boring or even hard work? I am clearly not a scientist or anyone who should be wearing a uniform or suit, because I am not sane and not right enough in the head to be able to accept that. Because even children know more than I do, they know that they will die anyway, so why should they think about their future. And then I thought the same and still did it and they did it as well, but why? Why if it would be pointless?

I don’t need a spaceship to feel great, but if there would be one, maybe it could be exciting one day. But first we would need to finally safe our planet and the dying nature. Only then we could still think whether we want or need to travel to other stars or might be good where we are.

Where are you developing towards? Why do you want to get smarter, faster and more intelligent children? It doesn’t make sense, when even a few animals can do more than them (in terms of nature), without ever seeing a school from inside (while being alive).

Did you know that some decades ago a man got locked away because he had the signs of being a psychopath, based on some questions and books? He didn’t do anything and actually got into prison because he robbed a shop or something, nothing serious. But because he then listened to the advise of another inmate to fake being a little different, he got a life sentence. Just because he was considered dangerous because of some thoughts or answers to questions while not doing anything.

And then some man went to investigate his story, while this guy was in prison or some place for crazy people for several decades (don’t remember exactly). In the end he even got him out of there. Coming to the conclusion that this man might have these abilities and was different, but somehow good and just ended up in a bad situation. So this man who got the other one out of his cell (since he actually didn’t commit any crimes besides that shop thing or what it was) later meant that he might have been a good psychopath (or something like that).

But hey, some people know everything and therefor can decide who can live and who can’t and who is what and who and where and when. Yes, because they have read a book.