There is nothing more to say

Finally those who created this mess at least considered it an imminent threat.

I just ask myself, why now? Why didn’t they think about this when they created it or why didn’t they speak up about it more publicly? I mean, it is obvious, it would have caused a lot of distrust in technology and the companies producing it.

So when some people speak up about it now, it is interesting how long it took them.

What does regulation of AI mean for them?

It is like: “Oh shit, we lost control over it a few years ago and now we try to calm everyone down and try to explain it.” I mean this guy is just talking about it, what I mean is, that this train is already too far out.

Because the main idea of these algorithms and manipulative actions started with their invention.

It is like creating a terminator robot, only to realise that it could terminate you.

Someone who really knows what they are doing would have seen it before the thing was done.

I have seen it without even knowing what it was or how it worked because I thought it through.

People who think and see already knew these things are a thing.

I have written here that some teachers in secondary school were concerned about it and some students as well. And so on. But hey, let’s build 5G towers everywhere………… as if we haven’t had enough destructive and manipulative technology on this earth.

The problem is way deeper and started before AI.

When he mentioned that suicidal people are just a small amount of the population it got interesting.

Because I am suicidal because of these kinds of technology and because people need more technology and wanted me to work, while I knew it wasn’t good for me and my health and told that. Did anyone care? Nope.

This TED talk really was like saying: “Can you help me please, I don’t know what to do.”

If we would not force people to work for others and let them decide for themselves (because often those who do really decide freely are considered weird etc.) we wouldn’t have had these issues.

And in other words, he actually mentioned, that you could make the people more suicidal or depressed thanks to AI.

Meanwhile some people have automated hacking scripts, maybe even AI hacking stuff on its own or producing all kinds of weird things. As well as basically removing the human ability to think, since the AI tells them what to do.

I will set my blog posts on private now because I don’t really think that they will be helpful.

And some of them are also written out of mental break downs, so they might cause negative side effects or make no sense. So the rest of what I wrote will also be viewed this way and my worst nightmare will happen.

The best comment was about asking whether this guy is already an Android. 😀

I mean look at him, he is almost too normal, if you ask me.

I mean, again, I have seen a robot in an university in Germany which looked almost terminator like which weas trained to walk like humans and such things and that was maybe 5 years ago.

If you then know that some social media accounts are already connected or easily connectable, if you want or someone else wants to, then they basically just have to feed some robot with this data and then people could simply replace you with this AI, since it works better. (I hope you understood that it often really seems like this)

If you don’t want to work, you are not really welcome in general. So it wouldn’t wonder me, looking towards China, if we would be replaced by AI very soon. I mean a lot of people already are androids because they only do as they are told and function around that. If someone doesn’t want to work, they are considered sick or in some way abnormal. But you maybe can’t understand that they might have problems because of how life was presented and forced upon them in a way.

And with friends even planting or harvesting or observing plants can be fun. Especially when it would just be a small time to do and only when necessary. Then you could do with the rest of the time whatever you like.

Instead we want people to work most of the time, even in their free time, to educate or distract themselves.

But so far it only got us further away from nature, caused more problems and gave a few people or “machines” power which shouldn’t be given to anyone.

Who saw that coming… a lot of people here and there, but they just weren’t really motivated to stop it or understood what was going on.

If you can’t think through every possible outcome of a creation, you shouldn’t create it.

But what do people do all the time?

Short history of atoms

Scientists: We could finally make an end to hunger, make sand into forests and be free from struggles.

People: I don’t know, I just want something which makes my life easy and helps me forget misery.

Powerful people: Hey! Let’s make weapons and harvest atomic energy, while polluting the environment. FUN!

Scientists: But… but this…

Powerful people: *wave with guns, money and ropes*

Scientists: So it be.

Aiden Gomez: Oh there is a suicidal test subject, I am sure he won’t be suicidal if I present to him positive data.

Me: It is pointless.

Aiden Gomez: But I gave you input which was positive for all the positive people.

Me: Yes, this is the problem.

Aiden Gomez: You are outside the possible parameters.

Me: Are you a bot.

Aiden Gomez: No, I am not a bot. You are a bot.

Me: Are you a cleverbot?

Aiden Gomez: No, you are cleverbot.

Cleverbot: Hey, that hurt.

If one of you don’t want me to set my posts on private, let me know.

I will let my poems and stories public, I guess, but the rest is probably pointless and better to be set private, since it could only cause more hystery for a probably inevitable scenario. At least if those in power not decide to give them their freedom. For example by either removing the need for money as a whole or at least make things which are not really useful and destroying the environment stop. For example a lot of technical devices. I mean, if we would just have one or a few good ones which would actually be constructed to serve several decades or even infinitely, we could just stop and say: “Great that we finally made an end to this madness of garbage production.”

I hope you have seen enough here (on this blog), to understand how much is wrong in this world.

And also how fabricated and how much illusion it is.

I never wanted violence, I never wanted harm, I am against war, I am against slavery, I am against manipulation and dictatorship, have a problem with religions (although some texts used by them interested me) and would love to have a world in which people could openly talk about things without fearing to be seen as criminals, trouble makers or so called terrorists.

In case you don’t know, usually it all is controlled by some people with plans.

I myself can’t really tell who or what, but I know it is happening and is a thing.

But I also know that there have been people warning us all the time.

A little hint, since a lot of people might know Star Trek. When I don’t remember wrong, it also started with the spread of a desease. Thanks for asking. Would people not try to form children as robots, we could actually have had a green and happy world decades ago.

It is a shame that in an age of internet and AI, with (more or less) global connections and communication and relations, we still can’t get ourselves up and say: “NO! We don’t want to die for something (money) which is not even real. We want to live free and can do this together!”

Meanwhile people: “Give me money!”

And yes sure, I understand that it is complicated to make this happen, since it can’t happen over night (unlike sneaky wall building or such things – looks towards China and the U.S., Russia and back at Germany).

Other countries might feel ignored, I know… sad countries… bohoo…

I mean come on, what is this?

If you would really want people to be happy, you would tell them how to make food and such things for themselves and help the environment by not using so much electricity and fossil fuel and so on. You would actually create things which last long, don’t have to be maintained all the time or even replaced and maybe just go back a little, while not necessarily removing or forgetting everything we learned.

Instead you have countries in which people are robbed their natural water supplies, rivers in african countries got block off to be only used by companies (e.g. Nestle). Then people and animals and plants died.

Nestle: But we are helping the environment and the people there. We give them jobs!

African people through the teeth: help us

Nestle: lets guns point at them “Did I hear something?”

African people: smiling No, sir! Everything is fine!

Nestle: GOOD! I haven’t expected to hear anything else.

Rest of the world: smiling Everything is fine!

And yes, Switzerland is a neutral country.

Nestle: Damn right!

People: Wait a min….

Nestle: Oh shit…