In one dream the night before I was in a house that was supposed to be mine.

It wasn’t really, but hey, it had a long basement with small stairs and a small window.

So I walked down there and towards the window.

And there it was.

My father, well, at least it seemed to be him, hair completely short standing back towards me.

Then from the right side some small truck or van or something drove past the window, backwards, and then turned and drove past the man I thought was my father towards his house and away.

Don’t ask me where it came from or what it had written on it, if anything or how it was even possible, since there was no space for it to come from, especially with the speed it had.

And then the man returned and looked like RIck Grimes from The Walking Dead and tried to tell me something and got closer to the window. When he got real close I heard him say something like: “Watch it! There is a big spider next to you!”

Since I didn’t see any before, I thought he was joking, but hypnosis for the win, there was actually a big spider next to me on the window I just looked through. Okay, it was maybe as big as my hand, but it was yellow black or something and well, I have nothing against spiders and have seen many in my life time just sitting there in a room with me, doing nothing or just climbing the walls. Actually pretty friendly usually when you ask me. But maybe I just scared them. I don’t know.

In this dream scene I turned around and then saw even more spiders on the floor and then tried to run up the stairs.

Then the dream either ended or I forgot the rest. 🙂

At least it seemed that nothing happened, unlike in other dreams where I fell down into bright white light or such things. Dreams…

Well, after this dream I had an animated dream, like a cartoon or something. I don’t know, I am bad with describing things. A female voice called from somewhere and you could see a bed with purplish colors everywhere or pink and stuff. It seemed this way. It burned a little. 🙂

The voice was calling one of the beings in the bed Elune (probably because I heard that name recently – it is a name, isn’t it?) and that she should wake up. Then the blanket was pushed back and a purple-pink (or something) creature stood up. Next to her seemed to sleep a boar or something. Elune (the character), which I sadly can’t really describe, had no clothes and basically a thin seeming body without any details – almost like a puppet, except for the head). She seemed energetic when she heard the other voice calling her to wake up, but got a long boar nose for a moment and then the hair changed into green leaves or something. Then she either ran or flew or something towards the end of the room and out of the window. Well, I don’t know what was outside the window or what happened to her, but then the window was closed again, I think and I saw her hanging down from the ceiling in the middle of the room. But it wasn’t a rope, more like a big / log headband or or something, and her throat was just laying on it, while she was swinging in the air. Well, I don’t know what happened there, but then the dream sequence seemed to have ended.

The dream after that was too realistic again, at least as far as I remember the things could have actually been this way.

I was watching someone or being someone who was in a big noble hotel or something. There were a lot of big pools, tables with a lot to eat. But mainly things with a lot of sugar or fat and stuff. Then I saw a bowl (or something) with bananas and took one and began to unwrap it. There was a group of girls or women running around near me. But I didn’t recognize anyone, nor could I describe them. This usually is the case when I see people I don’t know, at least their face. I am also not sure whether I was part of that group or not, nor do I know how I looked. I began to eat the banana and it didn’t taste good and there were these stripes on the sides, they sometimes have. It was all as real as my eyes see things usually. And yes, usually they see not much, I guess…

And yes, developed country kingdom empire people like me have problems. 😀 Developed… but devolver, deevolver, revolver?

Back to the dream sequence or whatever it was, since it could have actually have happened somewhere else. Unlike the first dream with the truck / van out of nowhere. 😀

Well, then I walked down a hallway or something away from the swimming pool and all the people, whatever they wanted or didn’t want from me or whether I was someone else or not. The walls had green color, almost smaragd like or something similar together with patterns out of triangles out of gold or messing or at least a brighter, yellowish shining material. I remember touching it and the green stone felt rough beneath my fingers and cold and for a moment I felt as if I was really there, but then soon after I woke up, I think.

I mean, sure, it could have just been a generic dream made out of past experiences or visuals from movies or tv shows I watched together with games and all that mixed up into a few dreams. Waking up from such experiences is always “exciting” since then I am always lost for a moment unsure where I am. But then the memory comes back and I remember, that I am a messed up guy in a town/village next to a factory building. 🙂 And that I am stupido.

But hey. At least I remember where I am. Would be shocking to wake up one day at that place, but I wouldn’t recognize it and then run away.

Someone: That sounds similar to what some people call Alzheimer’s.

Well, yeah, wouldn’t be surprised.

Someone: But that is not how it works.

Then how does it work?

Someone: I am sure someone knows.

I just know that it is reverse able like many things.

Someone: Yes, yes many things are. Which reminds me that you still have a house full of things neither you or anyone else in your family seems to need.

That’s right. Maybe I should just bring them to some place where people can buy them for a little money.

Someone: But you would maybe need some as well.

For what?

Someone: You have to pay for things, don’t you?

But in the Avatar universe (the one with the blue creatures) they could just fly around and go to their spirit tree or what it was.

Someone: But you aren’t in that universe and you are dependent for now.

I know, right? And I do really regret training myself to not want to drink, especially water, since it would be good for me and my body would need more, because when I woke up from the dreams yesterday and today it was pounding as if it want to jump out of my chest.

Someone: High blood pressure confirmed, I would say.

Indeed… I mean when I sit here I forget about everything and could probably even freeze or starve.

Someone: Which reminds me of a story about a girl which cared more about her virtual character or pets or whatever in online games than herself and then actually starved to death after a few days.

Did that actually happy?

Someone: It seemed this way, but that was some time ago.

So it got worse?

Someone: Probably.

Well… that is horrible and I wish there would have been a lot of trees and berry bushes outside and no houses and factories and cars and…

Someone: You and your stories. If you weren’t a complete mad being formed in hell itself put together with …

Hey, that isn’t nice. What are you saying about my mother?

Someone: Eh, you…


Someone: What did I say?

Ah… yes, no. I mean, look. It was different back then, life was easier.

Someone: Yes, because everyone was blind.

Not everyone, but yes, people usually stop themselves to the things they have control over, like pulling a lever.

Someone: A lever?

I don’t know, maybe a switch, call it what you want.

Someone: But I don’t know what these things are. Did you mean liver?

Maybe, maybe it was that. I mean, yes. My liver was also pretty damaged one day.

Someone: FOCUS!


Someone: Yes…

Oh. So I am still the idiot I am.

Someone: And the mirror age is 25, since when you put it into digital numbers it looks like a mirror in the middle. Or in other words, symmetrical.

So that is why the used this number. I get it now.

Someone: No, you get nothing. Even after more than 20 years you are still at beginner level.


Someone: That means that you will never win.


Someone: It will mean that you are supposed to win, but will fail.


Someone: Can you say something else than “AND” now?!


Someone: … thanks….

I mean, I don’t want to build an insect hill only to realize that it was only to build an insect hill.

Someone: This is why you are a human and not an insect.

I know right, but somehow humans tend to be humanoids (or androids) or robots, even worse than ants.

Someone: But why do you think that this is true?

It isn’t because not all humans are like that or want to be like that, but some are just too far inside or were.

Someone: Like your mother after she got told to work and always got pushed back when she tried to break out because she got convinced that she needs the money?

Yes, like most people, at least for quite some time, mainly men, I suppose.

Someone: Why is that?

I don’t know, probably to show off or make others do things so they could do nothing.

Someone: But isn’t that boring after some time?

I thought so as well, but somehow they always find new things they could create or do.

Someone: And what about you?

I don’t know, I just don’t know what happened this morning / night because the dreams were so messed up that they almost looked like some advertisements these days.

Someone: W h a t?

A lot of people connecting, doing things, a lot of digital dreams and women laughing about great electric colors and cities.

Someone: So they were happy. Isn’t that a good sign?


Someone: Yes, laughing and smiling means you are feeling good.

Well, tell that an actor and they will probably punch you to Narnia.

Someone: Where?

A place far, far away.

Someone: Up the street?

Yes, something like that, but with less mono-culture.

Someone: Probably.

Yea… and less factories.

Someone: Factory is a word I can’t find in nature. Is it a metal?

Yes, something like that. Sometimes they use metal, sometimes they are made with metal, sometimes they produce metal things.

Someone: Metalmania?


Someone: A what?

I mana? … Mana mana?

Someone: Oh God no… the core is running low on hydrogen.

Eh Makarena. … I am a baby girl in a baby wooorld, made of plastic, its fantastic.

Someone: Damn… the memory sector needs some fine tuning. And these sounds are … are… they make my eyes scream.

Kordula Grün….

Someone: Can someone please deactivate the memory section? PLEASE?! It seems to burn.

What is a …

Someone: NO! NOO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! You don’t start with these now.

… cucumber ….

Someone: STOP!!!

… with …

Someone: Ah, finally, there is the reset button.

…with … with… with… with..

Someone: Now it got stuck…

…with… with… wuff… with…

Someone: It almost sounds like a dog.

… with… wither… with… what..

Someone: Oh… now I see the problem, it was the water color. I should have probably refilled that before restarting. Now the mainboard probably is overheated. Let’s just shut the whole thing down and see whether it works in a few hours again.

…wiiiaaaaoooooooooooottutjhthtehtelh,öe54….. peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep high voltage noises

Someone: It worked with the older model, so why shouldn’t it work with the new one. New is always better.

Reader: My eyes, my head, my mind. What have you done.

Someone: Hey there.

Reader: Oh hey YOU USELESS wonderful PIECE OF JUoy.

Someone: Junk.

Reader: …


And I got my solar panel today and put it on the greenhouse to recharge the travel box.

Someone: Can someone just make his head separate from his body? Please?

And I will probably not use it that much because I don’t travel, as it seems.

Someone: SO you are wasting resources?

I don’t know, I mean, I tried to make my mother use it instead and also to convince her that she might not need her notebook soon.

Someone: And?

Now she got a letter that her retirement wasn’t granted, although she sent them papers and information multiple times, while it actually was clear that she should have enough time worked.

Someone: What is a retirement? What is letter?

I don’t know, these are things people get or want who got told that they should work against their will because of other people or who wanted to live dependent, while natural things would otherwise have been available for everyone and my mother knows that deep down, but the religion and work information is so deeply rooted into her that she might never give up on it. And I was happy that she could finally leave work forever next week and finally be home and then grow things in the garden. At least for now.

Someone: Maybe it turns out good after all.

When you have to make parks to ensure nature, something is really not right.

Someone: COM put Err.

Arrr, right…

Someone: Why am I not surprised…

The author was later seen being kidnapped by some indigenous people.

Someone: But now really. What is wrong?

If I could tell what isn’t, I let you know. And by the way, some great hauling!

Someone: Indeed. 🙂