The free mind(s)

As with any time in the past, the free minds or you could call them free thinkers or open minded people, they knew what was coming and also going on around them. Some of them more, some of them less, but they usually very different from others. And often either ignored or cherished.

As mentioned before, people before the first world war thought that the world was finally going to be a better place. At least some men probably. They found electricity and radios and cars and such things. Although by freedom it also could have helped people in general to communicate and find new ways to live with each other. But some saw that dark times were ahead and then the first world war happened.

Afterwards people tried not only show that it should never get this far again, but also tried to show that some development was already going on again already (e.g. german troops training with tanks in the USSR they shouldn’t even have according to “WWI terms of defeat”). Interestingly poets and other artists and people warned that there would be another world war and dark times, but they happened anyway.

And again and again and again and again.

At some point mentioning was not even worth it anymore it seemed, since there was so much going on, Vietnam war, Iraq, Iran, the fake 2001 shit show in which some people lost their lives. And so on.

So it was not even clear anymore whether artists had actual messages nor meanings or purpose, since what they did was called or said to be something which is only up to them or up for free interpretation and therefor without meaning. At least for me it sounds like this, although of course some things might actually be free to see them in different ways. But these are different things we are talking about.

For example when someone is writing about feelings, about certain words and describes a scenery, like a train station and how people come and go and it never ends. They might just say, yeah well, nothing new, that is normal, so why write poerty or a short story about it? So the effort to express something important gets taken away and people who might have a very hard time, a lot of pain and nightmares all around them, get laughed at, ignored or discredited or fooled. “Look, I can also write a story about a train station. Man what you write is silly, get a real job.”

“Arbeit; Macht; FREI”

“Work; Power; FREE”


But apparently I am just typing…

Well not just tying, but also constantly questioning whether I am still helping people or not.

And whether I make things worse.

It is really terrifiying when you wake up and always question yourself and whether you should actually do what you think might be helpful or change something. Or whether this might actually be a psychological trick or something I got convinced of at some point, believing it was my idea. You know, that is very horrible.

As a child it was still easier for me to think for myself.

Do you know that some people said, that terrorists meet in video games?

No? Well, apparently our lives are video games anyway, in a way.

And it is always easier to accuse the victim of terror as the cause of it.

Otherwise you would have to accept that you were cpart of it and that is painful, isn’t it?

But for those who already know all that, you are loved and you should live and hopefully will survive.

And like Mengele expected some people to die within a few days or weeks, but they then still lived decades after, you can also survive. I mean if someone survived the Death Angel himself in a concentration camp, you can also do that. Or am I wrong?

Sorry that I had to do all what I did on this blog, I didn’t want to mess you up, in case you weren’t already before. But again, would it be better if you would not have known all this and then day without a chance?

By the way, in case you didn’t understand it.

Soon most of the people I mentioned here and who might somehow be related to me, could be either killed (in some way, actively, passively or just brain-washed, again).

So in case you learned to love them or maybe had some feelings for me or yourself all of a sudden, keep that in mind. And I don’t want anyone to die and will die on behalf / instead of them, should that be the price for their lives. But this is not how it goes, is it?

We are better than this? Aren’t we?

And should they start to disappear, while some of them might already did or died as I mentioned, at some point this has to stop.

If you want to understand life, you have to face death. Either actually or imaginative.

You have to think about your life and what would be, would you die within the next few minutes or hours.

And when you then realise that you don’t want to die or at least don’t want to suffer, maybe there is hope.

Speaking towards people who don’t know what it means to live with pain or who don’t understand why it is there and shouldn’t be (like that).

Tbe girl in the red dress…