The Doctor’s fate

The doctor came down the hallway, after a long shift at work. He wasn’t the kind of doctor you would love to see or like the nurses. He came around the corner and then entered the room of one special patient. She was in this room for quite a long time now, barely able to move and if so, to understand what was going on.

He dignosed her with a new form of dementia, yet to be named. All his studies were without the final breakthrough he had waited for all this time. Still he hoped, that maybe today he will finally be able to find it. Then he would finally achieved his long dreamed goal, of being among the other famous and leading doctors in this area. Finally, he would be noticed.

The patient was lying in her bed, without movement as usual, staring at the ceiling or whatever her eyes might be looking at. Then the doctor looked at her vitals, took another blood sample and checked all the usual values. It was a shame, after all this hard work, she might lose her soon, without his final results being approved. At least, so he thought, he could use what he found out with another patient. He turned around. Although he didn’t expect an answer, since she wasn’t really here anyway, he said what was about to happen.

Doctor: “I am afraid, you might not survive the week, maybe not even the next day.”

Too his surprise the patient moved her head towards him and stared right into his eyes.

Patient: “How well you always can describe your own fate. What a shame you never realized.”

The doctor was shocked for a second, but then he reminded himself, that it must be the morphine and maybe some other reactions together with her broken mind, which lead to this.

Doctor: “Well, I am really sorry that I can’t do more for you, but I must say, that I am thankful to be able to work with you. Sadly it seems that I can’t safe you. But I will personally take care of your funeral and will tell your family, that you helped science to make a big step into the future.”

The patient still stared at him without any movement. He got hotter and started to sweat.

Patient: “All these words I could have said, but you didn’t let me. Wouldn’t listen. So you had to say them yourself, since you didn’t want to listen to me.”

Doctor: “I don’t understand…”

He was really confused and irritated now, actually speaking the truth. He had no idea what was going on. So many years without any words, at least nothing which made sense. Only some random words here and there or sounds, if even. And now this. Maybe he finally found a solution, but she will probably die anyway. At least there was hope now, for other patients like her.

Patient: “You will understand, but then it will be too late for you.”

With these words she closed her eyes and started moving like crazy for some seconds, probably some kind of spasm, as the doctor assumed. Then the heart beat stopped and a loud beep noise filled the room.

Doctor: “I am sorry…”

This is all what came out, even lower than usual, almost as if he was honestly sad or shocked. But he knew that this would happen, just didn’t expect it to be this soon. After he checked again for himself, just to be sure that she was actually dead, he wrote down the time and name into the notes.

He wrote done and said aloud into his voice recorder: “Aileen Asha Robinson, 75 years old, born 8th May 1945, Time of death: 05/08/2020 8:13 PM”

He went over the dates again. What a coincidence. Today was her birthday and now the day she died as well. At least she could rest in peace now, he thought. Then the doctor turned off all the now pointless machines, saved the rest of the data onto the external drive and made some backups. After that he turned off everything and left the room. Since it was already late, he made himself ready to go home and on the way out he told one of the night nurses that the patient in room 313 had passed away. Nothing too uncommon in a hospital.

On the way home he felt not that good and when he almost reached his house, just a few blocks away, there was a street blockade. After a while it was clear, that the street would not be free all too soon and since he was almost home anyway, he decided to find a parking lot nearby. Luckily there was a big parking deck just around the corner.

He found a spot, got a ticket and locked the car. Then he went to the elevator. While he waited for it to come up, he was watching the night sky a little. When the door opened he was about to walk in, but then a young woman came running right into him. Without a word or geasture of an excuse, she ran away. All within a few seconds it must have been. When he turned around again he noticed a man and since he wanted to walk inside the elevator, he bumbed right into him. The hit each other and the sun glasses of the other man fell on the ground. One of the glasses broke and the other one was also slightly damaged.

The man shouted: “Look what you have done! Not only let you escape my wife, but also broke my glasses. For this you will pay.”

And before the doctor could realise the situation, a knife was between his ribs. Got stabbed several times. The other man just let him go down right there on the elevator entry. He was angry and couldn’t see the woman anymore. Must have escaped, for now.

The doctor slowly faded away, but before he passed out, he saw a face in front of his, it was Ms. Robinson. Although she seemed younger and as if she couldn’t look any better.

Ms. Robinson: “I told you, that your time ran out.”

And with these words he died, between the closing doors of the elevator. Although the didn’t kill him, nor completely closed, since the noticed that something was blocking the way. So they move back again, then after a while tried to close again. On and on, until some time later a shocked police officer, who was about to go home found him there. At first he was angry, when the elevator didn’t come down and thought that maybe some kids or teenagers were playing around with it again, like last week. But now he found this mess. At least his shift was over, so he just called his friend, who was still in duty, that something happened on the parking deck. After he told him everything on the phone, his friend said, that he can go home, since his wife and children might be already waiting. And that he was just a few blocks away, since he just let him out next to the parking deck anyway. So he walked to his car and drove home.

Meanwhile the nurses in the hospital were searching for the patient who was said to be dead in room 313. But she was nowhere to be found. Only the security cameras have catched something. A young woman walking out of the room, not long after the doctor must have left the building. Since the patient in there was said to be dead, the nurses first didn’t go in there, had other things to do. A dead body doesn’t walk away, the even joked. And so it was maybe an hour later, when they found the room to be empty and started searching in confusion.

No one knew where she was and who the young woman leaving her room could have been, nor how she had entered the room, since they only saw her walking out, while going through the recordings. One of the previous recordings was a little broken, so they assumed that maybe someone has altered it and forgot to change the other one. But it was still a riddle, where patient 313 had gone.

One of the nurses just mentioned, that the young woman looked very similar to her, maybe her daughter? But when she heard how old that old lady was, it could not have been the case. And the others washed it off. None of their business anyway and since it was just a dead missing body, it was probably better and easier to keep silent about it, than investigate further.

Patient 313 was never seen again, but you never know.

A day like any other, were the words in the logs.

A day like any other…


Thanks for reading through guys. I just had this scene in my mind in which a patient who was said to die soon, actually predicts the doctors fate. Like in a mirror situation. And then I started to write. 🙂

I hope you liked it and yeah, stay safe! ❤

And don’t give up, okay! I believe in you and hope we will come out of this year as new and happier people. And also more optimistic in general. Love you and please feel good and safe! We will make it and live! 💜

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