Colorful Gown

And I love(d) winter, since I could be alone and it wouldn’t be that weird.

Summer depressed me, winter refreshed me.

You only don’t know who you are or need drugs to forget, because someone doesn’t want you to be free.

Sometimes you don’t want to be it yourself, usually it is others who can’t accept you have or want what they couldn’t get or never considered.

Is it wrong to be free? – No.

Is it wrong to be yourself? – No.

Is it wrong to be on your own? – No.

But why are these questions irrelevant and without meaning nor the answer?

Because in order to actually understand them, you have to realise that it isn’t natural the way you “grew up”.

Otherwise you could confuse the image you or others have of you, with the actual you, therefor all questions would be pointless, since you would only answer them as you would describe a character or image.

Like: “Where does the teacher belong?” – In a school.

Is it true? Does it make sense? Is it necessary?

In the context of “our” western or standardized or “civilized” world we usually assume these things for either given, unchangeable or even plausible. But it only makes sense, if you learned that it does.

If you would have learned that a teacher sits on a tree, on a big branch and you sit on a lower branch, then you would say that the teacher “of course” belongs to the tree. Wouldn’t you agree? But why, if the location has nothing to do with it? Does this mean that a teacher is actually not a teacher, while they of course should be one? Where is the difference between the janitor and the teacher and a woman riding a horse?

Why are children and teenager considered all (more or less) “equally” unknowing and therefor need to be taught things, when often (sadly) not even the teacher knows what they are doing or why?

Does the age in terms of knowledge, wisdom and understanding really make a difference? There are things when and where it of course does, that is for sure, but a lot of the time it didn’t and caused problems which shouldn’t have been.