The slave who isn’t one

You can dream, you can wait, or you can dream and make something of it.

When I see people feeling lost, which seems to be the common thing, I see slaves.

But I know I am a slave as well, in what I see as slavery.

Where is the freedom in the realization of your own slavery, not even by yourself but most or everyone around you?

When you understand that the slavery is just slavery when you accept it, you could see that maybe the ones who think they are in control, are the biggest slaves of us all.

Why is that? Well, they need us and what we can do or shall do, to be happy or have some kind of “life experience” and “entertainment”. Isn’t that a sad thing? I mean, they are basically enslaving us with them, while they think and make us think, that we are the slaves, while also convincing the rest that they aren’t. Or give them something to forget it (maybe).

But they are actually the ones who are the most trapped, since they have no sense of life at all. Only a mathematical or conceptional or structured idea of it, which has (almost) nothing to do with it.

When the slave knows that they are free to the terms of their own will (what they want to do, feel and such things), they can be greater than those who think they aren’t slaves. Eventhough there would be written “slave” on their clothes or other words and symbols. Since there is no meaning behind it, when you don’t want it. At least when it comes to yourself and those you love. Others can call them, name them or make them whatever they want (in a way), but you and those you love don’t have to accept it.

So the ones who think that they are ruling a bunch of slaves, might end up ruling their own misery, while the “slaves” could have a good time and even live and live longer or forever? Not like them, since they never learned nor wanted to live, actually live.

For me it was clear, that when I am like God (according to the bible), then I can do godlike things. It wouldn’t mean that I would have to do anything nor want it and I also knew that theoretically I have limitations. But only if I want to and they are good for me and others.

A slave thinks or gets told to think and feel like a machine or a flesh and bones body, without anything of higher meaning. But as soon as you understand that your whole body was created through one cell (and maybe some extra data), you know that you can live forever, if you want to. Not meaning that you have to or that you have to live in your body (I guess), but when it was one cell and then they turned into billions (or whatever, I don’t know how many cells the average human has 😀 ) then why can’t they repair themselves again or create new ones, where old ones died? Actually this happens all the time, so why is it that science thinks it is necessary to kill life to get life? Or at least to understand life and find ways to make it longer?

And this only goes for some scientists, as always, since there are always some who actually want to understand.

The interesting thing is, that it usually requires not much to understand it, so most scientists fall into the madness trap. It is one thing to try to safe life and help those who can’t understand it right now, but a completely different thing, when you have to kill people or other life to achieve this. And they do and did all the time, some of them. Either willingly or passively through their ignorance. And others who fought against it either died, disappeared or whatever happened or happens to them.

When you can’t accept that a human body, like any other, could live forever just like that, then I don’t know what you know, believe or live for. Since every second could be your last or not?

For me things are about the feeling and about the will and sharing and understanding and most importantly to have a good time, telling jokes, making funny things, when necessary make something serious, like helping someone out and create things if you want or just imagine stories, play roles in games and all of this.

Someone who thinks that 70-80 years are a life or that years say anything about life, experience, knowledge and good or bad, knows (probably or almost) nothing about actual life. And this could be just because others did a good job on convincing, punishing, breaking forcing, hurting (and such things) you.

The worst people are those who think they actually do the right thing by convincing others of something, while knowing that it can’t be good or shouldn’t be seen this way.

For example calling hard labour an important, necessary and main reason for and of life, although it only makes people sick, hopeless, depressed and robs their actual freedom and lets them ignore their needs and feelings and all. Or calling death the goal of life, as if it was something great and good and cool. For me death was always just a trial to escape, to get rid of myself and hopefully stop existing and stop annoy anyone with my wishes, dreams and imagination (or knowledge).

It didn’t really work, since whenever I faced death or something I would see as such, I wanted back and not be alone, although at the same time it didn’t matter to me or I even wanted it, since I felt that I was unwanted anyway. Or if wanted, then only to please and serve others, but not live myself.

And the worst thing is, that it is almost worshiped to be alone or see being alone as something good. It isn’t and never was.

The difference between your own master and therefor be able and allowed to take time off (whatever that might be), but always come back and never be or feel completely alone – and actual loneliness – is that you know you are allowed to and therefor can feel good about yourself and others.

Okay, very long and complicated (maybe), but I try to explain it in words and terms known to most people.

When you wouldn’t have to work or do something and instead could do something, if you want to, you would do something eventually. And if not, it would be not a problem, since someone usually would do something at some point. It is almost or actually impossible that noone would do a thing, I mean just think about it, it would be not only boring, but stupid and irrational to expect such a thing. Sadly enough it often seems this ways, since although most people always do something, they don’t really do what they want, could or maybe should do. So most of it is either distraction, forced by others or themselves or them being lost in the midst of all this madness they got put into. All understandable (at least by me), but we are here and can always, make a difference.

For example when I was younger I once thought, maybe I will die anyway, since of all these deadly and painful things others created and put around us (etc.), but I could at least try my best to change it by making it visible and give others or myself a chance to do something. And if it would just be for a few out there or maybe some children and other young people, so they know they are not alone.

Hope is powerful and love is powerful and music as well.

No wonder all these things are hated or get disturbed and turned into something weird, painful or perveted, if not diabolic. But the tings themselves can’t be controlled. This would be like saying, I can make the universe stop exist. I highly doubt that and since I live inside the universe (or whatever), it is unlikely that I could make it stop exist. Even a computer virus who is meant to destroy a computer, not only the data, can’t destroy everything. It might be able to start a fire, make some parts of the computer hardware broken and wipe all data clean, but at some point it reaches a limit. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a computer virus, would it be?

I will write something about how I imagine life and whenever I was in a good state, thought it should and could be. Partially I wrote about it here already, like most of the things. I rethink some things (find new ideas and unthough relations) or think about them again, just to not forget them or because I got reminded of them.

And I heard from others that they also had seen aging more like a sickness or related to sickness and such things, rather than an actual thing related to time, age or whatever is said to be the reason.

It doesn’t mean that it might have been considered this way in the past or was explained this way for various reasons.

This would also explain why some people like my mother look pretty young compared to her “age” (since by age she could be my grandmother), but some people thought she was 10-20 years younger at times. Usually to her disadventage, since people then thought she should work more or can’t feel that bad (or whatever).

And it would also explain why some people live hundred or maybe even hundreds of years (or more), while others die at a young age.

This also doesn’t mean that it is their fault, since it could be understood this way. It is more the fault of those who just don’t want to accept this possibility, can’t accept it or maybe just want it for themselves, while they will then never get it. Since the core and main reason for it to work is love, happiness, sharing it with others and also allowing yourself to be someone and see how others might feel or have felt and such things.

A good example should be actors, but sadly they are told to look good and be perfect at best or to wear makeup and all these things. Good actors who really want to live or understand a role, also learn something about themselves and others this way. Maybe even want to help others this way and also grow through these experiences. Sadly the expectations of some people could drive them insane or the need to play a role to get money, rather then playing it for fun or to help (etc.). This goes for almost job and anything you can or could do in the world as it is at the moment and was for a long time.

When you understand that being productive is the same like floating in a lake or swimming pool, you know what life is. The word productive is actually a word I don’t like, as well as work and education and such things. Since they usually are related to machines and expectations and therefor slavery.

Productive is also near to product and when when you flip the letters you get I’ve product and then, after a small “mind flip” turns into I’m product.

Since we aren’t products nor machines, it is a shame that we are considered as such or get told and believe that we are (in a way). Like with things like: “You have to work to be free.”, which is nonsense and was used by nazis in concentration camps or death camps to kill people by labour, while telling everyone else that they help or educate or whatever. Oh… you understood, good.

When you don’t run out of imagination and/or the will to live, you won’t die.

I can’t say what happens when your body dies, what exactly happens, but I can say that according to what I know and understand, it is pretty likely and logical, that a human body can live forever, if not destroyed in some way. Which there are way too many, but that is another story.

I also think that as long as I won’t willingly kill myself or harm myself and no one else does, why should it be impossible to never die, if you want to? It wouldn’t mean that it could never happen, but at least then you wouldn’t force it yourself and at best others also wouldn’t. So it could be a natural catastrophy, like a vulcano eruption for example, these things happen or at least happened. And until then, you would have a great life and in case this wouldn’t happen and noone would want to kill you (for whatever reason), you can do what you want (in a way).

Life isn’t about progress, about needed change, about labour, about pain, about forcing things, about hurting yourself or others and not about making people do what you think is good for them, others or yourself.

Just because it is possible and can be done, doesn’t mean it is any good, useful or necessary.

If you call these things (pain, death, labour, …) “the meaning of life”, you are either insane, got brainwashed (which is common and horrible) or gave up on yourself and others (or something like it).

It is one thing to “work” to get something good done, for example building a something or creating something which will everyone or at least a lot of people happy and then do it because you want it and they want it and not to distract yourself or have to do something to not do nothing.

I mean, isn’t it boring to always do nothing or on the other hand always do something?

So doesn’t it make sense, that you would eventually change your behaviour at some point, simply because it is or gets boring? No? Well, at least to me it makes sense.

At the end of the day, you always need something, the simple things: Love, some “fuel” (food and something to drink, to repair some cells or grow new ones, when needed), friends, sleep (to repair cells and regain energy), dreams (maybe through sleeping) to see what you might could do or just to have some new ideas or process what happened the day before (or at some point).