The mirror of death penalty (again)

Why is this scene in black and white?

And why does it seem, as if it actually shows everything in the opposite way of how it might be seen by normal people?

Or even in a completely different way?

I know why, but do you ask yourself these questions and find an answer?

And then somehow she was right about it, but then also wasn’t sure and just had to say it because she felt insecure about it and felt better by saying something against it, while not understanding him.

Even Mulder didn’t believe this man it seemed, while he actually just wanted to test Scully.

And then she even went against herself and talking to him in a hope to find the two young people another guy had kidnapped and was about to kill.

Then he even helped although he knew that she didn’t actually have deal for him and even warned her because he didn’t want her to die out there, although in his position he could have just ignored all that and do whatever one does who knows they will die the next day.

You are confronted with a prisoner who is sentenced to death, has nothing to lose or gain, but who is thankful for someone who just spends time with him and helps although for himself it won’t make a difference. I hope you understand where the problems in our world are.

I dropped a tear right now…

And then Scully followed his advise, although she was unsure and in the end saw “the devil” the man in the cell was talking about and if she wouldn’t have listened, she might have died as well.

But as a thank you for helping, for giving all he was able to give in his miserable position and condition, he got killed anyway. The irony of the first clip, in which it was said, that those who hate their brother will not get eternal life and always be in death. This man had learned his lesson, at least from what he was able to learn and understand. He could have easily ignored Scully, but he didn’t and even helped her.

And although some things could be wrong or different, why can’t we at least give it a try, like this prisoner.

Instead of giving him dead words and a bucket of gas (or a needle or whatever) we could have just talked with him some more, maybe spend some time, maybe even give him the possibility to write or watch something and also consider other options than killing or humiliating him and instead actually care for him, despite what he has done.

And speaking of the “Holy Bible”, even in it there is said that God loves everyone, only the sin he doesn’t.

So how can these people speak about God, when they don’t even understand or believe the basis of their own belief?

I personally have a lot of perspectives on things and don’t place a book or anything above others or want to justify my own actions. When someone got harmed because of me and I wanted that, I will have to face it.

But we have so many different ways and good ways to face things, when someone really wants to, that it is horrible to hear that some people are killed in prisons or elsewhere to this day.

What do people get from it? Why do people do that, especially when they say, that they are acting in the name of justice and or God?

I don’t know all things and don’t need to know, but I know and understand too much.

I am glad that I had some water in my eyes while putting this together and even a big tear.

Sure, I don’t have to write about it and it seems weird to write that I have water in my eyes.

Especially while watching a sci-fi, horror show in which a guy had killed his family and now faces his own death.

Because it seems to be not normal to cry for someone like him.

I hope you understood the message.

If the condition for him to be set free would have been to chain him on me, I would have accepted.

You might ask: “Who would do such a thing?” (like living with a former mass murderer) or “Who with a little sense in the head would set such a guy free?!”

There is a part in the bible, I hope some of you know it (and again, I am not a religious guy), Jesus was in prison after he got betrayed by one of his disciples. And then when Pontius Pilatus (the governor) asked the people -who they wanted to (be)- set free, they had to choose between Jesus and Barabbas (some criminal). And then they shouted “Barabbas!”, which then was leading to Jesus getting crucified. Sure he came back to life or wasn’t dead afterwards, but it was a clear message which was (somewhat) shown in this episode.

Because of course this prisoner here committed crimes, killed people, he was still a human.

Some people who kill others get promoted and worshiped, others get sentenced to death, although they might have regret what they have done. So don’t wave around with a book you haven’t even read or if even, understood.

And again, I am not religious and I read all kinds of things, watch all kinds of things and have problems.

But even if every word in the bible (or maybe some other scrolls) are purely fictional, why is it that these stories are often more real than what we see and learn in our actual lives?

Being only altruistic won’t help.

Being only protective won’t help.

Being only mathematical / scientific won’t help.

Always fighting won’t help either.

But supporting someone in fighting their demons might be worth it.