Next time.

We don’t talk about what could have been because I know that no one would have listened.

I don’t say what you should have done because no one would have done it anyway.

I could have, I tried, but it is exhausting.

What is the logical and intelligent approach to get control over a sickness?

If you ask the middle ages, then you would just let everyone who is infected being isolated and die alone or even kill them, so it is faster and easier to get rid of it. Then burn everything and done.

So why did we even act worse than people in the middle ages while pretending that we did better?

Let me explain what would have been necessary to make such a scenario we face now impossible or at least a lot difference and highly unlikely.

It starts with knowledge and wisdom, as always. If most people know and understood what kind of things are out there and how they spread and develop, they can of course just do things on their own when they know something like a pandemic happens. It is obvious that you don’t have contact with others and only have it when necessary. But this is the problem. You will see what I mean in a second.

What do you consider as necessary?

Let us start with the life of most people. A lot of people go to work in offices, in factories, fast-food restaurants and such things. Are they necessary? Most of these things aren’t and shouldn’t even be a thing, if you ask me.

Most factories produce rubbish products anyway, they look good in some cases, but in the end they are all developed to be faulty. And if not, then they make them seem this way. And if not, then there could be better things, but they wouldn’t make them because then their own position would be pointless.

A virus is detected. People get informed about it, so they can prepare themselves for it. They stay at home, maybe get some books or imagine some stories or games to play. Since we already have a lot of cities and factories and that stuff, we would have closed them, since we don’t really need them anyway. Then most people would have lost their job, obviously and wouldn’t get money. So we would have gotten rid of jobs and money for good and finally forever. Then we would have focused on the important part. Most people would need food, water and maybe some medicine because some are dependent (or were made dependent) on it, while some medicine is of course also good. The people would stay at home and wouldn’t meet others, at least when they aren’t alone already. Those who were alone before would be able to get together with others, if they want to, so they wouldn’t have to sit it out on their own. Since most people wouldn’t know what to do anyway, they could then help to ensure that everyone gets food. They could walk or drive around and give packs of food to people by placing it in front of their doors. Only people who would actually not have enough would ask for it, so the others would have enough as well. Some people who are able to, would start planting food themselves and look into good alternatives and more natural things. The main things which would be running would be the water and electricity system for the moment, so everyone would have clean water, lights and maybe a way to communicate with others.

The medical sector would be slowly growing because most people would have no idea what to do anyway and helping people would be the number one priority anyway.

The people would know that if they would sit it out globally, the virus / sickness could be stopped within a few weeks because if all who are infected and know it get help and those who weren’t would just stay at home it could work. Since everyone would have enough to eat and no problem to survive, they could easily stay at home or safely ensure that others also have all they need to sit through it.

People would willingly give up on things they might have wanted or needed or thought to be necessary before because in the global perspective these things are not really important. And the thing is, that after the few weeks or months they could maybe do some of these things again anyway or maybe even discover other things, like dreams for example and enjoying the moment without much else then what is already there.

Why didn’t it happen? Because it makes no sense to give up on madness, when you are comfortable with it.