Send help – tactics

It is very horrible what some states do to their own people or let happen because other pressure them.

Since I am in Germany, I would just call the police, but well… then I would have to call a number which is just slightly (about one) bigger than my hand has fingers. And these days there even drive some vans through my village although they weren’t from the local station. Hopefully from the next bigger town and not the “circle town”. But you never know.

First you send bad guys (WWII tactic, send disguised people and say it were polish soldiers) and then you stock up the troops and start a war. Good old world war tactics. Man, as if they were reading it out of a book or something… I mean…

First I send troops to steal children, then I send troops to bring children back (if necessary) and let them stay there, so they can make sure that no one escapes, the bandits, none of the bandits can enter and escape with the children, you know.

Good that we have walls and guns these days, not like in past war, when they only used words and body language, politics and stuff…

(Just in case you think I am unrespectful, I just want to say, that this is what I thought they would do when I was a teenager. They would first cause a problem, then let the people scream for help, then send help and with the help the actual problem, once again. I hope you understand.)

And do you know what is also very practical and plausible about public buildings, name lists and such?

No? Well, in school you usually are asked to tell that you are there and when not it isn’t good.

So they know that you are usually there, when you have to. But first you of course make them want to be there, since they offer “knowledge”. And then you can just send some people in there, kidnap them or whatever and don’t have to do much work, since everyone is already in one place. Easy job, right?

Good that it was a state building and UNICEF knows what is going on. Since… you know.

But no, private schools are also not the solution, for all of you who just wanted to say: “Hah, I am in a private school.” There you just pay additionally for your pain, I mean education process.

And as far as I know people in some african states even have to pay for school themselves, if they want to go to school, since they have not much education in general and don’t support it.

In my country we have taxes for that. 😀

Good old roman taxes. Nice.

Well, luckily we have internet and it is a system which is free and without any control.

Did you know that a human body is worth around a million dollars or something on the black market?

Maybe you want to offer your body for free and … oh well, then you would either be dead or lose some parts here and there and maybe are pregnant. Just normal things which happen everyday around the world. No big deal, right? I mean, since it is normal, we can’t do much about it and should also not find any better solutions or actually stop those “bandits”.

I wonder what they are hiding in their vill… villain minds. yes.

Probably they tell them that they will get free women or money or other worthless things.

At least when you would ask some people on this planet. Especially children, I mean, especially they are without any worth for some people. Back in the days (a few years ago), we were telling creepy pastas about a slenderman who steals children and makes them cut themselves and sacrifice or even kill other children. These days… well. You know.

Luckily we know that nothing can stop this.