Unfair? But why?

Wouldn’t you want things to be fair?

I hope the people know, that they can still figure out who this man is. Beause of all the data they give them. View from back, from the side and even a blurred face.

And this is why communism is wrong, as well as capitalism and all these weird concepts. Removing colors, removing freedom to give freedom is paradox. What should be removed is hate, abuse and other things.

But why are these things still a thing? Because of pressure, fear, anger and all these things… Communism isn’t freedom, it is just another form of control. There are some positive ideas from the first people who thought about different concepts. But in the end they never really worked.

Why? Because in the heads of people we still have this idea of being better or controlling others. We can work together, but we shouldn’t force each other to be different or equal or whatever. If something is really good, people will actually want it. Communism in either form won’t work, as well as capitalism. It can’t because there is no love and acceptance in them. Only concepts of power and control.

They will never be ready for it, they are way too busy with their fake lives.