Nonny and Manni

It is a TV series from 1988-89 and was based around Iceland.

And I must say, the ending was very powerful because the bad guy, got what he deserved, I guess.

It was originally in English, but here I just found the German version for now and plays in the year 1869.

But you can of course find everything for yourself.

I just remembered this series and thought it might be worth sharing.

But you know, there is nothing you can expect from me because I can always surprise you with more madness.

This series thou is a bit more about other things and might be a good alternative to some of the things playing in the more present times. I watched it on VHS when I was probably around the age of the children in it.

Yes, VHS, these big video cassettes. I mean how else would that have been stored in the 80s?

Listening to this now has a pretty weird effect because inside my head it plays on rewind and also slowed.

But hey, that is normal, I guess.

Anyway, this series reminds of things a lot of people don’t even know anymore or have seen, like animals, nature and Iceland. I mean, really, I have never been anywhere actually, at least not really. But Iceland would have been one of the places I would have wanted to be. At least without all the (possible) tourism and (possibly) depressed people.

It would have felt more like an adventure to be alive, knowing there is ocean all around, instead of sitting in a german village or town surrounded by machine people. Not all of them, but a lot of them.

People: But we need this technology and machines, otherwise we could go anywhere.

People (a few) hundred years ago:

People: But I can’t drive there with my car and also unlikely to drive there with a motorcycle, although possible. How did these people survive?

Some people (back then):

People today: But what is the point in that, it is boring.

Also people today:

My reaction: So you make a photo of someone making a photo with you phone to capture a moment you don’t really capture because you only make a photo of it as if you would do so?

People: Yes.

Me: Oh, and I thought I was the crazy one.

People: But otherwise we can’t remember and look back at it.

Me: That explains a lot.

People: What do you mean?


People: Yes, it is the symbol of love and also look amazing.

Me: I don’t know about your imagination, but for me it looks like a big spike you might have in your eyes.

People: No, it looks more like a rocket.

Me: May I repeat myself?

People: But the lights are wonderful, don’t you agree?

Me: I have even seen more neon Christmas trees last year.

People: Oh great, do you have some photos of them.

Me: You.. you serious?

People: Yes, I collect photos of Christmas trees every year.

Me: This reminds me of something.

People: So you are into dead animals an making photos of them.

Me: No more questions.


Disk 26:

Now back to the original topic: