Bees and NOOBees

💜 💜

Without bees we probably die as well, even or especially if not, I am not sure if I would want to live in such a world. I always enjoyed the bees flying around in my garden or the open wide. Although I got accidentally stung by a few when I was little.

Did you know that bees usually (as far as I know) did when they sting someone unlike wasps or hornets, I think. But I am not sure about it. And I feel bad for these bees since it was an accident from my side, but while I as a child just got hurt a little (since I wasn’t allergic), the poor bees died. :/

Did you know that there even were some laws against killing or harming bees in Germany (or at least some part of it)? At least when I was younger I heard about it and it was a big sum, meant to make people think twice before they hurt them. But did most of the people even knew about it? Did they care? It doesn’t seem like it, since they are still dying and honestly, no money of the world will safe them, only people who (start to) think differently and care about them. So if even, then only supporting them would help or doing something yourself, like informing about what would be best to give bees shelter, food and a safe environment.

Maybe without all these electromagnetic fields and waves everywhere (at least not which weren’t natural, like from some animals or plants maybe).

People who think a high paid job, a career and high position in whatever is showing their success, importance or power are usually noobs, as some gamers might say.

Which doesn’t mean that people who worked them selves up, with or without help from supporters to actually do something of importance, like helping bees, the natural habitats and environments or others who might not be heard.