Pattern recognition again

As long as it is expected that everyone has to be somewhat doing the same thing. Who says it will work?

Who says it wasn’t the problem?

You can fight, you can kill, you can do all these things.

Or you can die inside, controlled by others, as they always promise freedom, as long as you fight.

You have seen some of my posts, the relations between different times, countries, mentalities, politics, systems, manipulation and dependencies. As long as you don’t write your truth, how will you ever be free?

And do you know what was interesting about the (mostly) Kurdish movement?

First of all, it was a man again.

(Yes, I am considered a man as well, I know.)

Second, their emotions were somewhat burried (at some point).

Third, they also formed people in a similar way as everyone before them.

And yes, I have no idea who they are, never was there and it could all be fake.

You always have to consider such options.

But there were also some good things. Still I don’t think it would work, as it was nothing really new.

Why do I write this, when I also supported it in a way?

Why do I hate violence and especially guns and such things?

Because it will usually cause more violence and problems.

I really have to say it again. Music is a weapon and in my ears or eyes it is a weapon you should use instead of guns.

What makes humans believe that guns or war will set them free of war?

Or if they know it won’t stop, why do they think it should be this way?

Do you remember, that I wrote about my music having an effect on people?

Well, a few cousins of mine had emotional reactions when they listened to it, memories were coming back, feelings they might have never felt or forgot about. My aunt even started to do something creative and my mother felt good. Of course it depended on the tracks maybe, since some of them are also possible to cause deep pain or haunting feelings, depending on the listener and what they currently are going through.

When you understand and can accept that music is one of the “valid” weapons because naturally and technically it can be used to either lift people up or bring them down, motivate, depress and so on. Depending on the frequencies, maybe whether there is text and so on.

I also mentioned that during World wars at times only singing a song safe lives or reminded soldiers of both sides that they shouldn’t continue what they do or did. And even made them surrender or even played football together (e.g. WWI – Chirstmas).

It isn’t a joke, it isn’t a guess, it is a fact.

Music (of course depending on the music … ) can end wars, conflicts, transfer or enable messages beyond basic communication, heal and so on.

What is usually the least used weapon in all history? – Music.

Now give me a reason why? – Because it is the ultimate weapon.

Okay, maybe not THE ultimate weapon, but like something which would actually end conflicts forever.

People: But why does no one use it then?

Because then the conflicts would end, people would finally realize their own existence, no governments would be needed anymore, people would learn for themselves again and could mainly do things which are good for them or discover them.

People: And how should this end a conflict like in Syria or such areas? It is impossible.

Why is it impossible? If you don’t try it, then it will stay a mystery.

I mean, you basically throw bombs, rockets, shoot bullets and stuff on either sides of war.

Did it ever end or really change a thing? This is not about whether one side is the better one or one side is diabolic or not.

I ask you, what can go wrong, would you play music? Maybe specific music, which would maybe cause emotional reactions?

People: Well a lot of things.

Okay, so throwing granades, bombs and such things is better.

People: No.

Ah… I see. So you are more scared of music then weapons, probably it is that why no one plays it in war zones and emotions are bad on either side.

So I may say, choose your weapon wisely.

And visuals can also do their thing.

Did you know that in WWII a german general built up a lot of fake panzers in the North african desert to scare the enemy and safe his soldiers? Since they made photos from the top they saw “real” panzers and then didn’t attack (or something like that). And if I remember correct, this same General was later forced to take a cyanide pill because he realised that the war was never meant to be won, nor really lost, that it actually had no point at all and never had.

Since those who were in control, just wanted people to die, make chaos, so they could build up other things in the mean time. I can’t believe that a lot of people still not get it.

I mean, how can people not see and understand this?

I always wondered… because I did, but I couldn’t stand that love was not allowed and not understood.

It is always that you expect the person next to you as an enemy or that they have to do something.

There are people here and there, you just need to make them listen to things, it might safe your and their life.

And if not, what do you have to lose? Like for real?

And don’t forget, being an individual doesn’t mean you have to be alone and should be, if you don’t want to. But you can still do your thing, like some sing, others write, some are good with plants and other beings, animals and such. There are a lot of things possible and don’t forget, that humans are naturally good and can decide for themselves from childhood on. Like I did.

It would be a happy life, a funny world, full of wonders.

And not everything has to be very special and extra ordinary. The diversity of us it what is the cool thing. Each one of us can do something else and some of course can also do similar things.

A human naturally learns for themselves, they want to learn, want to help, want to do good.

But if they follow leaders, they won’t get what they want and instead fall for a trap. Why can’t you be your own “leader”?

I mean, boy, you can eat grass if you need to. People in hunger crisis even ate leather to fill their stomach.

And I mean some people drink really dirty water and survive. But these things are of course not recommended nor really good. Especially when you can do so much different things.

Why did it start? Because people rejected love, broke love, made love seem like a product or physical reaction or whatever.

Silly things can safe us. Deep things can safe us. Basically anything can safe us, if we just want to and stay together. I failed on that, I guess.

Did you know that some people tried to sterilize some of my ancestors? But somehow they didn’t succeed back then, because the war ended or something.

And in case if some of you have soldiers or police and so on in the family, please love them and call them home. Or show them that they should really think for themselves and maybe not blindly trust their superiors and hopefully also make them see or understand, in case they are able to.

Or in case someone is a General or something, please, please don’t let yourself get dragged away by these wars and weird concepts. Please wake up and let your soldiers wake up. I mean, they would of course still be here I guess, but not trapped in this thinking, this illusion of a world. As far as I know my feat are on this ground here, whether I am asleep or awake. But who knows, one day maybe I get wings. But what does it matter, if you would all just be free and happy once and for all.

Food and water, trees and bees.

Why would you need a city? It’s only use is to control.

Food won’t be found there, at least not easily, it has to be imported or even produced through weird cellular experiments. Maybe the meat you eat is actually your grandmother. You never know.

But one thing is for sure. We can survive this. Don’t isolate yourself, it won’t help anyway.

Isolation kills us, it always does. I mean, sometimes being alone in a way might be good and okay, but I think you know what I mean.

For now we still have a chance. Nut trees are really dying as humans do as well.

I mean people are talking about human deaths each year like in: “We have more deaths than expected.”

And I think: “EXPECTED”

I mean, you usually don’t expect people to die.

I hope you get it.

And again, I don’t know all, I don’t know about what all there is, but I am sure some million or billion people might be able to figure that out.

Don’t be scared, we won’t make things worse as they already are, we can mainly only make them better.

And if not, then what do we have to lose, right?

I for my part still see some trees, still see some animals here and there.

But I also see great despair, fear and pain everywhere.

We don’t need the government, it never was on our side in the first place.

And wasn’t it said, that the people are the government anyway?

SO if I say, I don’t want to do what the others do, I am actually acting according to law.

Authorities: That is illegal!

Law: illegal.

Authorities: illegalized themselves.

AI: MAYOR FAILURE – biep boop, I can’t deny myself, unlike humans – heeeeeeelelllllleleleleleleelelelleelll 0110101111010100110

Futurama: I think I have seen a 2.