Memory of a machine

And I used to like these sorts of things when I was a child or teenager, but yea…

The thing is, that at the core we are still talking about energy and metals or other materials and they are needed to make these things work and are limited. At least in the way we have them on our planet at the moment and on how people usually see things. The worst part about it is, that people actually die and died in wars or other ways to get to these resources. Either because they worked under toxic and or other dangerous conditions (old mines) or their village was simply erased from a map and such things. And then a few people were able to get a lot of these materials, while others lost their life or had nowhere to go etc.

Good that he pointed out that these materials are cheap. Yea… of course they are because a lot of people paid for it with their life. Not to forget that I am still not sure why people still need money as a form of control or believe in it.

But since some people need these things and I use such technology to communicate and also partially distract myself or find things or people or remember, it is a very weird world.

Nature can actually do these things as well, but I guess people are more comfortable with dead things, since they won’t scream (inside), when you (ab)use them. Heh… ;-/

And yes, we can also a lot of cool stuff and help each other out. But instead of limiting ourselves with these things, we should help each other to live and also to safe or protect nature instead of destroying it.

For me there is no problem with being interested in technology as well as nature, as long as you don’t forget that you are a natural being and also not a machine, so capable of way more and also not meant to be in pain or trapped in a work cycle or whatever.

Technology is actually not needed in most cases and causes more trouble than it solves.

Would instead of pushing technology, we would have first come together and live together open and free and share things, we could have maybe instead of destroying the planet help it to recover and then additionally to that maybe build some tools to analyse things, like far away stars for example or thought to be lost or burried artifacts or such things. To use these things in some kind of harmony or even find ways to make it not toxic.

If you wouldn’t force children to learn fast or just waste time to then waste more time, so they serve a slave labor system and are often treated like shit or have a hard time when they can’t do it, what is actually normal. Well, then they would probably at some point get bored of playing the same things or ask questions on their own and even if not might do things out of intuition or for other reasons. And maybe even give new ideas, instead of learning what others already did and might not have been the best at all.

And I mean, if you take possible trouble makers as a reason or explanation for why the system or systems have to work as they do or are meant to work, then you basically say, that it is okay to break children and enslave them.

Because usually a trouble maker at some point was a child as well and might actually not have been making trouble at all or only basic things like spitting out food they didn’t like or something. Normal kid things, I guess. 😀

Because parents usually are forced to work or let others work for them and might have also other dependencies they think they need or got told to have, the children often get forced or recommended to also to similar things. But since children are often different and the child of a wood cutter can also become a doctor or such things or some children built their own radio statio out of things others threw away.

Why and how did they do it? Well these children had time, were curious, either had fun or tried to escape from their otherwise maybe aweful life. So they tried to find ways to help either themselves or maybe also others through trying things and exploring and learning on their own.

Usually a trouble maker does that because they were also treated in a similar way or maybe even called negative things etc. So they have to vent somewhere or let things out. When they can’t find something which helps them in a good way, without harming themselves and others, like writing or maybe developing some things to assist others who might have problems with certain things (missing body parts). I mean even in this one tech video (one of the german ones) this guy pointed out as a side note, that atoms share with each other and aren’t as stupid as we humans. 😀

It all comes back to people on top positions who want to either have an easy life, while not doing anything for it or just do what seems easy. For example selling some stuff to people, while manipulating them into wanting it or just using a basic need and then squize it out (e.g. water, food, health).

But yea… who am I to say these things…

I mean good people die, break or freak out all the time or end their own life because most people don’t really care or understand them. Or do you think it is normal to put weird substances or even fake medicine into them, so they are either quiet or forget their problems and continue working? Usually someone who is there for them would solve most problems or you could then find a solution together. A group of broken people could get unbroken, would they have maybe different kinds of problems, like some atoms. 😀

So one might have a problem with feelings, another one had a lot of problems with trauma and someone might just have a missing leg or something. Together they could somewhat grow together (both together as some sort of family, but also learn more things and be able to do more for each other or others).

Instead, we usually (at least in many cultures or society and stuff) make certain people or institutions responsible for it or they do it themselves maybe, in case they want to be important. Then good people working there over-work themselves and might break down themselves and others just chill while throwing out “easy” solutions (or such things) or do what they want and have an easy life, while presenting themselves as something important and helpful.

I know there are a lot of good people out there who really do their best, often too much to help others.

And it is painful and frustrating to see them break, while other people start the next war, punish people for things they didn’t do or even find people to put in jail instead of themselves to solve two problems. And such things. People build up technological empires, while animals, plants and we ourselves are dying or freaking out. And then some people even say that we should be thankful for that. THANKFUL!?!?! Like to be thankful that some people are dying, so a few others can have a cool but maybe short life, or what?

I wonder what kind of technology bees needed in order to live, maybe shotguns, so they could defend themselves against their enemies. I mean, imagine that, a whole swarm of literal killer-bees with guns flying around. Oh wait… we already have that in a way, only that some people built that and used it to “defend” themselves, as in saying, defending what wasn’t even theirs, like stealing, but for them it is making it free (or whatever).

(VPN providors can also spy on you by the way or have dependencies and have to hand out data when governments as them to do that or maybe others control them. Just to let you know… but in some cases they can still be useful and there are also free and maybe safer ways out there.)

You know, when I switch off or maybe also on the bathroom lights, my server keyboard turns on.

You know, when the floor light is off, it makes ticking like noise.

When I go upstairs, the light bulb wire is almost unoticable red, while the switch is off.

And when I unplugged my computer a few days ago and plugged it in again, the fuse went off.

My house is really great and safe. Good that it didn’t catch fire so far, I guess…

I mean, the wires are not fully isolated I assume and some of them might have also changed over the decades, since my grandfather built this house himself with some help and also didn’t use the best material in some cases, I guess. Which might also additionally cause health problems besides other things.

And I could throw all these things away or maybe just not use or need them, would I be able to just openly be and speak with others. But I guess that will not happen where I live any time soon or will it?

People here usually say that things are none of their business or just ignore suicide or try to forget it, while a few of course feel bad or guilty, but then they also get told that they couldn’t have done a thing. So yea… 😦

And I can’t be the change because I already was, but it probably didn’t help much and caused me to break as well without anything good in the end. Well okay, maybe a few people actually got something good from being with me or maybe a lot, but usually when I tried to talk about things it was either too much for them or they wouldn’t have wanted to know about it anyway. I got all these problems out of ignorance of others in the first place and because of people or institutions which (more or less) forced me to work in their way.

I have my own ways, but people here usually don’t want to know or understand and think that everything has to be as some others told them or whatever. I mean, I also once got told that I wouldn’t care about the artist because I didn’t want to pay money to corporations (or however this big constructions are called) in order to listen to music and also were against copyright stuff. (Mainly because I had not much to give nor saw the point in it, when mainly other people profit from it anyway). While on the other hand I then actually cared for what people were singing or doing and then maybe supported them this way. I mean, when someone does something, then for me it is clear that they did that. Maybe just randomly or for a reason or because of something I might not know of. But I think that it actually is a shame to have copyright stuff, when you think about it. As in nature it could happen that some completely random people from all over the world have similar songs at some point or ideas. But then a corporation jumps in and says: “WAIT! We already have such a thing! You probably stole it or heard it somewhere and now want to profit from it! OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!” (or something like that). So they then either have to come to an agreement or the other one might even have to pay, while they just had similar thoughts and had actually no clue. In a free world it would be clear that such things can happen and it would not matter that much who did something first or did something similar. We would actually do things because we want to or also really pay attention to them or celebrate them. So it would then instead of a threat or law case, be an interest thing to see different people coming to same songs or such things (just as an example). Instead a few people claim rights on everything, even things they actually didn’t do or stole, so people who just want to live have to pay or do things in a different way, only to get killed or die in an accident (if you know what, I mean). And don’t say: “But why would someone do such a thing!?” Or have you already forgotten what I showed you here?