The Calendar Patch

Did you ever wonder about why there are some weird numbers and concepts related to calendars and calendary systems? If so, you are not alone. And if not, well, then you are not alone as well. ^^

Of to a good start I would say, since no one is alone either way.

Let’s just focus on the “western” calendaric system(s), at least what is currently in use in the “modern” world. And maybe how it happened?


Amused and slightly confused reader:

Katholic church:

Ancient Romans (and Greeks):


Intelligent one:

Audience: confused

Intelligent one: What? I thought we are all holding up random things? No?

Some people in the audience:

Intelligent one: See… you did it again.

Audience: What do you mean? We were just laughing and hitting our head.

Intelligent one: Oh… but you were holding up a … never mind. This is so silly, I am leaving.

Randon guy:

Okay enough of these meme, nonsense, computer languages. 😀

In case you are new to calendars and such things, let me explain it again. And if you already know about it (like almost anyone, at least in the “modern” world), maybe you still get something new or interesting out of it.

First of all, what do we have? We have 365 days for each year, right? Wrong. In theory you are right, but actually every four years we have 366 days. (In Germany we call it “Schaltjahr” (leap-year) In case you remember what the “intelligent one” held up, you know which day is the “added” and “removed” day. Exactly, the 29th February.

This leads to the next very interesting problem, February. Not only is it a time in year which is often very cold, without much fun to do, it also is the least loved month. Now you might think, why is that? Good question.

The “Gods” (or some weird mathematicians and scientists or whatever) gave each month 30 or even 31 days, but somehow February only got 28. And well, all four years, the gave it one day back.

Why “gave it … back”?, you might ask. Very good question.

Let us go into mathematics for a moment.

In school I learned about banking, how to calculate interest rates and such things or taxes. At least how it works in Germany. 😀

When I remember correct, I got told, that they actually use 360 days to calculate numbers for one year, since it is easier to calculate with it, instead of 365, since it is an uneven number.

I probably just thought something like: “Heck, what are they doing with their/our lives?”

So it is completely normal to just add or remove a few days here and there. No big deal… at all. 😆 Oh boy… 🙃

Okay… Now that you know that 5 days more or less are no big deal when it comes to your money, since it is a “thought game” anyway, let us go back the calendar (and such things).

At least in Germany and maybe the EU or some countries, we have “Sommerzeit” (“summer-time” or “daylight saving time”) and the same for winter “Winterzeit” (Winter + Zeit / winter + time). We move the clock forward and backwards an hour depending on the time of year. The idea was to “save” light (interesting idea), so people would have more sun light when they get up.

In case you didn’t already think “Oh damn… this is bullshit”, well, some people still get up according to the clock is turning or beeping or whatever.

Besides immense head aches for some people who have to make exact hour plans for trains, planes, workers, plants? It also makes people a little dizzy or even sick (in many forms). Some people are obsessed with automatic time change, others want to change every clock in the house, maybe even the whole universe (you never know… xD) and others just have some kind of “jetlag”, since the body all of a sudden has o get up one hour earlier. Interestingly it doesn’t seem to be so much of a problem the other way around, when the hour gets “added” again. ^^ I wonder why.

I personally would say, get up when you aren’t tired anymore. But then (given this mad world), I would probably sleep all day (from time to time). What I mean is, that you usually just sleep as long as you need it (since it is a time of refreshing, relaxing and maybe to get some new ideas, dreams and heal). And when you had enough, you wake up on your own. But who am I to question the big mathematicians and smart people, am I ight?

Okay, now that we got this far, what about the days of the year?

We know, at least in our civilized and modern world, that there are four times in the year.

Water, fire… no wait, those were the elements… Where have I been?

Ah… Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

If you would read this in german, this could be very offensive and terrible.

Spring! (Jump!), Summer (buzzer), Fall(en) (to fall), and/und Winter

The people shouted in german: Spring Summer! Fall!

Then the guy who was just humming and buzzing for fun, fell down from the bridge into the rushing waters.

And then it was winter.

Where have we been? Oh … yea… the days of the year and times of the year. Very complicated topics.

Today I actually woke up and thought a little while, not able to stand up, but also not tired enough to sleep again. Then I just thought, why does the year not have 369 days?

Some people in the audience: 😏

Other people: 😕🤔

Someone: 👀

No… I am not sure what you are thinking or talking about, I just thought about the numbers 3, 6 and 9 for some reason. And since, according to some people, Tesla was also thinking about them and their value, this happened.

I mean, if banks can remove 5 days, why can’t we just add 4 again? Seems far to me. 😀

Not to forget this precious “Schaltjahr”.

Someone my mother knows has his birthday on the 29th Feburary. So he could make jokes like: “Now I am 4.”, when he turned 16, since it actually was his 4th birthday party (except his actual birth of course). Even my elementary school maths teacher was serious about the first pole of a fence. “Never forget the first one! Just because it is at the position of 0 meters doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. 😀

Funny math jokes…

Back to the “magic” number 3, 6 and 9 or 369.

I thought, well, if we would forget for a second that we have four seasons, we could maybe find a mathematical solution. So me being a smart kid, I just took the easy way out … eh … and used the first number in the “sequence”. I am talking about 3… simple.

So 369 is in either way splitable by 3, since all numbers are originated in 3.

If we forget all the math talk (which is more about confusing you, then actually teaching or showing you anything), we just do:

369 : 3 = 123

So we would have three seasons equally in size and it even is funny and easy to remember, one two three. 😀


Now you might ask: “But what about the months? Now the old ones won’t work anymore, or we would have to add a few days here and there.”

Well, easy solution for me. I just do the same thing again.

People: You can’t do that! It can’t be that easy!

Oh, yes I can! Try to stop me!

Me: laughs diabolic and then coughs because the air got think

123 : 3 = 41

People: 😯😮😨

Okay… easy people, easy. What I meant is, calm down.

I will explain it.

123 doesn’t look like a very easy number to be splitted by 3, right?

But it got a 3 at the end. Okay, that doesn’t mean it is splitable, since 13 also exists.

So what did I do?

I just went to the first number which was definitely splitable in any way, 99.

99 : 3 = 33

Then I had 24 “unsplitted” (or whatever xD).

And since I am bad with numbers or because the memory was faster, automatically 3 x 8 = 24 popped up.

So I got:

24 : 3 = 8

And when you add those two results together, magic, magic:

33 + 8 = 41


And yes, if it would be a 9 instead of an 8, you would get 42.

People: 😂🤣😭💀

Hey, I just explained simple maths even a little child should be able to understand.

But interestingly enough you need to be very intelligent to create a calendar, which we kinda proofed.

Cool thing I thought.

369 days, 3 season with 123 days each, 9 months with 41 days each.

Easy does it.

And when my gray cells don’t fool me, 41 is a primary number, which means it is not splitable, only by itself and 1 of course, which is useless, but hey. 😀 You wouldn’t argue when you got 41 people and a very, very, very big cake.

Why is it completely okay to make these assumptions?

Well, at least when you look at it from a perspective of a child, for you it is completely irrelevant whether the year has 1516 days, 6 days, 62 days or 365 or whatever. All you want is to be happy, keep things simple and fun and also that they make some kind of sense.

Scientist: You can’t just change things so they fit with your results!

Also scientists:

No more questions.

I mean when you think about it, did you ever really see how everything works first hand?

Okay… bad question. xD

But what I mean is, that maybe they have a point, since they might be measuring the current situation, which is probably not correct or altered from the original one.

This would mean they might not be lying, but also don’t understand (or don’t want to tell) that earth might be not in its original orbit. Actually I think some of them did. In a trial to explain the moons existence as a leftover / remnant of a collision some time ago.

So maybe we actually have 365,25 (or something) days per year right now, but maybe once it was or would and maybe should have been 369. If you think about it, would earth be just a little more away from the sun, this would be the case, no?

And then we could also question the hours per day, maybe we would have still 24, since it is 3 x 8. But do we actually have 24 right now? Or is it a few seconds off from time to time? Remember? Some clocks get syncronized and others are relative? Einstein? No? Okay…

I hope I didn’t break you, my intentions were far from it and actually supposed to do the opposite.

Hopefully you didn’t die like the “people” I mentioned, who first laughed and then cried themselves to death.

And I also hope this music helped you during reading or maybe beyond that, to relax a little or do something creative or whatever. Just watching the stars maybe. 🙂

Hey, and would we have 9 months, we could name them after the pla…. okay, okay I will stop here now. 😀

Enough for this post. ❤

Have a good day my friends and don’t give up out there.

Often a joke or accident lead to great findings, ideas and inventions, those who take everything very serious usually won’t “save the day”. At least not on their own. So we have to give them some new ideas and also help each other, instead of calling everything wrong or crazy, just because we don’t know what someone meant or simply have no clue what they are talking about.

Don’t be too mean to crazy people, you never know when you might end up working for them.

I actually stole this from Bill Gates and altered it a little. Nothing he didn’t do.


How they (maybe) felt before this post:

And we how we felt and thought:

And then this year:

And yes, technically the two videos are from one or two years ago (at least on YouTube), but I hope you know what I mean. 😀

Okay bye! For now. 🙂